What Is the True Jesus Story?

Over the millennia, we’ve had many world teachers (like Buddha, Jesus and others not recorded in our history) who incarnated on Earth. Each of them had a different angle and tried to address the different levels of understanding in the people of their time. We got some things right, but other things in error. Some of those errors have become core truths in our religious teachings. Guy Needler (“The Origin Speaks”) sets the record straight. What is the true Jesus story?

Why are we being told this now?

The time is now right for people to see the truth. We’re expansive enough to be educated in the way we’re supposed to be educated. It’s time to shed our old beliefs and accept new facts, according to our Source/God via Guy Needler.

  • Most people don’t realize that the frequency of Earth and humanity was much lower at the time of Jesus, Buddha and other masters compared to now.
  • They came here to jumpstart our frequencies. Jesus showed us how to live and evolve in the physical world without incurring karma by showing love and forgiveness to others.

Source said that knowing about the greater reality elevates not only our frequencies, but those of the Earth and its surrounding universe. As you change, you change everything around you.

What is the true Jesus story?

The entity we call “Jesus” was a real incarnate being, not a myth. The highly evolved soul did not have to incarnate for its own sake, but came to teach us a karma-proof “way to live.” Think of the multiverse as a 12-story building or a structure with 12 Full Dimensions (FD).

  • Jesus’ True Energetic Self (TES/Oversoul) exists at the 8th floor (lower end of FD 8), whereas most people’s souls come from the 3rd or 4th floor (FD 3 or FD 4).
  • His TES had to use a “slinky effect” to project a soul/aspect of itself to FD 3, and from there to the bottom of the physical universe to animate the body of Jesus on Earth.

Jesus was born with more connectivity with his TES than most people. But he had to develop himself to have the “Christ consciousness” state personified within him. He learned things from the Essenes and many masters, including Babaji (a highly evolved soul from FD 12, who incarnated previously as Krishna).

How are highly evolved souls created?

Needler said that Jesus and countless other highly evolved souls have been chosen to do a specific role for the rest of humanity. They are projected here to be of service only.

  • But they don’t represent a single soul/aspect. They are a hybrid aspect made from the optimal energies combined from many souls within the same True Energetic Self.
  • The sentient energies are reintegrated and often projected as the only soul at the time.
  • Jesus was a higher frequency soul, who had 12% sentience from the “Yeshua TES,” which also projected John the Baptist (8%). He knew where he came from and who he was.

BTW: Jesus was one of many incarnations projected from his True Energetic Self to teach us at various points in history (e.g. Enoch, Jeshua, Zend, Apollonius of Tyana, etc.). It was not always the same soul reincarnating, but different souls from the same TES lineage.

What was his role?

Jesus was a quantitative teacher with thousands of followers. Jesus introduced his “way of life” to over 300,000 people, and his devotees and disciples collectively taught 1.2 million people, according to Needler (“The Origin Speaks”). He explained:

  • The problem is when the teacher leaves the physical plane, the devotees continue the work, but change it according to their personal preferences and personality/ego.
  • Over the years Jesus’ teachings became diluted and the original message was lost. We slid into the “dark ages” with low frequencies, which took a long time to ascend out of.

Now that we’re able to understand more, the teachings need to be modified beyond the basics, and updated with more details to remove some misunderstandings.

How many disciples did Jesus have?

The Origin said Jesus had twenty-four main disciples, which included twelve males AND twelve females.* We haven’t heard about the females, because the priests denied power to them. The facts were altered in the male-oriented (his)story given to us. Needler wrote:

  • Everything in the physical universe has an opposite to maintain a balance in the dualistic condition (e.g. black/white). On Earth, we have male and female physical vehicles, that create ideal synergies when combined in a male/female/male/female/etc. configuration.
  • Thus, there were 12 “full disciples,” but each full disciple was a male/female partnership.
  • Jesus taught about fairness and equality in knowledge and status. He used his powerful team of male/female disciples in a group meditation (“metaconcert“) to augment his own energy manipulation skills for larger miracles, most of which were not recorded.

