What Are Star Systems?

This is the second of a two-part series on Aliens and Star Systems. In Part 1 we discovered that our True Energetic Self is an eternal being in the higher realms, which projects smaller soul aspects of itself into different vehicles (as human and alien species) to experience various parts of the physical universe, based on the work of Guy Needler and others. What are star systems?

What star system do I come from?

Guy Needler said the “star systems” are simply areas with locally lower or locally higher frequencies within the physical universe. For example:

  • Sirius is not the origin of any species. It is an outpost area, where entities of a similar frequency move in and out of, work together, communicate, experience things and evolve.
  • The entities in the lower frequency (“dark”) areas are less evolved, in disharmony or at war with each other. Those in the higher frequency (“light”) areas are more evolved and work in harmony with each other.

But some people may feel drawn to another star system or feel like they don’t belong on Earth. The first thing to remember is that we are NOT from any star system, because we are Source energy (see Where Do Human and Other Souls Come From? – Big Picture Questions.com).

  • Claiming to be from another star system (“starseeding”) is just another level of the game.
  • The reason why you may feel aligned to a star system is so you can draw in the lessons or unresolved galactic issues of that system or level of reality, according to Wendy Kennedy.

The major galactic issues being played out on Earth and elsewhere include safety, security, persecution, manipulation, control, trust, approval, abandonment and separation.


Kennedy said Earth is a grand experiment, where we created contracts and blueprints to allow us to replay galactic issues on a smaller scale. Each of us has at least two systems with which we align. Some of us have had many lifetimes in multiple systems.

What are the major star systems and their galactic issues?

Here is a brief overview of the major star systems in our Milky Way galaxy (summarized from the work of Wendy Kennedy, Nora Herold and Lyssa Royal):

  • Pleiades: diverse group of beings, including humanoid, reptilian, bird people, feline, AI; imbalance in positive polarity (blind enthusiasm, idealism, interference, stubbornness in the past); now devoted to service, healing; act as guardians for young civilizations; some 5D reptilians play dark roles; some 9D humanoids hold resonance for stars or planets; proficient with tone and sound; almost everyone has had an experience in the Pleiades.
  • Sirius: great diversity with many species (including cetaceans), many conflicts and warring; karmically tied to Orion system; issues of cooperation vs. competition, technology, exploration, expansion, conquest, power, secrecy, control, persecution, rejection; past crusaders to “save” humanity, genetic engineers/scientists, now way showers, learning to help without interference, integrating all aspects (dark and light).
  • Arcturus: reside in 5D-9D; have integrated most of their karma; cosmic midwifery; Arcturus group consciousness created the blueprint of polarity integration for Earth; have unconditionally loving/balanced energy, serve as universal ambassadors and mediators in conflicts; proficient in energy transmission (language of light, sacred geometry, crop circles, mathematics, master alchemists); many water worlds.
  • Orion: beings from 5D-6D, some from 7D worlds; deep polarity with conflicts in Orion wars; Earth is a mini version of big drama in Orion; issues of extreme control and domination, manipulation, oppression, mind control; explorers and scientists fascinated with genetic material, cloning, hybridization; self-sabotage, transformation, healing, purging; learning awareness, compassion.
  • Lyra: beings from 7D mostly; pioneering spirit, space faring, exploration, colonization, masculine principle, warrior, builder, architect; issues of protectiveness, endurance, courage, arrogance, pushing agenda/beliefs; beginning of polarity disputes, conflicts between felines and humanoids (Lyran wars); forefathers of humanoids; founded Lemuria, returned to Lyra or blended with Atlantis, Egypt; proficient in sacred geometry, mathematics, healing with crystals, tone and sound; learning self-awareness, humility, generosity, surrender.
  • Cassiopeia: a very gentle, harmonious system; explore variations of love and gratitude; hold tremendous compassion, called to help Earth; not a common system to align with.
  • Andromeda: galaxy next door; very creative, analytical, proficient with tone and sound; Andromedan consciousness is abstract, ever-changing, fluid; teaching us to be more grounded, centered, to work with a new paradigm (internally focused) in contrast to Milky Way consciousness (externally focused).

What does integration mean?

As part of our balanced evolution, all of us have played both “dark” and “light” roles, according to Needler and others. Your lifetimes could be imagined as the thousands of reflections of a mirror ball (shown below).

  • All these parts need to be “called home” to your True Energetic Self, which integrates and assimilates all the information and experiences, according to Royal and others.


“Integration is like calling our parts home – all these little fragments of you, your Sirian self, your Lyran self, your Orion self, and all the probabilities in the timelines (past, present, future), all the different branches, all the you’s that have gone out there and experienced themselves as separate.” – Lyssa Royal 

Since you are a holographic being (at the True Energetic Self level), what happens to one aspect of you happens to all the other aspects of you as well. As Kennedy observed:

  • Once you integrate and release judgment on any issue here on Earth, the information is sent holographically back to that other star system. That allows another version of you to heal and grow from your experience.
  • That will change the universal game that we are playing.

Needler said integration means neutralizing the “dark” by understanding it. That way we will naturally steer away from it and gravitate toward the “light” or higher frequency thoughts and behaviors. That is the basis for universal ascension of all entities within the multiverse.

NOTE: Regarding starseeding: Unless the “you” here absolutely knows that you are a sub-incarnation of a primary incarnation at a specific location (e.g. Sirius), you cannot say you’re a starseed from that system.

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