What Are Source Entity Level Ascended Masters?

Here is a question I asked in the July Satsanga with Guy Needler based on his first book, “The History of God.” He wrote that some “ascended masters” come from outside of our multiverse, but now we know a lot more about them. What are Source Entity level ascended masters?

What are Source Entity level Ascended Masters?

Here is some background information. In “The History of God,” Needler asked our Source (SE1/”God”) about the significance of the number twelve: “Why are there only twelve of you? Weren’t there twelve apostles and twelve ascended masters and even a council of twelve?”

SE1 said twelve is the number of Source Entities the Origin decided to split off from Itself (as its structural levels are all based on the number we call 12). Each Source Entity (“Elohim”) has a different route of evolution, but they also like to visit each other’s areas at times.

Question 1: Each ascended master was a Source Entity trying to learn outside of its own area of responsibility. What are the names of those 12 main ascended masters? Did they come here alone OR did some work together as a group?
  • Previously, Needler had told me that the 12 main ascended masters are smaller aspects (souls) of True Energetic Selves (TES/Oversouls/Higher Selves).
  • They were sent by other Source Entities just to experience being here and to help, because they are higher frequency, and they’re able to work in different ways.
  • Only 144 maximum have been of that ilk ascended masters during the whole use of the Earth as an evolutionary medium.

Guy Needler’s comment:

“I actually don’t know the list of names to be honest, but we do call some people “ascended masters” like Jesus or the Buddha or Mohammed or St. Germain and a whole group of others as being ascended masters. What I’m picking up here is that these ascended masters are not specifically of the genre that humankind would consider to be ascended masters, they’re sort of above that.

The 144 is the True Energetic Self (TES), if there’s 12 of them, each of them can project up to 12 Aspects (souls) of themselves, so it’s 12 x 12 is 144.

But they are not always visible. Babaji, being one of them (I’m just being told) is an entity that is in the background a lot. It does things by influencing individuals, by working with individuals, by training individuals, and by directing individuals. And so there are lots of individuals out there, who are classified as ascended masters, but they’re above those names that we know in typical religion, but nevertheless are and have done lots of work in the background.

And some of those were those that we recognize, you know, the Jesuses, the Mohammeds, the Buddhas, etc. There’s been other ones well before their incarnations were present, and some of the incarnations weren’t specifically at the level of frequency or the gross physical frequency that we know of…

Those that are known have made a major influence in our local history that we’re aware of, whereas others aren’t angels by the way, as we know them. It’s not Gabriel or Uriel or all the rest of them, they are manifestations of maintenance entities or Curators, who have come to assist us, or even guides and helpers in those respects.”

Question 2: Did they have to evolve through the entire multiverse cycle from the physical universe to the top of the multiverse, like we do or not?

GSN: “Because they are in effect fully functional True Energetic Selves from a Source Entity, they would not have been associated with the evolutionary cycle as we are. So the answer is no, basically. They’re individualized — they are “tourists” for want of a better word, who offer help and assistance where required. Basically they come to experience and see and work on things and offer help, not to be part of the evolutionary system.

So they are basically guides on a larger scale. But they haven’t had to go through our evolutionary process, because they’re not part of it basically. They’re here to experience what’s going on in our particular multiversal environment and the lowest frequencies associated with it at times.

But also there’s other Source Entities, or True Energetic Selves that are experiencing similar things in Source Entity 2 and Source Entity 3 and Source Entity 4, etc. So it’s a similar sort of thing. So basically they’re outside of the evolutionary cycle.”

Question 3: Did you mean that Babaji is from another SE (not from SE1) but still working here behind the scenes? What about Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed? Are they part of another SE or our Source (SE1)?

Needler said this is what he was just told (today), which is new news to all of us:

  • Babaji is an aspect of a TES from Source Entity 7. Babaji is from the same TES as Krishna.
  • Jesus is an aspect of a TES from Source Entity 4.
  • Buddha is an aspect of a TES from Source Entity 3.
  • Mohammed is an aspect of a TES from Source Entity 9.

Interestingly, our Source (SE1) works with a wide range of frequencies from physically solid to purely energetic states, while the other SE’s work with slightly higher (e.g. SE2-SE4) or much higher frequencies (e.g. SE7-SE12). Since their True Energetic Selves are more like “tourists” here, they are “housed” at different levels of our multiverse. For example:

  • Babaji’s TES sits at the top of our multiverse at Full Dimension 12 (level of total awareness and communication with our Source and the Origin).
  • Buddha’s TES is located at the level of Full Dimension 9 (level of interconnectedness or compartmentalization),
  • Jesus’s TES is located at the lower end of Full Dimension 8 (level of hope or inevitable success of creativity).

For more details on the environments and the smaller entities created by other Source Entities, please see: What Are the Twelve Source Entities Like? – Big Picture Questions.com.

Final Comments

This information has several profound implications. It is most humbling to realize that these Source Entities have been working with us in so many ways to help us evolve, particularly at the lowest levels of the physical universe, where we are incarnated right now.

  • Krishna/Babaji, Jesus, Mohammed and similar figures have jump started our evolution at many low frequency points in our world cycle (see What Are Human Root Races? – Big Picture Questions.com).
  • All our main religions are centered around these figures (e.g. Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam), who came to teach us how to live a karma free life at low frequencies.
  • Since we’re being given this information now, it means we’re are deemed “mature” enough to be able to handle the Big Truth about ourselves, our Source, its peers and the Source Entity level ascended masters we know as Krishna/Babaji, Buddha, Mohammed and Jesus.

Last but not least, when our True Energetic Self becomes a Source Entity in its own right in the far, far future (event space), we’re apparently not restricted to just our own environment, since we can send a TES to experience another Source Entity’s environment as well. That gives us many additional avenues for progression, which is fantastic.

And our “Home” keeps getting bigger and bigger, as we continue to evolve.

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