What Are the Three Spiritual Forces To Master?

In a previous post, we learned of some teachers (e.g. Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, etc.), who have come to show us their ways to master life on Earth. We also learned that there is not just one manual for spiritual mastery, because each person is evolving on their own unique path. We can even develop self-mastery now that we and the Earth are operating at a higher frequency. What are the three spiritual forces to master?

What are we trying to master?

Most of us have heard the saying: “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” – Lord Acton (British historian)

What we may not realize is that this statement applies to our spiritual lives as well as our material lives! We think becoming “spiritually enlightened” means we’re done with power struggles. Not necessarily. The physical universe is the playground where duality is being played out on many levels.

George Kavassilas (“Our Universal Journey”) wrote: “Be aware of Beings who come from only the positive side of duality, because they see themselves above the negative charge due to their self-righteous and judgmental approach to life.” He boldly declared:

  • The New Age movement is full of people, who think: “We all must be positive, light and love, burping butterflies and farting rainbows…”


  • The reality is that the positive charge of life is directly across from the negative charge.
  • Being just positive doesn’t mean that you are above and beyond negativity. They are both charges of energy and we are exploring both sides, according to Kavassilas and others.

Guy Needler said it’s part of our balanced evolution to learn which behavior patterns keep us in the lower frequencies, so we can steer away from them and move toward higher frequencies (see What Is the Purpose of Duality Or the Dark Forces? – Big Picture Questions.com).

What is the essence of spirituality?

Sri Ravi Shankar noted: “The essence of spirituality is three things: purity in heart, clarity in mind and sincerity in action. If you have these three, many problems get nipped in the bud there and then itself.”

Amma (“The Hugging Saint”) put it like this: “Karma [action], jñana [knowledge] and bhakti [devotion] are all essential. If the two wings of a bird are devotion and action, knowledge is its tail. Only with the help of all three can the bird soar into the heights.”


What are the three spiritual forces to master?

The essence of spirituality is made of three aspects or a trinity of spiritual forces:

  1. Love = purity in heart
  2. Wisdom (Truth) = clarity in mind
  3. Power (Will/Energy) = sincerity in action

For example, in the yogic tradition, union with God could be developed in many ways:

  • Bhakti Yoga uses prayer, communion through contemplation and devotion to develop divine love, compassion, faith and surrender to God.
  • Jñana yoga uses rational inquiry, discrimination and meditation to develop divine wisdom and pure knowledge of Spirit beyond the body and thoughts.
  • Karma yoga uses good works, selfless and altruistic action to develop divine will.
  • Agni yoga integrates all of these other yogas into a transformative “creative fire.”

In some teachings, these forces have been called the “Three-Fold Flame” and designated specific colors (pink/yellow/blue, as shown):


BUT Guy Needler said that these colors are complete nonsense. There can never be a “color” associated with anything that’s above the super low visual range of the human eye. It’s simply a human description, because humans like to see rainbows! 😉

How did Bentov perceive these forces on his cosmic trips?

Itzhak Bentov (“A Brief Tour of Higher Consciousness”) wrote: “God is too complex a being for us to understand, so He projects Himself into three aspects [trinity], making a tetrahedron of himself.” He drew the three aspects or centers with Wisdom as the unity point (as shown):

BENTOVTetrahedronTrinityCosmos46   BENTOVTetrahedronCosmos49_ copy

He explained that the Hebrew letters (that he saw) in each center could be read in two directions (left to right or right to left), which give opposite meanings.

  • If you go from Love towards Will, the letters mean it is all right and safe to go, to keep walking.
  • But if you go from Will to Love, the meaning becomes destruction or extinction.
  • To him, that meant you must know Love first. The whole system runs on Love, which is the cosmic law.

The letters in the Creative center combine to mean desire for life to begin. It stands for both the Creator and the Creation, which are inseparable, according to Bentov.

How does a person become a true master?

According to Guy Needler, true masters have to master all three forces of Love, Wisdom and Power evenly. He said: “It is difficult to master one and then master the others. They have to be done in balance with each other.” The analogy he gave was this:

  • Think of it in terms of keeping a set of 3-way scales with equal weights in balance. It has to be done in balance, because otherwise it can corrupt.
  • Any one of those forces individually can corrupt on their own, so they have to be done in a balanced way.

Will we ever be masters?

Needler said: “Absolutely! We are already masters. If we take event space to its ultimate conclusion, then we have already achieved mastery of everything we’ve ever done.” He explained:

  • We’ve already got to the 12th full dimension, and we have already re-communed with our Source Entity.
  • It’s a function of event space (space where all events happen) that we can potentially see everything, every past, present and future moment concurrently.

He added: “If we were clever enough to select the right event space, we would see ourselves achieving mastery, and we would see ourselves eventually becoming a Source Entity in our own right as well.”

Wow! How’s that for self-empowerment for the “local you” here. You’re on the path to mastery no matter what happens or how life looks from where you stand right now. Your evolution is inevitable. 🙂


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