What Is Meant By Ancestral Karma?

Here is a question I asked in the June 24, 2017 Satsanga with Guy Needler about “ancestral karma.” Most of us have heard about the “sins of the father” visiting the children and the children’s children down to the third and the fourth generation. This belief is widespread in several religions (World Scripture – KARMA AND INHERITED SIN), but is more common in traditions that don’t believe in reincarnationWhat is meant by ancestral karma?

Question: Would you tell us if ancestral issues or karma (from parents, grandparents or generations before) are “scripted” into our physical or energetic form or blueprint in some way?

Guy Needler’s Comment:

“We know that we have things to work out as a function of previous incarnations, and that can be either group karma or individualized karma.

So if we want to think of it in terms of ourselves working with different things that we’ve experienced in the past from an individual perspective, then anything that can be classified as being ancestral, i.e. our previous lives, is relevant to our own karma.

If however we’ve accrued group karma, and that is also from previous lives together, and maybe the group karma has been accrued with how we’ve worked with and interfaced with our parents, grandparents or other generations of families, for instance — because sometimes we do work with each other over various different sets of incarnations — and sometimes we have to work out the group karma together.

So we do get individuals, who incarnate together or within a family, if for instance the souls within those bodies that could be our parents or that could be our grandparents have incarnated in those bodies or even walked-in to allow the group karma to be worked off, so to speak, then that’s the only way you’re going to get anything “ancestral” in terms of karma. Generally, karma is individualized, and it is also “group-ized,” so to speak.

But in terms of us picking up stuff from other people that we’ve not interfaced with, the answer is no. So if our parents or grandparents or other ancestors from previous generations have their own karma, we wouldn’t be working off their karma for them in general.
And so they’re not “scripted” into our physical or energetic form in any way from that perspective. This is something, which is misinterpreted through humanizing things.

The fact that they’re potentially our parents or not, as the case may be, is immaterial. It’s the fact that those individuals may have a karmic link with us either from an individual position, or a group position, and that’s the only thing with it.

We don’t take on board somebody else’s karma unless we want to be of service in some way, and that’s a completely different thing.

And it wouldn’t necessarily mean that they’re our parents or grandparents, it could be associates at work or in our social lives, or anywhere else in a position where we exist, where we incarnate.”


In a previous Satsanga (July 12, 2014), Needler gave an example of how souls can serve each other within a multigenerational family setting. He explained:

Karma doesn’t come through DNA from parents to children. There is no such thing as passing down karma as such. But souls may decide to incarnate in a family to collectively work on some form of karma. They make the agreement within the energetic side. For example:

  • If a soul is struggling to dissipate a certain piece of karma (e.g. addiction to drugs or alcohol), they can plan a family link, where they’re shown an example of the problem involving three generations (e.g. grandfather, father, son).
  • They all choose to experience the same karmic force, so that the son sees the grandfather and the father experiencing the same thing they’re experiencing.
  • This gives the son a bit of a heads up or an outsider’s view of how the karma is affecting the grandfather and the father, what their desires, behaviors and actions are like, and what emotional link keeps them in the karmic loop, etc.

When it comes to the son, he may decide to resist addiction, or get addicted and then move away from the addiction, so that his karmic link is broken. The souls playing the grandfather and the father were serving the son by showing him the karmic link, so he could progress.

We tend to forget that the son may have a thousand (or more) parallel selves experiencing things in different event spaces in different ways, where some routes will break the karmic link faster than others. But the karmic link needs to be dissipated in ALL those event spaces to clear it totally.

Needler said this is what makes it a huge holistic learning package all at the same time. The combination of experiencing and learning creates so-called “minor evolution” for the soul and “major evolution” for the True Energetic Self.

Note: All emphasis is mine.

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