What Are Alien Abductions and Secondary Incarnations?

In previous posts, we discovered that when we incarnate in the physical universe, we use various human or alien/ET forms or ‘wetsuits’ to explore different frequency levels and environments, as described by Guy Needler. What are alien abductions and secondary incarnations?

What are secondary incarnations?

A secondary incarnation is where our soul/aspect uses two different vehicles (‘wetsuits’) to explore two different levels in one incarnation. It’s a two-for-one deal! 😉

  • Our True Energetic Self/TES/Oversoul projects a soul/aspect to incarnate in a primary vehicle at a higher frequency (at frequency bands 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12).
  • At these higher levels, the soul is part of a collective of beings. Typically, the beings have individual sentience, but collective will.
  • Then the soul decides to have a lower frequency experience in secondary vehicle, such as the human form (at FB 1-3). This gives them an experience with individualized free will.

There are two ways to do a secondary incarnation:

1. Full secondary incarnation

In some cases, the whole soul/aspect can exit the primary vehicle at a higher frequency (FB 8 or higher), and leave it in stasis with only 5% sentience (with a ‘caretaker’ role to collect the experiences from the secondary incarnation and disseminate them to its colleagues).

  • Then the aspect moves down the frequencies to animate a secondary vehicle (like a human body with 95% sentience) for its entire lifetime (60+ yrs).
  • When the human dies, the soul returns back to its higher collective form, and continues that primary incarnation until it demises.
  • Then it returns to its True Energetic Self higher up in the multiverse.
2. Incarnation within incarnation

A second variation is when the soul splits off a smaller part of its sentience to incarnate elsewhere. This allows the soul/aspect to stay functional in the primary vehicle, while it also animates a secondary vehicle (e.g. human form).

  • This is like doing two lives at the same time with the same soul energies.
  • It’s a bit like Russian dolls with a larger primary and a smaller secondary incarnation. (Image: View Source)


For example, the soul could split itself, so that 20-30% of its energy stays with the primary vehicle, and 70-80% is used to animate the secondary human vehicle.

  • The sentience can and does actively and regularly migrate between the two incarnations, so it experiences and controls both lives simultaneously.
  • Typically, the sentience migrates back to the primary incarnation, when the secondary vehicle needs to sleep.

What are alien abductions?

The reason for a secondary incarnation is to allow the soul and its associates in the higher frequency to monitor and learn from the incarnation in a human form.

  • Most abductees are actually working with their peers in the higher frequency levels. The peers are monitoring the secondary human vehicle at our level.
  • These people may be contacted and taken to different frequencies (e.g. ship or other construct) to be monitored by their peers.


Certain tracking or monitoring devices or implants are inserted for collecting data during their lifetime. The monitoring includes:

  • How well is the vehicle performing in its low frequency environment? How well is the vehicle interfacing with the soul/aspect? What is the experiential workload like?
  • What is the physical environment like? How is the vehicle adapting to changing biospheric conditions (e.g. increased sunlight, temperature, radiation, pollution, toxins)? How long is the human vehicle going to last?

Are abductions done under an agreement?

In the last few hundred years (especially from 1960s to 1990s), many alien/ET species have been contacting and monitoring human beings. The term abduction is a misnomer. Most contacts are done under a pre-birth agreement or contract. Needler said:

  • Abductions are done by ALL species. The physical appearance of the race is irrelevant, because many physical forms are used in both primary and secondary incarnate states.
  • Some species may appear abhorrent to humans, such as reptiles, snakes, insects and amoeba. But they exist on Earth (in animal form) and in the rest of the physical universe (as higher frequency entities).

Abductions are simply used to monitor the performance of the lower frequency vehicle used in a secondary incarnation. Both the soul and its peers benefit from the experience.


It’s similar to humans monitoring animals in the wild. We sedate them, take measurements, attach a tracking collar, then release them back into the wild. They may be slightly confused until they recover from the procedure.

  • Those who have boarded crafts (apparently against their will) at some level know that they were in agreement with the experiences, according to Wendy Kennedy and Nora Herold.
  • That doesn’t mean you’re saying: “I want to be abused.” But you wanted to access more information and compassion.

You can change those agreements at any time. Ask your guides to remove or adjust an implant, to turn the frequency down a notch, if something is interfering with your life.

Do we have any privacy?

Wendy Kennedy said we have contracted with many beings to check in with us, because we thought that we wouldn’t remember anything when on Earth. There are hundreds of beings that are constantly available to be with us, to help us in our incarnation. We are never alone.

“Each moment in life was co-created for us by the lot of us to allow all of us to express an aspect of Divinity. Whatever it is that is now presenting itself as part of your creation, own it, claim it, bless it, be thankful for it.” – Neale Donald Walsch

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