What Are the Solstices Really About?

This time last year, we were shocked by a racially motivated mass shooting at a church in Charleston, SC. This month yet another mass shooting at a night club in Orlando, FL has forced us to take a look at hate crimes, domestic terrorism, endless foreign wars, and gun control in our society. What’s going on? What are the solstices really about?

What is this lifetime about?

Nora Herold said that we have been incarnating into a particular hierarchical structure on Earth in this and many other lifetimes, knowing that we would be playing a “game” with a set of agreed upon rules, agreements and structures, in which the appearance would be that:

  • A small number of beings, playing the roles of the “masters,” would have more power than the majority of the beings, who would play the roles of the victims or “slaves.” Why?
  • Wendy Kennedy explained that we (as creator beings) wanted to play the victim for a while. We gave the other beings the illusion of power over us, so that we could understand that frequency better, and learn to run more of our own power as the divine beings we are.
  • That’s the game we jumped into, knowing that we’d be playing the enslavement game for good part of this lifetime until the game would change, where all those agreements and contracts would be null and void. That’s what happened in the winter solstice of 2012!

That’s when we could fully rewrite our contracts and begin to operate as sovereign beings. We could start to access our true identity as spiritual beings having a human experience on Earth.

Why are we still playing the game then?

Herold said that we’ve been playing the game for so long, that it’s become second nature and habitual to us. We’re still defaulting on a regular basis back to those ‘old constructs’ that align us with hierarchy, unequal distribution of power, and a dramatic experience of polarity.

  • Most people are still playing the game that we no longer have to be playing − by default! And some people are still trying to hold on to the illusion of having power over others.
  • Some of us saw the flaws in the game much earlier in this lifetime, and tried to transcend again and again the lack and limitations of immersed “3D” material lives. But there was no getting out of it, not before the winter solstice of 2012, according to Herold.

By then many of us had become exhausted from fighting against the powers that be for eons, which Herold called “soul weariness.” Now what? We can’t just 100% ditch our current reality, because collective humanity has not yet arrived at this place. So we put ourselves in a now moment, where we can be of the most service to ourselves and others, according to Kennedy.

What are the solstices really about?

Kennedy said at every solstice we receive a potent surge of energy from the Sun, which is like a metronome that keeps track of the rhythms for the solar system. It keeps us on track, too.

  • Solstices are very important, because they give us instruction on what next set of lessons we are to work on over the next six months.
  • You could imagine them as a packets of information sent to you as “zip files” along with life-giving, higher frequency energy. It’s like a “care package” for your soul and body.

Image: Zip files sent by the Sun (left) & Files on your desktop waiting to be opened (right).


We all receive the same files around the solstice. Some people want to open all new files, while others may choose not to open certain files in this lifetime. We all have individualized free will to experience whatever we want, so there is no judgment about this. Kennedy added:

  • When enough people open the same files, experience and integrate them, they amplify the energetic signature and broadcast it to others. This gets reflected in the collective as well.
  • It’s like turning up the volume on a higher frequency radio channel, so that the signal can be heard by more people. Small groups affect other people in the middle by triangulation.

After receiving the downloads at solstice, we spend the next few months unpacking them until the next equinox, when we integrate and balance things until the next solstice transmission.

What do the zip files contain?

The files contain information related to a handful of core issues (e.g. safety, security, approval, abandonment, persecution, trust, manipulation, and control) that the beings in the physical universe are exploring. Here is a brief overview, based on the work of Herold and Kennedy:

  • 2012: Winter solstice – enslavement contracts expired; chakra implants deactivated.
  • 2013: Period of recalibration and integration.
  • 2014: Summer solstice – second chakra issues (sexual trauma, grief, pain, anger, sadness, betrayal, isolation); Winter solstice – we need to take action to create new structures.
  • 2015: Summer solstice – first chakra issues (survival, safety, security, money, physical body); Fall equinox – deactivated galactic species-related programs; Winter solstice – third chakra (power) and second chakra (sexual operating system) issues.
  • 2016: Spring equinox – power upgrades, power issues, deactivated any/all remaining programs; Summer solstice – integrating fourth chakra (compassion, empathy) and fifth chakra functions (communication, creative expression, manifestation, freedom).

Why do dramatic events seem to occur around solstice?

When the higher frequency energy comes to Earth, it may appear on the surface that there is more conflict in the world, as more lower stuff comes up to be healed (e.g. authority issues around police or government officials, financial turmoil, hate crimes, mass shootings, etc.).

  • When these “negative” events happen, they trigger a whole range of reactions in different individuals and the collective (from turbulence to compassion, bigotry to empathy, etc.).
  • These events are showing us where the mass consciousness is at that point, and what needs to be healed. They may trigger a shift in our mindset, because we start to recognize that the old pattern is not working or serving most of us any longer.

We start to question things: Who are we? What are we doing? Why are we doing it? How are we treating each other? Is there a reality in which all can benefit? How do we get there?

Final Thoughts

After the summer solstice of 2016, our focus is on communication, which represents the creative expression of all that is within us, and our basic right to speak and be heard, as noted by Anodea Judith (“Eastern Body, Western Mind”). Words are energy.

Herold said that moving forward, we will all speak our realities into being individually and collectively in a co-creative fashion. That means WE need to speak our truth now, not sit back, do nothing, or be silent because of fear of persecution, as Gandhi and others have shown us.


This week some people in Congress are starting to listen to the people and act accordingly, while others didn’t get the memo yet (see Democrats Stage Sit-In On House Floor Over Gun Bills). Congressman John Lewis declared: “The time for silence is over. Stand with us.”

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

061316 ORLANDO: Thousands hold candles in the air after a bell tolled for each of the victims, during a vigil Monday, June 13, 2016, in Orlando, Fla., the day after an attack on a gay nightclub left dozens dead. (Curtis Compton/Atlanta Journal Constitution via AP) MANDATORY CREDIT

061316 ORLANDO: Thousands hold candles in the air after a bell tolled for each of the victims, during a vigil Monday, June 13, 2016, in Orlando, Fla., the day after an attack on a gay nightclub left dozens dead. (Curtis Compton/Atlanta Journal Constitution via AP)

Note: This negative event caused a huge wave of compassion worldwide, which actually raised the overall frequency of collective humanity, and made us question the old structures in place.

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