What Is a Soul Blueprint Or Imprint?

In previous posts, we discovered how we incarnate as humans and other species in different parts of the physical universe, as described by Guy Needler. Most of us are having thousands of lives in the now moment, which are recorded in different databases. What is a soul blueprint or imprint?

“Who am I? I am an out-picturing of the Divine. I am God in human form. We are here to experience any aspect of Divinity that we wish.” – Neale Donald Walsch

What is a soul blueprint?

Our birthdate, hour and place of birth are not random. Our soul knows what lessons are to be learned and what energies are needed for the life task, according to Gina Lake and others.

  • The soul plans the birth chart accordingly. The guides carefully orchestrate the birth process to reflect the best possible alignment of the available energies.
  • There are many psycho-spiritual approaches to figure out what a lifetime is about.

Some of the tools include astrology, numerology, Atlantean card science, Tarot, iChing, Human Design, channeling and other teachings.

Image: Human Design chart (left) & Natal astrology chart (right)


“Know thyself.” – Ancient aphorism from Delphi, Greece

Another approach is to learn about personality typing, which allows us to discover our strengths, weaknesses and motivations in life. It teaches us to observe ourselves and others in low acting, average and higher acting behaviors, and to have more understanding and compassion for oneself and others (see How To Know Thyself? – Big Picture Questions.com).

Image: Personality typing by Myers-Briggs Typing Index (left) & Enneatypes (right)


What is a soul imprint or overlay?

According to Wendy Kennedy, our blueprint is not written in stone. It can be changed, as our circumstances change. All of us watch and review each other’s lifetimes from the Akashic records, which are available to us when we’re disincarnate.

  • Some soul aspects may have incarnated in other parts of the physical universe, but not on Earth or in such a dense physical body.
  • These beings bring a blueprint to the planet, that includes all the filters, belief systems, knowledge and wisdom from their lifetimes in other places.
  • But if they have little or no experience on Earth, they create an imprint or overlay.
  • They download a “How-To” book about a lifetime dealing with a particular issue (e.g. leadership). They absorb and overlay it as one of their own lifetimes.

For example, Dolores Cannon explained that you could have 5 lifetimes that are real and 500 lives imprinted from the records that deal with leadership.

  • You could have imprints from various types of leaders, ranging from tribal chiefs to mayors, presidents or leaders of thieves, etc.
  • Soul imprints explain why more than one person may claim to be a historically significant figure in their past life.

Image: Cleopatra (left) & Napoleon (right)


The imprints are complete at birth, but may become activated later in life (adulthood). Extra imprints are also available to be overlaid on your blueprint whenever necessary. For example:

  • If you want to bring another skill set (e.g. tone and sound) to this lifetime, but you didn’t have a lifetime where it was used (e.g. Egypt, Lemuria, Atlantis), you can create an imprint or overlay onto your existing blueprint to practice and experience that skill in this life.
  • You can go back into the library, imprint a different lifetime or a new experience and set yourself up. Then you go back in a body and live a life with a slightly different program. It’s that easy, because you’re creative beings, according to Kennedy.

How do we know which lives are real?

Wendy Kennedy and Dolores Cannon explained that imprints and overlays are no different than a past life that was actually experienced. You cannot tell the difference and it makes no difference if it’s yours or not.

  • All these lifetimes are really illusions. They are all connected. There is no proprietorship to these imprints. The lessons are shared.
  • You don’t need to know about all your “past” lives, because time doesn’t exist.
  • All you need to do is identify the issue you’re dealing with (e.g. abandonment), then intend to work with it and resolve it in the now in this lifetime.

Kennedy said that our blueprints are more flexible now. We can change things, rewrite contracts and agreements, and have more than one lifetime in a lifetime. We can also reset ourselves to have more awareness of the Greater Reality, where there is only One of us.

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