What Is Ascension Flu?

In the previous post, we learned from our Source Entity that over the next few years the Aquarian Age will be accelerating forwards. The higher energies will affect all of humanity as well as the Earth itself and the localized area of the physical universe we’re existing within. What happens to our physical bodies? What is ascension flu?

What is ascension?

Guy Needler said every individual is on their own evolutionary path, which is based on their location within the multiverse. When we’re ascending, we’re moving up the frequencies, much like hiking up a hill. We do it at our own speed and in our own way based on our own choices.

  • We don’t increase our frequency as a group. But the company we keep does affect us. If you’re a higher frequency being than your spouse or children, you will help them raise their frequency just by your presence, which is called “ascension by association.”
  • Our ascension in frequency is usually so gradual, that we hardly notice any signs of it. We become normalized to it. But now that more people are starting to ascend, more of us may be noticing some unexplainable changes in our bodies, minds and lives.

What is ascension flu?

Our bodies are trying to keep up with the frequential changes. We’re trying to create a lighter body, so we can expand into higher frequencies and access the higher functions associated with them (e.g. increased intuition, mental telepathy). As Needler explained:

  • We are not shifting from carbon-based to crystalline light bodies, which would be of a lower frequency than we are now. Our bodies will go until they can’t go any further.
  • But we won’t be taking our bodies with us. There is no need for that.

It’s a bit like upgrading or customizing a car to make it do things better and faster while we’re here. But when we die, our soul leaves the car (human vehicle) behind and moves on.

What are the physical signs of ascension flu?

Our bodies are trying to adapt to the changes. But some people may develop “ascension flu” symptoms, which can come out of nowhere with no obvious injury or reason to explain them. These are summarized in the Figure below (click to enlarge):


These are all signs that the physical body’s energies are catching up with the ascending frequency of its soul/aspect. They will pass when equilibrium is reached (until the next wave). According to Needler, these are our spiritual, frequential or metaphysical “growing pains.”

What are the main psychological changes?

The physical changes are often accompanied by changes in the person’s thought processes or a shift in their whole view of life (like a “midlife crisis” at any age). They may become dissatis-fied with their material life and shift towards more spiritual thoughts and actions, such as:

  • Disliking daily news, disengaging from media hype (using observer self instead)
  • Being on an emotional roller coaster (sudden waves, whole range of emotions)
  • Inexplicable depression (when fully associated with the material world)
  • Being bored or dissatisfied with their current career
  • Wanting to leave stressful or even lucrative jobs
  • Being satisfied with just having enough, disinterested in status seeking or material things
  • Wanting to work in a spiritual discipline (e.g. healing, life coaching) or creative endeavors
  • Wanting to be of service to others, to feel more connectedness with others
  • Wanting to have clarity and simplicity in life
  • Wanting to use more natural procedures, foods or habits (e.g. yoga, meditation)
  • Moving away from lifelong friendships or any associations that hold you back spiritually

Some people may be “hit by a universal two-by-four,” which shakes them at their core and forces them to go through a dramatic life change (e.g. loss of job, relationship, health), which can disorient them for a while. But once they understand that the shake up was planned by their soul to shift them out of material immersion, then they’ll see how it served them.

How does the ego deal with ascension?

Needler said these changes are all signs that the ego (transient personality that exists while we are incarnate) is losing its control. The ego is in survival mode all the time. He explained:

  • The ego knows that when the incarnation is finished, it disappears. So the ego keeps us thinking that we are our physical body and nothing else. That anchors us down here.
  • But if we work with higher frequency desires, intentions, thoughts, behaviors, and actions, then the energetic side of us moves upwards in frequency beyond the ego.

These two opposing thought processes create the evolutionary tension that is manifest as “ascension flu” symptoms. The severity of the symptoms may vary from time to time.

  • If we are attracted to lower frequency existence in any way, shape or form, the symptoms will be more intense. This includes all lower energetic karmic attachments we still have.
  • But if we are more accepting of what we are, lose the association with the human form, while still maintaining our responsibilities here, then we’ll be less affected.

That is not to say it is easy. We have to continuously work on ourselves. It’s a 24/7 operation to make sure we’re working in a way that ensures we’re always progressing in our role here.

“To be able to be here, to be in the physical but not of the physical, IS the hardest task that we will ever face whilst we’re incarnate.” Guy Needler

Final Thoughts

We are now at an interesting juncture in history, since humanity as a whole has recently shifted from the young soul (dominance-oppression-victim) paradigm to the mature soul (compassion-engagement-empowerment) paradigm. This shift is also reflected in individuals.

We have to be kind but vigilant to constantly remind ourselves, that certain thought processes, behaviors and actions are egotistical, i.e. us in the physical body being immersed in the physical body vs. us being in the physical body but not being of the physical, as Needler put it.

Ram Dass wrote about this in “Polishing the Mirror” (see What Is Old and New About Meditation? – Big Picture Questions.com):

“These days I see myself as a soul who has taken incarnation in a body that suffered a stroke. So while my ego thought I was a person with a stroke, that suffering pushed me into my soul, which witnesses or watches the incarnation.”

He realized that he is in this incarnation to learn about his soul. Along the way he’s also learned about strokes, broken hips and pain throughout his body. But he doesn’t identify with the pains he lists for his doctors. He identifies with being a witness of pain – not as the pain, but living with the pain, as a vehicle for awakening.

Needler said when we think we’ve advanced to a certain level of spirituality, we start to relax, and that’s when the ego fights back. Even spiritual leaders, gurus or yogis may become egotistical, and start to believe they are better than everybody else, have power over others or abuse their position. No one is beyond having to work on themselves. We’re all a work in progress. 😉

“Stay Light, Be Light, Light the way for others.” – Guy Needler


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