What Are Human Root Races?

Previously, we learned that many different prototypes or forms were developed for the so-called Human Being Project. These forms allowed our souls to incarnate at lower frequencies, which was found to be a fast track to evolution. But recently we have been dropping down in frequencies on Earth, which brings up these questions: What are human root races? What sub-race or civilization are we now? Where in the world cycle are we?

What are human root races?

There is often conflicting literature about human origins based on various wisdom teachings and galactic sources. But it is generally agreed that there are seven human root races (RR) that differ widely in their form and function, as described by Guy Needler and other sources:

Ancient Earth with five major continents (not meant to be accurate or to scale)


  1. The Polarian RR1 had etheric bodies resembling dimly conscious, luminous, floating clouds or amoeboid forms to explore the version of Earth around frequency band (FB) 4.5.
  2. The Hyperborean RR2 had more heterogeneous etheric bodies with filamentous, tree-like or semi-human forms that reproduced by budding. They existed at FB 4.0 eons ago.
  3. The Lemurian RR3 had denser physical humanoid forms that existed around FB 3.5. They evolved from egg-layers to hermaphrodites to split sexes that mixed with the Atlanteans.
  4. The Atlantean RR4 had 7 sub-races with all major racial groups, animal-human chimeras, etc. But this civilization dropped down to FB 3 by the fourth sub-race. The fifth sub-race was used to form the seed of the next root race (RR5), while the rest of Atlantis fell.
  5. The Aryan RR5 emerged about 100,000 years ago originally at FB 3.1 as the western Caucasian form factor. But as their frequencies dropped at various points in time, other form factors/races were seeded from different parts of the galaxy to create a more diverse and robust human race. We are the 7th civilization of RR5 now hovering at FB 3.10-3.15.
  6. The Sixth root race (RR6) will emerge in the future, when we are fully in the Age of Aquarius, and have moved out of FB 3 to FB 4, which is a major shift in frequency. RR6 is beyond the children called indigo, crystal, rainbow, their hybrids, and even beyond the White children (masters), who are here to point the way to our future evolution.
  7. The Seventh root race (RR7) will emerge, when we have moved out of FB 4 to exist at FB 5 in the far distant future. Although it seems like only a frequency and a half in real terms, it’s a huge distance in frequential reality (like heaven on Earth) from where we are now.

Note: Each frequency band has 12 sub-frequencies, and each sub-frequency has 12 sub-sub-frequencies for a total of 144 sub-sub-frequencies at each level that we ascend or descend.

We are part of the 44th human civilization. All races were seeded here. Those that survived the frequential changes on Earth adapted and created the diversity of the human race (see What Are Common Misconceptions About Creation and Evolution? – Big Picture Questions.com).

Where in the world cycle are we?

Various cultures have described time in either cyclical (e.g. Mayan, Greek, Hindu, Babylonian, etc.) or linear terms (e.g. Islamic, Judeo-Christian, modern western view). For example:

  • The Greco-Roman concept had four ages of humanity: Golden Age (peace, harmony), Silver Age (some strife), Bronze Age (war, violence), and Iron Age (misery, greed, evil). These four ages correspond to the epochs described in the ancient Hindu scriptures.
  • The Hindus described a cycle of four epochs/yugas with different levels of consciousness, i.e. spiritual and intellectual development in each period. The equinoctial cycle of 4 yugas takes ∼24,000 years divided into ascending and descending arcs (∼12,000 yrs/each).
  • The descending arc is where humans gradually sink into ignorance and materialism, which is then gradually reversed in the ascending arc with self-realization and God-realization.

The four yugas vary in length. The Satya yuga lasts for ∼4,800 yrs, Treta yuga for ∼3,600 yrs, Dwapara yuga for ∼2,400 yrs, and Kali yuga for ∼1,200 yrs, which is a 4:3:2:1 ratio seen in both the ascending and descending arcs of a full world cycle (see below).

Figure-Yugas copy

  • Satya/Spiritual Age is truth, perfection, enlightenment, harmony with the divine plan.
  • Treta/Mental Age in the ascending arc is common knowledge of telepathy, empathy, many higher functions. The descending arc is building civilizations, agriculture, labor, etc.
  • Dwapara/Energy Age is about electrical and atomic energy, new technologies, scientific discoveries, communication (telegraphy/phone/radio/TV/internet), space travel, etc. In the descending arc, technologies may be used in destructive ways. In the ascending arc, we’ll learn to use energy with more love and wisdom, aligned with other beings and the planet.
  • Kali/Material Age is about darkness, ignorance, greed, passions, fatalism, poor will power, karmic attachments. It’s where we need the most help from masters (e.g. Jesus, Buddha).

In The Holy Science, Sri Yukteswar said we’re now ascending into the early Dwapara yuga and will pass into Treta yuga around the year 4099 A.D. Similarly, Needler said that it could take 1,200-3,000 years for ALL of humanity to evolve out of this version of Earth. He explained:

  • Earth exists as a “panfrequential” being, meaning there is more than one Earth. We live on the lowest or “3D” version of Earth made of FB 1-3. There are 9 more Earths at FB 4-12. The “New Earths” at FB 4 and FB 5 are what RR 6 and RR7 will live on, respectively.
  • The thing is not to worry about that, but to work on yourself, to be of service to those who seek help from you, and to help them move up the frequencies (see When Will Humanity Ascend From 3D Earth? – Big Picture Questions.com).

Final Thoughts

I hope this post gives you a bigger picture about the cycles of human evolution on Earth. Some people are here to be part of the transition from the Age of Materialism to the Age of Energy and Transparency in the ascending arc of the world cycle. Others are here to clean up their karmic attachments to lower frequencies from other lifetimes. Some are here to serve others.

But ALL of us here are to move up the frequencies! Frankly, I was surprised to find out that our overall frequency is still around FB 3.10-3.15. I thought we were much higher than that! But it makes sense, given that there are over 7 billion people on the planet, of which only about 14 million are awake and aware. We need about 700 million people to be awake and aware to get effective positive triangulation or ascension by association around us.

Needler said our superordinate goal is to be able to come into an incarnate situation, but not get drawn into it. That means to be in the physical, but not of the physical. That’s how we’ll remove the need to incarnate at this level.

Although we evolve from everything we experience, including negativity, negative thoughts, behaviors and actions, we’ve already been there, done that in many previous lives. So all we’re doing is going over old ground. It’s time for us to ascend now. You probably don’t want to be the “last man” on this version of Earth, right!? 😉

“Now more than ever you should all be vigilant and work on your own progression with devoted and concentrated action.” – Source


“Stay Light, Be Light, Light the way for others.” – Guy Needler

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