What Did the Essenes Teach and Know That We Don’t?

In previous posts, we learned that there are thousands of religious and spiritual practices, some of which go back over two or more millennia. We also learned that some rules (e.g. Golden Rule) are universally shared and taught by all major religions. In this post we’ll take a look at the Essenes, because they were involved in setting the stage for several spiritual teachings on our planet. What did the Essenes teach and know that we don’t?

Who were the Essenes?

In his books, “Hidden Mysteries” and “The Complete Ascension Manual,” Joshua David Stone described some mind bending information about the source of various teachings that are now called religions. According to Stone:

  • The Essene movement started about 2000 B.C. with the spiritual master called Melchizedek, who also gave his teachings to Abraham, the father of the Jewish religion.
  • The Essenes evolved within an esoteric aspect of Judaism. They believed in reincarnation, astrology, channeling, prophecy, soul travel, psychic development, etc.

They facilitated the beginning of the Christian religion and taught Jesus as a youth, who later traveled worldwide to learn the ways of many other teachers and masters.


Who were the founders of religions?

What most people may not know is that Jesus (or his soul family) has reincarnated as many figures to teach humanity at different times.

  • According to Stone, the original Melchizedek was Jesus, who also incarnated as Jewish Biblical figures Joseph, Jeshua, Joshua, Enoch, and as Zend, the father of Zoroaster. He was also one of Mohammed’s spiritual teachers on the inner plane.
  • But Guy Needler explained that these historical figures represent different soul aspects that come from the same “Yeshua” True Energetic Self (Oversoul or soul family), not the same soul aspect reincarnating as all these figures over time.

The same is true for Buddha, the founder of Buddhism.

  • He also incarnated as Vyassa (scribe for the Hindu Bhagavad-Gita), Hermes-Thoth (Egyptian spiritual mysteries), Orpheus (Greek mystery school), and Zoroaster (Zoroastrianism in Persia), according to Stone.
  • These beings incarnated from the same True Energetic Self, but do not represent a single soul aspect.

Philosophers, such as Confucius (founder of Taoism), Pythagoras (Pythagorean mystery school) and other Greek philosophers also contributed their part to some teachings.

“All the great prophets were teaching the same truths, based on the teachings of the same great beings who were just switching Earthly bodies from lifetime to lifetime.” – Joshua David Stone

Stone described Buddha as the bringer of wisdom of God about 500 years before Moses, who brought forth the law. Then Jesus carried forth the law of Moses and the wisdom of the Buddha and added the love principle.


Is religion a conspiracy against humanity?

In “The History of God,” Guy Needler explained that Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed each represent a part of the whole. Each of them was high enough on the evolutionary ladder, so that none of them needed to incarnate for their own evolution. They were here to serve us.

  • They had varying degrees of connectivity with their higher self, and each had a plan.
  • They all managed to teach some things, but got some things in error. Some of those errors have become core truths in some teachings that became religions.

What was their task on Earth?

Needler said each undertook a specific task to help humanity evolve. They were here to jump start humanity into seeking the truth and to lift the frequencies of Earth as well.

  • Jesus showed us how to live and evolve in the physical world without incurring karma by showing love and forgiveness to others.
  • Buddha taught how to use the meditative state for contacting the higher self and the universe while still existing in the physical plane.
  • Mohammed’s task was to defend, i.e. perpetuate and promote the truth of the first two teachers.

How did the Essenes come to know things?

After reading the books, “The Essenes: Children of the Light” and “Jesus and the Essenes,” based on past life regression of people who were Essenes during Jesus’ lifetime, I was inspired to share a few things about the Essenes. Image: View of Qumran community (click to enlarge).

Qumran5  essenefamily

The Essenes were founded by a race called the Kaloo (“the Ancient Ones”), who came from Atlantis and traveled widely to gather and spread their advanced knowledge and skills to select communities in Britain (Druids), Egypt and around the ancient Mediterranean.

  • The Kaloo were masters in dealing with energy and projecting their consciousness.
  • They brought advanced technologies (e.g. crystals for record keeping and lamps, mobile models of our solar system with 10 planets, telescopes, observatories, star cycles, water storage and aqueduct systems, sound systems for defense, etc.) to those they trusted to preserve and not abuse their knowledge.

They made sure the Essenes were never confined to one religion. The Essene Way was created from four sources: Egyptian, Zoroastrian and Pythagorean ideas and the Jewish law.


What did the Essenes teach?

Here is a partial list of things* that the Essenes held as self-evident truths, some of which are quite surprising given they lived over 2,000 years ago:

  1. The four pillars of the Essene Way were harmony, truth, peace, pure and unselfish love. Sharing was a spiritual process that integrated the worlds of spirit and matter. They shared work, space, knowledge, food, money, everything in the community.
  2. No temples or buildings were necessary, because each one of us has a temple in the heart, and love is the flame upon the altar there. Love makes the heart a sacred space.
  3. Death was not to be feared. It was but a blink of an eye and then it was as if nothing had happened, except you had no body. It was like projecting yourself. There was no use for a body after it no longer housed a soul.
  4. They knew there are no such things as hell or evil spirits, for there is nothing there but what you create yourself. They knew rebirth is a fact. Only the ignorant and uninformed feared reincarnation.
  5. Women were considered equal to men and were also taught in schools. Some were teachers, masters or disciples, and others were householders with children.
  6. Children were taught to meditate by age 3-4 to keep their head open to the third eye (to not go “head blind” like the Romans). When a child was born, the masters drew a star chart, which had great meaning for the parents and the child as to their life task, strengths and challenges, and who they would be compatible with as mates.
  7. They had many types of masters and teachers with specialized skills to study stars, mathematics, geometry, law, mysteries, languages, mental powers, etc.
  8. Their skills and powers included energy healing, teaching, researching, traveling, and defending themselves. For example, “traveling” meant lightening the body, so you only touched the ground here and there while moving quickly over distances. They were able to project their consciousness into past and future time, and controlled pain by different forms of meditation and mental focus.
  9. They knew that consciousness and energy were not two separate things. The consciousness of humanity as a whole affects Earth profoundly, because we are linked and integrated to Earth’s life and being.
  10. They saw every human as a microcosm of the universe. The universe is a web of consciousness founded upon harmony and sustained by a great ocean of unconditional cosmic love. Consciousness is the intelligence of it, and love is the energy of it.
  11. When the universe and the human being are fully merged and integrated, we become the Living Truth, an embodiment of wholeness, harmony, Light and peace. 🙂


Final Thoughts

After reading about the Essenes, what struck me is that here we are in the 21st century, and we think we’re so cool, so smart with all our little gadgets and stuff, while this ancient intentional community that must have looked primitive to the outsiders knew how to connect with their higher self, to project their consciousness to any event space, to know about our solar system, to heal themselves energetically, etc.

While they used some outer technologies given to them, they didn’t know how they were made or how to fix them, so they didn’t become attached to or dependent on them. Why? Because they knew their inner technology within their human form was far superior to any gadget or invention, whether it’s a self-driving car, a rocket to Mars or a quantum computer. It makes me wonder what else have we forgotten?

what did the essenes teach

*List based on “The Essenes: Children of the Light.”

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