What Are Siddhis Or Divine Gifts?

In previous posts, we learned about the spectrum of consciousness that we can express in human form. In this post, we’ll explore the highest frequency band called the siddhi or divine gift level expressed by enlightened or higher frequency individuals (e.g. Jesus, Krishna and others). What are siddhis or divine gifts?

What are siddhis or divine gifts?

Richard Rudd’s guide to the 64 gates (“Gene Keys”) based on the I Ching system explains how each gate represents a ladder of frequencies that he arranged into three major bands:

  • The Shadow frequency represents the victim patterns expressed through fear or anger. Most of humanity operates at this level. This is our challenge to overcome in life.
  • The Gift frequency is reached after accepting and transcending our shadows. We no longer identify ourselves as victims, and we can develop and apply our creative gifts instead.
  • The Siddhi or divine gift frequency is reached after transcending the lower states, including self-identification. This leads to full embodiment and spiritual realization.

“Embrace the Shadow, Release the Gift, Embody the Siddhi.” – Richard Rudd

What kind of divine gifts are there?

The divine gifts can be expressed in 64 different ways. Based on my understanding, I have arranged these gates according to the predominant aspects or “flavors” of the three spiritual forces that we are learning to master here as incarnate beings:

  1. Wisdom based on the mind (e.g. intentions, thoughts, expression, intuition, etc.).
  2. Love based on the heart (e.g. universal love, compassion, empathy, grace, etc.).
  3. Power based on physical embodiment or use of energy (e.g. actions, resources, etc.).

Table 1. The different aspects of Wisdom, Love and Power represented by 64 gates at the siddhi or divine gift level (click to enlarge):

Note: The gate number precedes the siddhi name based on R. Rudd’s nomenclature (below).

How is the divine gift state reached?

Rudd said the divine gifts (siddhis) represent the dormant parts of our genome waiting to be fully expressed. But according to Guy Needler, they are states of being (beingness). He said:

  • They are basically a state of thoughts, behavior and action process, not based on our DNA or genes. The body and mind can be honed using various types of yoga, for instance.
  • Yoga goes from being very, very physical to being very, very meditation-based to get to a state of beingness, in which you can get connectivity to Source at a moment’s notice.

It’s not about changing a state of physicality or our genetic code. Those are based on the energetic templates associated with our physical vehicle, which we need to do our work here. The genetic code depends on the energy system we have, which is different from beingness.


How many siddhis do highly evolved people embody?

Needler said that it is a cascade effect. If we work on one state of beingness (e.g. humility), then the next one (e.g. superabundance) becomes easier. He explained:

  • If we can work with two, then the next two become easier and so on. It lifts us up in frequency, and our body would lift up in frequency as well.
  • People like Jesus, Yogananda, Lahiri Mahasaya, Buddha, Mohammed, etc. were able to connect with certain levels of well over 35 of them, but not all 64 states.

The person who is experiencing a high number of siddhis would see their energy system change in terms of their gross physical chakras. The first two (base and sacral) chakras wouldn’t be necessary, because they would function on chakras 3-7 plus centers 8-10.

Final Thoughts

This piece brings up a couple of points. Some spiritual circles talk about activating your DNA strands to create a light body for ascension. It’s as if all our soul needs is a “new car”!? 🙂

But as Needler explained, ascension is about holding a higher frequency, a higher state of consciousness or beingness first and foremost. After that, our chakra system changes. So it’s not so much about changing the DNA itself, which is programmed from the spiritual side anyway. The vehicle gets upgraded after our frequency rises, not the other way around.

Another point is that it is possible with extreme diligence, desire and commitment to embody all 64 siddhis in one incarnation. But that takes a very dedicated individual, who is watching themselves with the “observer self” at all times. Now we know that even Jesus or Yogananda didn’t achieve all 64 siddhis in one particular incarnation. Why not?

Needler said that by the time you master all 64 siddhis, there is no point in you being here. You’ve moved beyond the need to incarnate. Now that’s a relief!

Meanwhile most of us have a few more gifts and siddhis to work on in this incarnation…

An image symbolizing Wisdom, Love and Power


Viewing the tree of knowledge (Wisdom) through an open heart (Love), while gathering energy (Power) for the road we have yet to travel in whatever vehicle our soul is driving.

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