What Is a Walk-in Or a Soul Exchange?

Previously, we learned that we may incarnate as different species, that represent different soul aspects projected from our True Energetic Self/Oversoul to experi-ence things in the physical universe, as described by Guy Needler. But there is another type of incarnation that most people still find surprising, which is the concept of a walk-in soul. What is a walk-in or a soul exchange?

What is a walk-in or a soul exchange?

Can two souls trade places with one another? Yes, it’s called a soul exchange or a walk-in/walk-out event. In one sense, everybody is a walk-in, because our soul projects into and integrates energetically with a baby’s body to become a “born-in,” as Yvonne Perry noted.

  • The difference with a “walk-in” is that they integrate their soul energies into an existing body, that was previously animated by another soul that leaves voluntarily.
  • Some call it a “body donation” or “hand-me-down body.” But it’s simply another way to come into a vehicle on the planet while usually skipping the childhood phase.
  • If the incoming soul has a lifetime in other stellar regions, they may not need a human childhood experience. They just want a vehicle to be here at this time.

The incoming soul may come from the same OR a different True Energetic Self/Oversoul that the outgoing soul is from. But they are in full spiritual partnership. This is not the same as possession, according to Guy Needler (“The Origin Speaks”).

How common are walk-ins?

Wendy Kennedy is a walk-in who channels the 9D Pleiadian Collective. She explained that walk-ins are far more common than we think, comprising about 15-20% of the population.

  • Some walk-ins say there was an influx of soul exchanges in the 1980’s and 1990’s. But this phenomenon has been going on throughout the history of mankind.
  • Most lifetimes are so similar that it’s not dramatic and not even required, that the second soul knows that they are a walk-in and not the original person born into that body.

Essentially, another being walks in and takes the original blueprint, overlays and imprints, so that it becomes one of their own lives now.

  • This includes their childhood, relationships, karma, physical/mental/emotional issues.
  • The walk-in overlays their soul blueprint energetically on top of all that, which can make it a more challenging lifetime.


That means a walk-in is not just a body exchange. It’s much more than that, since the entire life experience of the original soul is taken on by another soul.

What types of walk-ins are there?

Walk-ins can happen at all different ages from babyhood on to adulthood. There is a backlog of souls who want to incarnate on Earth. Many beings are willing to take on all the karma and other “baggage” of the outgoing soul.

  • The original soul may have become discouraged with life and wants to leave. Or it has completed its earthly agenda and wants to move on to do astral or other work.
  • Rather than having a healthy body die, another soul with a similar agenda steps in and picks up where the first soul left off.
  • Some beings just want to be here for a short while. They may just want to go through childhood, while others don’t want to experience childhood.

In “The Origin Speaks” Needler described many types of walk-ins briefly summarized as:

  1. Planned one-for-one walk-in (pre-life agreement between two souls that are projected from the same or different True Energetic Selves/Oversouls. The souls may swap places once, OR swap in/out continuously to experience the same incarnation as 2 individuals).
  2. Unplanned one-for-one walk-in (a volunteer soul bails out the soul that wants to leave, because the environment is too harsh or the task is too big; profound personality change).
  3. Shared vehicle walk-in (body shared by two or more souls that either braid in at planned intervals to work in parallel with each other, OR come in concurrently to work as one integrated aspect for a role of worldwide importance, e.g. spiritual leader or president with 4 souls, each contributing 25% to the composite soul that animates the leader).
  4. Rotational shared vehicle walk-in (a number of different souls take turns coming into the same body to become the incumbent soul, but swap out after staying for a few days, years or decades; the person may exhibit a level of disorganization or “split personalities”).
  5. Temporary walk-in (another soul comes in to experience a particular event, e.g. tsunami, as a shared experience with the incumbent surviving soul, then swaps out).
  6. Rehabilitation walk-in (incumbent soul allows a damaged soul to swap in or to share a distressing experience in tandem with them to heal and ease them back into incarnation).
  7. Stolen vehicle walk-in (when the body is intoxicated by drugs/alcohol, the soul ejects out, and an astral entity latches onto it until the soul returns after the drugs wear off).

How does a walk-in happen?

Typically, the soul exchange is made when the body is unconscious. It may happen during sleep, anesthesia in surgery, a near-death experience or trauma from an accident, illness, coma, concussion, emotional shock or a suicide attempt.

  • However, the NDE or event is not always necessary. The walk-in can occur even during napping, meditation or channeling.
  • Each soul exchange is a unique experience for the souls that walk-in/walk-out.
  • The incoming soul studies the Akashic records and the behaviors of the outgoing soul to master the physical body, personal lessons and karma of the person.

The soul transfer is much like major etheric surgery with teams of spirit guides helping both sides. The outgoing soul’s fiber must be removed from every cell of the physical body and the energetic bodies and replaced by the incoming soul’s fiber.

  • The transition period can take from 3 months to 6 years to complete, while the souls share the physical body in order to accomplish the major neurological rewiring.
  • Sometimes it’s easier for the original soul to leave by going through the death cycle to disengage from the body before the new soul finally takes over.

Entities of all levels and states of consciousness can be walk-ins, but they are not ascended masters. Some may be more evolved souls, but not always.

  • They are soul extensions (i.e. higher or lower frequency aspects or smaller shards) from the True Energetic Self at varying levels of spiritual awareness.
  • According to Ruth Montgomery (the first person to write about walk-ins), these famous people were walk-ins: Adolf Hitler, Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, Emanuel Swedenborg, Christopher Columbus, Moses, Quetzalcoatl and others.

What are the signs of a walk-in?

In most cases a walk-in is not consciously aware of the soul exchange, which makes the experience very disorienting. There are several signs, that may be immediate or gradual, that may indicate a walk-in event:

  • A person feels completely different or transformed. Someone who was depressed is suddenly cheerful and optimistic.
  • Someone who was in an NDE, coma or severely ill unexpectedly regains consciousness or is miraculously healed.
  • Sudden changes in career path, religious beliefs, home environment, style of clothing, mannerisms, talents, knowledge, spiritual or psychic abilities, interests, etc.
  • Feeling as if family members and friends are strangers. They may notice that you’re not the same and relationships may shift or end.
  • Memory loss or shift in memories, loss of time, dissociative states or disorders, etc.

More and more walk-ins are coming to Earth. There are many personal accounts of the walk-in experience and support groups available to walk-ins, including Yvonne Perry’s Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/WalkInEvolution.

All of us here on Earth are from someplace else and we are all multidimensional beings. We are here to do something to help humanity. It doesn’t matter whether you were born into a body or walked into a body. – Yvonne Perry


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