What Happens To People In Mass Deaths By Tsunamis, 9/11 Or Other Events?

In a previous post, we learned about a courageous woman, who survived a bomb attack in Iraq. Natalie Sudman’s book about her near-death experience gave us a vivid, multilayered perspective of the Other Side. What about people who don’t come back? What do we know about their transition, particularly when masses of souls leave the planet at the same time?

Do we plan our exit point from life?

Believe it or not, all of us have pre-planned not just one, but 3-5 exit points in every lifetime, according to Guy Needler. It’s the soul (not the ego) that gets to choose on the energetic level if and when to leave early, i.e. when to use our “Get Out Of Earth Free” cards or not.

  • These exit points (or “termination junctures”) are spread out over our lifetime, so some cards will “expire” after we’ve passed our babyhood, childhood, adulthood, midlife or later years. But they all go to the same place without accruing karma for leaving early.
  • If we bypass all of them, then we have to live out till the end of the planned lifetime.
  • Generally, the soul leaves exactly when it wants to and when it doesn’t have anything else to accomplish in that lifetime. They may choose to demise by accident, illness, or murder.

The manner of death for leaving the incarnate form can be anything from a cancer to a sudden heart attack, brain aneurysm, stroke, sudden adult death syndrome, getting shot, being in a car accident, plane crash, accident at sea, etc. Generally, these are all planned events.

What happens in mass deaths?

In “How I Died and What I Did Next,” Peter Watson Jenkins interviewed and Toni Ann Winninger channeled the souls of many people from different parts of the world, who told their unique stories about passing from human to spirit life.

  • Their circumstances ranged from dying quietly in old age to being tortured to death or undergoing sudden mass deaths in a tsunami, 9/11, starvation, earthquake, etc.
  • Without a doubt, this is one of the best books I’ve ever read! Why? Because it gives us the soul’s perspective on a variety of contemporary human experiences in different cultural and economic settings, all of which are eye opening, moving and enlightening.

What happened in the Indonesian tsunami?

The soul being interviewed had been an 8-year-old girl, who lived in Sumatra, Indonesia, which had a major earthquake and a tsunami on the day after Christmas in 2004.

mass deaths

She and her little brother were picking shells along the shore, when she noticed the water receding, the ground moving and then a huge wall of water coming back to engulf her.

  • Suddenly she felt very peaceful with no pain or discomfort, but she was confused, like many other people she met. She talked to them with her thought (not with her voice) and saw them walking through things, like large debris without even noticing it.
  • She didn’t know she was dead until the “people with the light” came and then her grandma took her Home to other relatives and members of her soul group.

Her soul had planned a very short life to experience a carefree childhood with loving parents, whose contract was to deal with grief and abandonment. This life was chosen to have rest and relaxation, in contrast to some of her other lives (e.g. old coal miner, who died in a cave-in).

What happened on 9/11?

The soul had been a woman, who was in a conference room in the WTC North Tower attacked on September 11, 2001. They saw the plane hit their building a few floors below them.


  • They heard a series of explosions, smelled smoke and realized there was no way out.
  • They were all in a state of shock, when they saw another plane hit the South Tower and watched it soon disintegrate. Some people panicked and jumped out of the windows.
  • She realized her life was going to end, when she had a vision of her deceased mother. She went to sleep in the smoke, but felt no pain or body sensations at all.

She woke up walking with her mother to join other relatives, pets and soul mates, and saw a whole influx of people coming after the tower fell. She met with her council and reviewed her life, which ended just as planned, with a ripple effect on consciousness around the world.

What happened in the Ethiopian famine? 

The soul had been a 14-yo girl, the eldest of eight children whose parents were farmers in Ethiopia. Her family was very happy until the droughts came. Her mother and three siblings died, which left her in charge of four younger children. The weather got hotter and drier.


  • They had no seeds to plant, so the father took the family to a tent camp, which soon became overcrowded, and the food was scarce. People began to get sick with a fever.
  • Her father and siblings died first, then she got sick, too weak to move and closed her eyes. She felt relieved to be floating, no longer in a solid body with fever, aches and pains.
  • She saw a huge light with her parents, brothers and sisters running to her.

She had chosen to experience a short but very intense life in a big loving family, in which she learned about responsibility, helping others, grief, abandonment, and other challenges.

Are there any accidental deaths?

Needler said it is very rare that there are accidents, where things happen outside of the general life plan. But if an unforeseen (very low probability) event space intervenes with the main stream event space that we’re experiencing, that becomes classified as an “accident.”

  • A suicide is not classified as an accident, even though it is outside of the life plan.
  • It’s not an acceptable way to exit, because it has immense downstream effects on all the interactions the person was supposed have with other people for their evolutionary content. It’s a “nightmare” for the guides and helpers to sort it all out.

Final Thoughts

“Death, the great equalizer, always restores to its possessors the rights of mind.” – Susanna Moodie (Life in the Clearings versus the Bush, 1853)

Death is the equalizer, because all souls return back to their True Energetic Self/Oversoul, which is an individualized unit of our Source, which is an individualized unit of the Origin/The All. The above examples from “How I Died and What I Did Next” have taught us several things:

  • All of us have planned the timing and manner of death before incarnating on Earth.
  • A life that ends suddenly may have been a carefree life of rest and relaxation (e.g. tsunami case) or a short, intense life with many challenges (e.g. famine case).
  • The transition experience varies, but reflects the soul’s evolution and expectations.
  • There is nothing to be afraid of, because you are never really separated from your aspect (soul), True Energetic Self (Oversoul) or Source (God).
  • Your life is not just about you and your experiences. It’s just as much about your contracts with other people who are learning things with or through you right up to the end. Even in the death process you are co-creating with others.

After reading this book, one cannot help but have total compassion for the people who come to Earth to act out the various experiences planned by their souls. Wendy Kennedy (“The Great Human Potential”) said compassion is the gift we are giving to the rest of the universe. That’s the ripple effect we’re having on all the other beings in our universe and beyond. 🙂

“In truth, the spiritual path both begins and ends with compassion.” – Amma


NOTE: This particular lifetime on Earth is like no other, because now we can deal with our karmic content in a single lifetime (see How To Remove Karma In This Lifetime? – Big Picture Questions.com).

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