What Are the Twelve Source Entities Like?

In the previous post, we learned about the Origin, also known as the Absolute/All There Is or the ultimate creator of everything. The Origin is an unfathomably vast tract of energy, most of which is unknown and unexplored. That’s why the Origin created the 12 Source Entities as co-creators (true Elohim) to accelerate the process of mapping itself. What are the twelve Source Entities like?

What are the general functions of Source Entities?

All Source Entities were created out of the same substance as the Origin. Each was given the opportunity to develop on its own, but received some guidance from the Origin along the way. Each developed their own personality and unique strategy for evolution. For example:

  • Our Source Entity (SE1/”God”) created countless smaller units of itself to explore a multiverse made of 397 universes, which are arranged as nested spheres within spheres.
  • Our multiverse has both physical and energetic entities with varying levels of sentience. They incarnate in many forms in the physical universe to explore the lower frequencies, where they lose almost all connectivity with their sentient energies at higher frequencies.

According to Guy Needler, all Source Entities have the same functions or jobs to do, which are to create structure, form, volume, detail, compartmentalization, singularity, diversification, multiplicity, self, remembrance and being (higher Self, independent but also interdependent).

Why should we care?

In “The Origin Speaks,” Needler revealed that ALL entities created by the original Source Entities will become NEW Source Entities in their own right at a distant future/event space. Why? Because the new area will be so huge, it can’t be mapped by the Source Entities alone.

  • While our SE1 was the first to be created, SE12 (“baby SE”) was the last one to awaken, become self-aware and sentient. But it got a head start, because it was educated by the Origin, who gave it ALL the evolutionary content accrued by the other Source Entities.
  • Similarly, when WE become new Source Entities in the future, we’ll get a head start, too.   We will be much better prepared than our own creators (SE’s) when they started out.

Why? Because we’ll receive ALL the combined learning of the original 12 Source Entities, their entities and their memories. We’ll also have a localized Akashic that is a quantum leap above the largest version of the Akashic ever created. That is where we are headed as creators. Wow!

What are the twelve Source Entities like?

Now that we’re more curious about the 12 Source Entities, let’s take a quick look at them, based on Guy Needler’s pioneering work in “Beyond the Source” Books 1 & 2.

Here are my own “artistic renditions” of the 12 Source Entities (from our SE1 to baby SE12), based on the sketches in Books 1 & 2 (image analogies faux-colorized and not to scale):


Here are my brief descriptions of each Source Entity with their environments and entities, based on Needler’s work. For more detail, please see “Beyond the Source” Books 1 & 2:

Table-SE1-12. jpg

SE1 works with a wide range of frequencies from physically solid to purely energetic states, while the other SE’s work with slightly (e.g. SE2-4) or much higher frequencies (e.g. SE7-12). We need to use human or alien “biosuits” to experience the physical universe properly.

What happens to the original Source Entities?

When we (i.e. our True Energetic Selves) become new Source Entities and assimilate ALL the learning of the original Source Entities, we will become “polyomniscient” at that point. But the Source Entities and the Origin continue to have higher functions beyond us. Needler wrote:

  • We will receive an area of our own to work with. We can experience, learn, and evolve within that area in any way we want (just like the original Source Entities did).
  • But the Origin’s newly expanded area of non-sentient self-awareness will be so massive, that none of us know what the structure is, how the physics or environments work, etc.

The original Source Entities will help the Origin by becoming satellites or extensions of its “active sentience” at equi-distant points within the new area. They will increase the Origin’s creative functions by a factor of the power of 12. We’ll be directly linked to the Origin, too.

Final Thoughts

The point of this post is to show that EVERYTHING moves on in the process of evolution. One day the student becomes the master, and the master becomes a student of a higher order. Nobody stays the same or reaches the ultimate goal, because the goal is ever-changing, always moving ahead (see What Is the Absolute Paradox? – Big Picture Questions.com).

Next time you think you’re small, useless or the scum of the universe, read this post again. Your life matters. All of us are destined for bigger and better things to come, which are based in part on what we learn in the here and now. Nobody is left behind at any level. Everything is appreciated, loved, and understood by the Origin. ♥♥♥

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But our “Home” is destined to become bigger and bigger and bigger… 😉

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