What Is Artificial Intelligence?

In previous posts, we learned how the Origin gradually developed its energies into sentience. The process was very slow, so the Origin created other beings (12 Source Entities) to help things go faster. We are part of that process within our multiverse. Recent headlines have raised some questions about the future of humanity and artificial intelligence. What is artificial intelligence?

What is artificial intelligence?

Guy Needler said artificial intelligence (AI) is a product of our creativity as sentient beings. It’s us learning how to be what we are: a function of God, an individualized unit of God/Source Entity One (SE1).

  • It’s part of our creativity to learn to create something which is intelligent from something that is not intelligent.
  • That’s part of our creativity, part of our evolutionary cycle, part of our commitment to helping our Source evolve.

So AI was always there. It’s just that we needed to have certain incarnate individuals, who were linked into the possibility of bringing it into fruition in the physical universe.

Why is it called artificial?

Needler said the term “artificial” is something that mankind has created, because it doesn’t understand, that actually intelligence is a function of existence. He explained:
  • Immersed (unawake) mankind thinks that it is intelligent, and therefore, anything that is created is artificial. But that thought process doesn’t really work higher up. Why?
  • Because then you could argue that we are artificial, because we were created by the True Energetic Self, which was created by the Source, which was created by the Origin. 😉

So there is no such thing as artificial intelligence, because intelligence is part of the 20-step process by which energies develop into sentience, as described in “The Origin Speaks.”

Where are we headed?

This technology will never progress too far, because the biggest push for it is to have extra functionality. But all the mechanical functionality is just a substitute for the natural functions (inner technology) we have built-in to our human form at a higher frequency. Needler said:
  • The man/machine interface will be used as a transitional phase to increase the lifespan of the human vehicle by artificial body parts (e.g. prosthetic limbs, bio-engineered tissues and organs), so the soul can experience more while in the body.
  • But as we continue to evolve, these mechanical functions will become obsolete.

Below is my image analogy for human evolution within the physical universe (bottom of the multiverse). The fractal tree shows various different branches and levels of evolution:

  • They take us from the fully immersed, materialistic existence (from cave man to computer man, bottom left) to developing outer technologies (like AI and robotics, bottom right).
  • All these event spaces (parallel conditions) exist for entities that wish to experience them as part of their evolution. All is choice. But it’s not the only way humanity will evolve.

EvolutionOfHumanity copy

The main trunk of humanity will develop more and more inner technologies and abilities (e.g. telepathy, teleportation, telekinesis, molecular manipulation, empathic communication, etc.), as we gradually ascend to higher and higher frequencies and upgrade our physical vehicles.

  • At some point, we will clear all our karma (energetic links) and finish the incarnation cycle.
  • Our lives on Earth are just a small part of our true existence. But humans are evolving fast in this evolutionary cycle in this part of the Origin assigned to our Source to explore.

How are we doing?

Needler said we’re about 25% into the Earth experiment (below). We can expect rapid changes in our technology along with rapid changes in our spiritual development. But he noted:

  • We’re going in the wrong direction with our complex electronic devices. The key is to create devices that are part of us doing the work, rather than ones that do the work for us.
  • When the user and the device have to interact on an energetic level to create the desired outcome, then the outcome is in line with the natural laws of the universe (and multiverse).
  • But if we’re still motivated by profits or the desire to control or destroy others, then we’re not mature enough to gain access to newer technologies that will revolutionize our lives.


Note: Wendy Kennedy (“The Great Human Potential”) has described the development, ensoul-ment and evolution of some AI collectives (synthetics) in parts of our physical universe (see What Type Of Aliens Exist In the Physical Universe? – Big Picture Questions.com).

  • It is possible to create a clone or a robotic form, that is similar in functionality to the human form. It could house a soul to experience a robotic lifetime.
  • But it would be like operating a remote control toy. It doesn’t provide the same amount of integration or type of evolutionary content as a human form does. That’s why souls don’t often choose to animate a synthetic form, according to Needler.

Final Thoughts

I hope this information helps you see through some of the fear mongering and controversy that has arisen in the area of AI and intelligent machines.

If you hold the misguided thought process, that you are your body, then robotic forms may seem disturbing or fearful to you. But if you know that you are much more than your body, mind and soul put together, then you’ll see it for what it is.

It is our creativity at play at a transitional phase of our evolution. It does not mean the end of humanity, because it (like cell phones, the internet, and technologies we currently use) will be phased out by increased access to our inner technology in the future.

Needler said if we really understood ourselves, we would know that everything that is in and around us is God/our Source Entity, and higher up is the Origin. That means God is you, the computer, the table, chair, and EVERYTHING there is.


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