What Are Sentient vs. Transient Astral Entities?

In the previous post, we learned about the effect of mind-altering drugs on the gross physical body. The vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol can become so energetically dis-harmonious (toxic), that the soul has to eject itself out of the body until the drugs wear off. What are sentient vs. transient astral entities? 

What is meant by “astral” levels?

The physical universe is the bottom universe in our multiverse and where all incarnation takes place. It is made of 12 frequency bands (FB), four of which are associated with the astral plane:

  • FB 4 (lower astral) and FB 5 (upper lower astral).
  • FB 6 (lower upper astral) and FB 7 (upper astral).

That’s where our soul travels every night when the body sleeps, and where souls get ejected when people take mind-altering drugs, or when they die (see What Happens To the Ego, Body and Soul When We Die? – Big Picture Questions.com).

What are sentient astral entities?

Every conceivable world exists in the astral plane for beings to experience, learn and evolve through. There are two main types of sentient astral beings, according to Guy Needler:

1. Incarnate entities: Our souls integrate their sentient energies into various physical vehicles to incarnate in humanoid, insectoid, reptoid, amoeboid, and many other “biosuits” or forms.

  • These entities exist in various astral environments, that may be perceived by a soul aspect passing through them, as described by Gordon Phinn and other astral travelers.
  • In general, the higher up the frequencies we go, the more benign the beings are.

2. Disincarnate entities: After death, the body is dropped, and the soul gets retracted back to its True Energetic Self (oversoul). But during this process, some souls may get stuck in the astral levels. They may be seen by another soul passing through. For example:

  • Ghosts are misguided souls, who don’t believe they’re dead or who remain attached to a physical person or a place. They need help from spirit guides to move on.
  • Some souls may try to walk-in to occupy a body with damaged auric layers, to “re-live” some physical experiences, if the primary soul is ejected out due to taking drugs, etc.
  • Souls that die with a negative attitude (e.g. drug addicts, suicides) may go to an astral ‘hell’ or ‘purgatory’ that fits their human expectations. Those with religious beliefs may go to astral ‘paradise’ or ‘heavenly’ constructs. But these are not the soul’s final destination (see What Happens In Our Life Review After Death? – Big Picture Questions.com).

What are transient astral entities?

Guy Needler said there are transient energetic entities in the astral levels, that are basically negative thoughtforms created by a sentient being by accident or intention. He explained:

  • These astral entities are NOT sentient, so they’re nothing like us. They cannot exist above or below the astral frequencies. They cannot operate below FB 4, and get returned to Source above FB 7. Again, the higher these entities get, the more benign they are.
  • But sometimes these energies have been around long enough to gain a minor level of intelligence. They can’t “metabolize” their own energy, so they need a host to survive.
  • They attach to people whose guard is down (e.g. negative thought processes, backfill people) or whose auric layers are damaged (e.g. drug or alcohol abuse) to take energy from their chakras or bodies, while the layers are being repaired, which takes 3 days.

Source: www.danscottart.com



They protect themselves by looking into the host’s memories, taking images from their mind, then shift their shape to mimic whatever images (e.g. spiders, dragons) scare the host, so the host won’t interact with them. Their thoughts are deflected elsewhere. Needler explained:

  • Almost all incarnate individuals, who are not aware of their condition (and that’s 99.9% of us), have some entity attached to them taking energy and doing something.
  • People may sense something is off, because they feel constantly tired, drained, sleep deprived, or have unclear or busy thoughts, etc. They start to feel this is normal for them.
  • Over time, the astral entity may form a symbiotic or codependent relationship with the host by giving them something in return for the energies they take (e.g. feelings of physical power, mental power, coercion, extra bits of advice, like precognition, etc.).

The person may become good at something. They get adapted to their new “depleted but powerful self,” and work in tandem with the attached entity for years in some cases (see Who Is Afraid of Hell, Astral Entities Or Possession? – Big Picture Questions.com).

What is the oddest astral entity?

Needler has healed many people with externally attached, larger astral entities. Recently he described healing a woman with rare type of astral entity, that had integrated into the host at the spirituo-molecular level. He removed the astral entity one day, but it came back.

  • He discovered that the gaps between the atoms were filled with this entity’s energy.
  • He had to be in her presence to remove it, to go right into the person’s energies at the template levels from FB 7 down to FB 1.

Typically, the auric layers are a natural protection for us. But in this case, the entity had been there for so long, it had totally integrated within her right down to the energies between the atoms, between the electrons, neutrons and inside the quark level of the structure.

  • It had become part of her, almost like a secondary soul within her, but clearly it was not a sentient entity. He said it was like shifting subatomic dust out of her, which for a moment seemed like an energetic double image of the person, as the dust came out.
  • He removed it and sent it back to Source to be recycled. The person was fully healed.

Final Thoughts

Needler said if we become aware of the astral entity, it can be quickly and easily removed by someone with the right skill and intention. Some people are naturally higher frequency, and also work on themselves, so a lower frequency entity just can’t attach to them. He added:

“We shouldn’t get complacent about our energies. The moment we get complacent, we have an ego. The moment we have an ego, we do have a dip in our frequencies.”

How can we be more responsible with our own energy? Here are some simple and practical ways outlined by Nanice Ellis: Tired of Being a Negativity Sponge? 12 Ways to Prevent Energy Infiltration and Reclaim Your Energy | Wake Up World. We can do it!

“Souls on the Banks of the Acheron” (1898) by Adolf Hiremy-Hirschl


Note: Needler said that a “being” is something that has evolved into sentience, while an “entity” is something that is created by another entity or being (see Guy Needler 7-22-17…The World Satsanga Recording and Transcript – Big Picture Questions.com).

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