What Is Event Space Or Parallel Environments?

In a previous post, we discovered that “time” is really a series of now moments or event points that are stringed together, like the still frames of a film strip to create the illusion of “time” going forwards (future) or backwards (past). All event points exist simultaneously, just like your past, current and future lives do. Your reality is based on which frame you choose to focus your consciousness on. What is event space or parallel environments?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

This is a famous paradox, which you’ll be able to answer by the end of this post.


What is event space?

Guy Needler (“The History of God”) said: “Time doesn’t exist. What exists is event space.” He explained that time is better described as spherical and holographic event space. It could be illustrated as a “sphere of time” with an infinite number of event points on the surface and inside the sphere (below).

  • In terms of “time,” this means that everything that has ever happened (past), is happening (present) or will ever happen (future) are all happening at the same time, which is right now.


  • In terms of “space,” this means that events in physical space, higher frequency nonphysical space, dimensional space, and levels higher up are all happening together at the same time.

That means time and space are overlapping and simultaneous event points.

You could “time travel” to any point in time, in any dimension, in any frequency you want. You could experience it all at the same point OR from all different points of view. That is if you had the mental capacity or level of perception to do so. Most of us don’t.

When was event space created?

Needler said event space is a specialized semi-sentient energetic functionality. It was there before the Origin itself became self-aware and before it created the Source Entities. Event space is a function of the Origin/The All/Absolute. That means:

  • Event space is intelligent self-aware energy, that is independent of sentience. Event space doesn’t specifically need an entity to create it.
  • It pervades all that is—all of the Origin, all of its environment and all of its creations.
  • It can be created externally to the creative intention of a sentient or non-sentient but intelligent entity.

Event space is itself a product. It creates itself by being attracted to the possibility of a change in an environment. Event space has nothing to do with the basic structure of our multiverse, which is a static construct created by our Source Entity.

How is event space created?

As Needler explained, event space can be created wherever there is an opportunity for choice or the need for a decision or choice point (below). That opportunity can exist in all frequencies and all dimensions. Image from: Montalk.net


  • As we move through our existence, whichever location or frequency band we are in, whoever or whatever we interact with, we create an event space (like a bubble) around it.
  • All the different parallel environments are manifest or brought into reality by the semi-sentient energetic function of Event space that pervades everything.

Event spaces are temporary structures that can fractally multiply or contract in numbers very quickly. They occur wherever there are possible possibilities and the possibility of possible possibilities that surround the dualistic, trialistic, quadrulistic, etc. conditions.

What is the purpose of event space?

Event space is used by entities to understand that which is the cause and effect of various things. – Guy Needler

We experience things in a series of events, that are constantly interlinked and totally interactive. We can move from one event space to another depending on what we do and how we do it.

  • We get feedback from event spaces that play it out totally. Then we subconsciously act on that information.
  • We may think it’s our intuition or gut instinct. But it’s actually based on a “what if scenario” that didn’t work out. Sometimes our guides or helpers make sure we don’t go that way.

What happens with indecision vs. strong intention?

When we have a lot of choices in front of us, we tend to get “analysis paralysis” or have indecision or self-doubt about what to do.

  • Self-doubt creates limiting thoughts, which create multiplication of parallel conditions.
  • It’s best to make a decision, stick with it and just do it to avoid unnecessary parallelisms.
  • If the result is not to your liking, you can always try something else.

Event space goes where your intention is.

  • When you focus on your initial decision, you give it energy, perpetuate it and play it out faster to see the result of that decision.
  • When you focus on the “what ifs/could’ve/should’ve” scenarios, you are giving those parallel states energy, which creates multiplicity that wastes your True Energetic Self’s energy.

How does event space look?

According to Needler, eventually all these event spaces multiply and branch out like a tree (like the two decision trees shown below).

  • There could be several thousand parallel versions of “you” experiencing several thousand variations of a scenario. But the numbers can shrink down just as fast.

circuit tree black new how-to-fight-uncertainty-1-e1353942281842

  • When you focus your intention on a specific series of decision points (shown as thicker branches), the other branches become less prominent or evolutionary dead ends, because your intention is no longer behind them. Those branches collapse back to the main trunk.

Note that you will exist in certain localized (to you) and group (e.g. local or global) and collective (e.g. galactic, universal) parallel conditions, depending on your choices.

But you have free will, so you can also choose not to be drawn into a particular group or collective event space. You can remove yourself from its karmic influence (if it has to do with low frequency intentions, thoughts or actions).

Can event space be reversed or collapsed?

You can reverse event space, which happens when you change your mind and go the opposite way.


Event space convergence happens, when all decision processes come to an end. That’s when all the branches converge back to the main trunk, which represents the main direction of your life.

What happens to event space with evolution?

When we have evolved to the point, where we go beyond the need to incarnate in these dense physical bodies, we can move into successively higher frequency levels within and beyond the physical universe. Needler said:

  • At that point, we will have more functionality, more ability to manipulate energy, and more remembrance of who we really are.
  • As a result, there will be a slimming down of event spaces, because we’ll make more educated decisions.
  • We’ll work with event space more effectively, so we won’t have to play out so many “what if scenarios.”

What is the final answer to the paradox?

In the Greater Reality the chicken and the egg can and do exist concurrently, before and after each other. In this way, the one can create the other without the need for the other’s prior and linear existence. – Guy Needler (The Origin Speaks)

images Answer: Both

The chicken and the egg coexist simultaneously in various event spaces, just like you and other parallel versions of you, who are using event space to learn about the cause and effect of things.

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