What Are the Mechanics Of Incarnation?

In the last two World Satsangas with Guy Needler, we’ve learned a lot more about the mechanics of incarnation, which I’d like to summarize in this post. This new information helps us understand who and what we are, and reflect on some issues (e.g. abortion) that divide us in society. What are the mechanics of incarnation?

What are the mechanics of incarnation?

Question: The embryo-fetus is a matter-based vehicle made of Anu particles (the basic building blocks in this universe). Is the body structure created by the mother in utero OR is it a combined effort of the mother and the soul during gestation?

Needler said there’s two things happening here:

  • The gross physical body is created by the chosen mother and father through procreation (growing from the zygote to the embryonal and fetal forms during gestation).
  • But that physical form needs to have a basic energy system and a basic set of chakras (minor, mini- and major chakras and the energetic network) supported by the soul.
  • The energy set may vary from the standard 7 chakra system to the 5 chakra system seen in some of the newer children (indigo, rainbow, crystal, their hybrids) and autistics.

The soul together with its guide and helpers create the energy system, align and insert it to the zygote right at conception. This creates the interface between the soul and the dense physical matter or the gross physical body, which the soul animates. He added:

  • We don’t create dense physical matter, it’s too difficult for us. We assist in the animation of the dense physical matter. We create the interface, that allows the soul to be inserted and connected to the gross physical form.
  • Without the energy system, the zygote, embryo or fetus cannot grow. It will just die early, if the energy hasn’t been placed there OR if it has been removed before birth (e.g. early embryonic death, miscarriage or stillbirth).

Note: The soul does NOT enter a physical form that is going to be aborted. Souls only enter the physical vehicles that are going to be successfully created. The souls know holistically what is going to happen and work with that in their life planning prior to incarnation.

  • However, some souls plan to experience only a short lifespan (e.g. miscarriage, stillbirth, sudden infant death syndrome, childhood cancer or other conditions).
  • Sometimes abortion may be part of the mother’s lessons with its many challenges, just as choosing to have a Caesarian, or choosing not to be a mother provide different lessons, as described by Peter Watson Jenkins and Toni Ann Winninger in “How I Died.”

What is the whole point of incarnation?

Needler said it’s quite simple. We incarnate on the Earth and other environments within the physical universe to accelerate the evolution of our True Energetic Self (Oversoul/Higher Self).

  • We put ourselves in a very challenging environment and in very challenging situations, because it allows us to evolve at a really fast rate, which reduces our evolutionary cycle.
  • It may not look like we’re evolving based on what we see in the outer world. But in reality, we’re only about 10% into this third multiversal cycle, and about 25% into the Earth cycle. That means we’re evolving faster than ever on this planet.

Some souls take longer to do it, because they want to experience things in minute detail. Other souls experience it in a minimal sense to gain the evolution they need. But others get addicted to being here and get stuck in the karmic cycle.

  • They are addicted or attracted to material wealth, sex, drugs, alcohol, gambling, foods, self-serving actions, aggression, i.e. low frequency thoughts, behaviors and actions.
  • The whole point of our incarnation is to experience, work with and be IN the physical, while not being OF the physical. Our ultimate goal is to move OUT of the physical, which is just a tool to learn about lower frequency existence for a while.

Needler said it’s only when we go through those addictions, and we can be here but not be of here — meaning that we experience things in a detached way, still being responsible for our responsibilities, but are able to move on very, very quickly.

As I see it, we create karma and dissolve karma as part of our evolution until we master being here, so we won’t create karma. As we learn to exist in the physical (but not be of the physical, meaning not accrue karma), we can move up the frequencies and take our physical vehicle with us as far as we can go, and have access to slightly higher functions without having to reincarnate in a new body. That makes us more “efficient” from an evolutionary point of view.

That’s when we start to get to the point where we don’t need to incarnate here, because we’ve mastered being incarnate. Eventually, we evolve to the point where we no longer need to incarnate at any level of the physical universe. We’ll continue to evolve in the energetic side.

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