What Is a Fully Immersed Soul?

In previous posts, we’ve taken a peek at the multiverse from its farthest boundaries to the smallest particles of the physical universe. Now we’re back to Earth, where we incarnate with various levels of understanding about our human condition.

What is a fully immersed soul?

Guy Needler explained that fully immersed souls are those people you see around you, who think they are the human body. They are totally immersed in the physical world. He said:

  • They think they are born to live, eat, sleep, reproduce, have a career, and eventually they die, and that’s it. They have no desire to understand the incarnation any further than that.
  • They are not questioning their environment or that which happens in their environment, whether it’s physics or metaphysics. They’re not interested in spiritual things at all.

They have no thought processes about the Greater Reality. They don’t wonder about who we are, or where we come from. They may be afraid of dying, but don’t really want to think about it. We all know such people, who are only focused on the mundane or material world.

Are these people less evolved?

Generally, as we (our soul aspects) and our True Energetic Selves (TES/Oversouls) evolve, we gain access to higher functionality. The higher the frequency, the more connectivity we have.

  • That’s why we start to question ourselves, question our environment, and what we’re experiencing. We work on ourselves, so that we’re able to experience greater things.
  • Those who are not so highly evolved experience full immersion, which means they are totally connected to the human body with only a tenuous connection to their TES.

But don’t assume anything. There are some highly evolved souls, who have chosen to experience just being human, being in a body totally cut off from their TES, because it is so unlike what they experience at higher frequencies or in their other simultaneous incarnations.


Isn’t life about the journey, not the destination?

Wendy Kennedy said we all come from Source, so we already know what that is like. Our incarnation is about exploring the physical level, which is very different from “Home.”

  • It’s about bringing higher frequencies into the vehicle here, bringing “Home” here, rather than being up and out of the body, which makes us feel spaced out or ungrounded.
  • Some people don’t feel safe in their body, so they leave it when they’re afraid. That doesn’t really serve them, because their body needs to adjust to the soul’s frequencies.
  • Humans are walking portals to Source energy, in part because of our emotional access to joy and bliss, according to Kennedy.

Needler said it is about the journey, about being human. But it’s also about being more than a human being. But you can only be more than a human being, when you are somewhat more highly evolved, and you’re able to access more connectivity and higher functionalities.

How do we best serve our own and loved ones’ evolution here?

There are many ways to serve. Some people need our physical help (e.g. elderly parents). Others may start asking questions about their life purpose, relationships or spirituality.

  • We can be of great help to them, but only when they request it. If we know them, we can gauge the level of information and the way we give it to them, so they can handle it.
  • We can also look for like-minded people, who are interested in all things spiritual, whether it’s physical meetings or virtual friends over the internet or whatever.

When we work on ourselves, we increase our own frequency, which allows others to increase their frequency simply by associating with us. We serve ourselves and others simultaneously.

What is the opposite of a fully immersed soul?

One example is the Bengali woman saint Sri Ananda Mayi Ma (“Joy Permeated Mother”), who became enlightened at a young age. At first, her family thought she was simple minded, but then realized she emanated an aura of perfectibility with bliss and boundless compassion.
  • She would fall into trances and spend hours in samadhi (superconsciousness), oblivious to her surroundings, bodily needs, etc. She embodied the divine love of the Universal Mother.
  • Her devotees mothered her and fed her, when she became unable to feed herself. She traveled across India to enlighten others, heal people, perform miracles and much more.

She said: “The supreme calling of every human being is to aspire to self-realization. All other obligations are secondary.” She told people to set aside time for daily divine contemplation. This is a quiet, nurturing, reflective practice that gives you more energy, vitality and clarity.

“My consciousness has never associated itself with this temporary body. Behold, now and always one with the Eternal. I am ever the same.” – Ananda Mayi Ma

“In everything and in everybody is but the One Himself. Try to be constantly aware of the fact that whatever is perceived at any time, in whatever way, are but the manifestations of the Supreme Being.” – Ananda Mayi Ma (1896-1982)

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