They were very adept at controlling the environment to surround themselves. For example, they created a mass illusion to “feed” the crowd of followers with fish and bread, while they charged the people with energy (prana) to create the feeling of being full and satisfied.

Did Jesus die on the cross?

The Origin said no! The real story is quite different and told in detail in “The Origin Speaks.” It’s true that Jesus was arrested under false charges and condemned to death by crucifixion.

  • The disciples decided to sit in metaconcert to create a mass illusion, in which Jesus was led to the cross, crucified and buried. They were able to do it energetically by feeding on and amplifying the desires of the crowd.
  • Those that expected to see the crucifixion saw what they wanted to see in their mind’s eye. Those who weren’t part of the illusion saw Jesus walking down the road (resurrection).
  • Jesus was in telepathic communication with his disciples, and was freed by his mother. He helped the disciples finish the mass illusion, and then went into exile to teach (under a disguise) all over the Middle East and Europe.
  • He was married to Mary Magdalene and became a family man with three children conceived and born in the normal human way. He died at age 112 in the Slovakia area.

The disciples were all masters, and spread themselves across the globe to teach others how to live a karma-free life, i.e. how to be in the world but not of it, not attached by karma.

What does this mean?

The Origin said: “Christianity was without doubt the most successful of the “ways to live” that were introduced within a 500-year time period.” But many teachings have become so diluted, that the original message has been lost in all religions to a greater or lesser extent.

  • Religions became a tool to control and manipulate people, to amass wealth, to divide and conquer groups that choose sides, vilify each other, and go to conflicts or wars.
  • They reinforced the belief that God is a figure outside of us, that we are separate, small and insignificant, that we are sinners, who have to work to be deserving, to be part of God.

The truth is we are one with the Source. We already are the thing we seek to become. That’s why we can rewrite our programming and transcend the need to choose a side, to choose a group to feel a deeper connection to God, as noted by Nora Herold. Needler explained:

  • The physical universe is a theater for our souls to incarnate, to evolve from exploring different frequencies in different physical vehicles (e.g. male/female, human/alien, etc.).
  • The whole point of our incarnation is to work with and use the physical universe as a tool to learn about lower frequency existence, not to get stuck there because of karma.
  • Karma is an energetic issue that affects the entire physical universe, not just us here on Earth. Removing and avoiding karma removes the need to reincarnate, which provides a quantum leap in our evolution. That’s what Jesus and the others were trying to teach us.

This is not some New Age religion. This is a new reality for the 21st century. We’re able to understand more about things like energy, frequency, atoms, subatomic particles, physical universe, multiverse, omniverse, and the sentient entities (like us) that evolve within them.

Final Thoughts

This new information doesn’t change what Jesus was trying to teach us. He was aware that the human body is not all we are. He was able to access information from his True Energetic Self, which is self-realization (or Christ consciousness) and to commune with the Source, which is God-realization (or cosmic consciousness). We can learn to have more connectivity, too.

He also taught us about the Golden Rule of treating others as you’d like to be treated, and the importance of forgiveness instead of persecution of others. Humanity is still working on that.

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*Note: In “The Essenes: Children of Light” and “Jesus and the Essenes,” the authors referred to female disciples and followers, including Jesus’ mother Mary, sister Clare, Mary Magdalene, Martha, Salome and others. When the disciples were split up, they went in male/female pairs all over the known world, just as described in “The Origin Speaks.”

In “Power of the Magdalene,” the twelve (first circle) female disciples were all related to Jeshua either directly or through marriage. They included Jesus’ mother (Mary Anna), his partner (Mary Magdalene), sister (Laura Clare/Ruth), two aunts (Helena Salome, Mary Jacoby), five cousins (Abigail, Mariam Joanna, Sara, Lois Salome, Susannah Mary), and two sisters of Lazarus (Martha of Bethany and Mary). The authors noted that the tradition was to use two names (one preferred within the family, the other used outside of the family).

According to Needler, the female disciples were: Mary Magdalena, Penelope, Persephone, Julia, Jessica, Margret, Paula, Lona, Wendy, Bethany, Caroline, and Katherine.

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