What Are Backfill People?

Previously, we learned that our souls are projected as small units of our True Energetic Self (oversoul) that exists higher up in the multiverse. But not all souls incarnated as humans come from the same level of the multiverse. Some people have had thousands of lifetimes on Earth, while others are here for the first time. What are backfill people?

Where do souls come from?

When our Source Entity created smaller units of itself to populate and explore the multiverse structure it had created, some entities ended up with more sentient energies than others.

  • Most humans belong to a higher “energetic genre.” We can work at any frequency and evolve faster than entities in the lower energetic genres (e.g. animals, plants, etc.)
  • But there is another type of entity, called “backfill people,” who are between humans and animals in terms of their energetic genre, according to Guy Needler.

He is the first person to describe “backfill people.” He said they are allowed to incarnate in a human vehicle right now, even though their soul aspects come from a lower level of the multiverse (see Where Do Human and Other Souls Come From? – Big Picture Questions.com).

What are backfill people?

Needler has described how every entity within the multiverse has two roles to play:

  1. To experience, learn and evolve through all the different universal environments.
  2. To perpetuate the underlying structure of the multiverse from a local perspective.

Most (92%) humans belong to the higher energetic genre. Our job is to explore and ascend the frequencies, and to become self-aware, while we incarnate in the physical universe. Most of us have had hundreds or thousands of lifetimes in a human vehicle to evolve on Earth.

  • But about 8% of the human population is made of “backfill people,” who don’t usually incarnate on Earth, because their soul has a lesser content of sentient energies.
  • They are biologically identical to other human beings. They use the same vehicle we do.

But typically this is their first lifetime on Earth. It’s also the first time they have been given individualized free will, not collective will. They can decide things for themselves, although they’re still linked collectively here and tend to gravitate together (e.g. gangs, posses, etc.).


  • They normally incarnate in many forms in frequency bands 3-4 in the physical universe.
  • But on Earth (FB 1-3), they get totally absorbed and intoxicated by the material world.

They are supereasily addicted to low frequency existence, thought processes and behaviors, including material wealth, sex, alcohol, drugs, gambling, foods, poor language, arguments, aggression, violence, self-serving actions, etc. They can also pick up astral entities very easily.

Why are the backfill people here?

Needler said they are allowed to incarnate right now to “backfill” for those humans, that have ascended to higher frequency and decided not to incarnate again, i.e. those who leave Earth.

  • Their numbers will increase over time, as more and more humans continue to ascend.
  • They are needed to maintain a critical mass of human beings that perpetuate the low frequency environment on Earth for those, who are still incarnating here to progress.
  • Other people are working to anchor higher frequencies on Earth, to create stability and teach others to become more aware of their true self and the greater reality.

When all higher energetic genre entities (currently in human form) have ascended to the point, where they don’t have to incarnate any longer, the backfill people will return to their own energy set. Their job on Earth will be done.

  • But they will continue to evolve in a collective way in places other than Earth.
  • They also progress from their incarnation as human beings with individualized free will. They will pass on their experiences to their energetic soul groups, when they die.

But Needler said they are outside of karma, because they will not be needed for long. They are being of service to humans, their own race and are part of Source, just like all entities are.


“Life is eternal and there is only One of Us. These two truths are all you will ever need to know.” – Neale Donald Walsch

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