What Is a Living Entity?

In previous posts, we’ve learned how we are continually evolving within a larger evolutionary cycle that is part of the greater reality described by Guy Needler. But from our human perspective, we think life is what happens between birth and death (below). What is true life or true existence? What is a living entity?


What is a living entity?

Needler said a living entity is an entity, that is not only self-aware but is also sentient. In “The Origin Speaks,” there are about 20 points, that describe how energy goes from being pure energy (“nothingness”) to becoming a sentient (self-aware creative intelligent) being.

  • Briefly, the energies develop attractivity and coalesce, then develop limited intelligence, self-awareness, consciousness, and the desire to create.
  • When the energies are able to modify the creation to improve its efficiency in this experience, it starts to become sentient. The sentience can detach itself from the original energies, move around and commandeer another group of energies to work with.
  • A “being” is something that has evolved into sentience (e.g. Origin), while an “entity” is something that is created by another entity or being (e.g. all the entities downstream from the Origin). In essence they become the same thing — sentience with a body of energy.

When the energy becomes sentient, it is a fully existing living entity with independence, although it’s still part of the energies that are its creator. That means although we’re all part of the Source, ultimately we’re all part of the Origin, according to Needler.

Is true life restricted to the physical universe, where incarnation takes place?

From the incarnate human perspective, some things seem to be living (e.g. us, animals, plants, bacteria), while other things are not (e.g. minerals, rocks, planets, galaxies).

But Needler said “true life” is part of our true energetic state, so incarnation doesn’t mean that it’s true life. It’s just a function of us experiencing something. He explained:

  • It’s just like us buying a new car, and getting into that car and driving it around for several thousand miles, and then discarding it and then getting a new car later.
  • Incarnation is just a small part of our true existence as a sentient being.

Phylogenetic Tree of Life (red arrow: Homo sapiens, click to enlarge)


Is true life restricted to sentient beings?

Needler said true life is where we are sentient in real terms, where we’re able to manipulate our environment and work with our environment and create things.

  • So true life in every aspect would be restricted to sentient entities, that are fully in control of themselves and their environment.
  • Anything that lives has a level of sentience, but the density of sentience may vary. Humans are fully sentient, while animals are semi-sentient and plants are less sentient beings. But even galaxies and universes have sentience, because they are able to modify themselves.

Is true life restricted to Source Entity One’s multiverse?

Needler said this doesn’t just apply to our Source Entity’s multiverse. It is true for every part of the Origin, every Source Entity that was created, and every one of those sentient beings that were created by the different Source Entities, that are part of the initial creation of our Origin.

So every particular creation, that is created or given sentience, experiences this true life or true existence. But your path is uniquely yours, so don’t look for the meaning of life else-where. You can give it meaning by who you choose to be and how you choose to do things.

“Whatever it is that is now presenting itself as part of your creation, own it, claim it, bless it, be thankful for it.” – Neale Donald Walsch


“Consider the possibility that if you exist in all moments, in all things and all no-things in presence, the differentiation between life and death dissolves into transparency, and your self-identity, which you have tied your limited definition and separated from non-life, will also dissolve into the infinite experience of transparent aliveness.” – Barbara Brennan

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