What Are the Core Issues Of Humanity?

In a previous post, we learned that the core wound of the first chakra is fear related to the basic issue of physical survival. Now we’ll take a look at all the chakras, their basic issues and core wounds. The bad news is all of us have some “issues” when we incarnate on Earth. The good news is we can do something about them by working on ourselves here. What are the core issues of humanity?

What is the plan?

From the soul’s perspective, the whole point of incarnation is to learn and evolve from human experience. Before we come into a body, we choose a particular life task or lesson to resolve.

  • We write, direct and act in our own play, but recruit our soul companions to play various roles (e.g. family, friend, enemy). We also plan our entry and 3-5 potential exit points.
  • Our overall desire is to learn about Love, Wisdom and Power, the three spiritual forces we’d like to master, so that we will evolve beyond having to incarnate in this universe.

What are the functions of our chakras?

Anodea Judith, PhD (“Eastern Body, Western Mind”) described how our chakra system is created by four basic energy currents that run both vertically and horizontally. She wrote:

  • The downward current of manifestation turns our thoughts to images, then words, and finally into form. The upward current of liberation moves form back to the spirit realm.
  • The vertical currents mix together at different chakra levels, where two horizontal currents allow us to receive and express energy in different ways. We need a balance between these four currents to be whole or a fully functional, open system in our world.

What are the core issues of humanity?

Sometimes the reception or expression of energy becomes distorted, because the chakra is “blocked” by the wounds or counterforces (below) that arise from various childhood traumas, cultural conditioning, limiting belief systems or habits, physical or emotional injuries, etc.


According to Barbara Brennan (“Hands of Light”), when our chakras are “blocked,” they may become disfigured, severely distorted, even torn or clogged with stagnated energy, or spin irregularly or backwards (counter-clockwise/closed). The effects are crystallized in the body.

How do our bodies reflect the flow of energy?

Psychotherapist Wilhelm Reich discovered that people with similar childhood experiences and child/parent relationships had similar bodies and psychological traits. Most people fit into five basic “character structures,” which become coping strategies anchored in the body (below).


These character structures reflect how the flow of energy through the body creates different types of mental, emotional and behavioral patterns. They become our unconscious defensive strategies (“body armor”) that are summarized in the Table below (based on various sources):


We may identify with aspects of more than one type, because we develop different coping strategies to deal with each parent (e.g. rigid pattern with father, endurer pattern with mother). Sometimes they become activated by major life stresses (e.g. death of loved one).

How do our lives reflect the flow of energy?

Our body is like an instrument through which consciousness plays its music. But most of us have some blocked or unbalanced chakras that influence the way we relate to the world.

  • Below are some examples of traits that reflect a deficiency (underexpression) or an excess (overexpression) of energy flow through a particular chakra (based on various sources):


How do we heal ourselves?

Don’t despair if you recognize several “issues” playing out in your life. That’s what you came here to do! You may heal one issue, only to find another one show up in your field.

  • Allow yourself to take an honest look at your physical, emotional, mental, and energetic bodies to see which issue(s) are being reflected to you in repeating patterns.
  • For example, persecution can be played out in many lives. You may have been executed as a heretic or a witch in some lives, but in this lifetime it might be just judgment or a lack of acceptance or approval by a partner, friend or a boss at work, as Wendy Kennedy noted.

Each situation gives you another perspective on the same issue. You gain more understanding of why you co-created the situation, how it served you, how fast you can process it and then move on to the point, where you may not even be triggered by that issue any longer. 🙂

Final Thoughts

I recommend Anodea Judith’s wonderful book, “Eastern Body, Western Mind,” which blends psychology and spirituality into an eye opening journey of self-exploration and self-healing.

In its pages you will find yourself, your parents, siblings, partner, children and everybody else who may be dysfunctional but significant in your life. By the end, you can’t help but see them in a new light with much more forgiveness and compassion for all, including yourself.

If you think you’re beyond these issues, think again. We all have our “moments” – even Jesus got mad and Yogananda had a temper, too! That’s what being human is about on this “planet of emotion.” But we’re in a unique position to use our individualized free will to choose what to experience, and how to learn and evolve from all that we encounter. All is choice.


For more information, please see:

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