What Is Meant By Nowness?

Here is a great set of questions asked by a participant in the October 28, 2017 World Satsanga with Guy Needler. The questions focused on the illusion of time in relation to events in one life or concurrent lives. Needler’s answers help us understand the “nowness” of events in a deeper way. What is meant by nowness?

What is meant by nowness?

If time is an illusion, then it seems that there would be no sequence to events as they all occur at the same “time.” If so, why is it we experience events in sequence? 

Guy Needler: “It’s because we’re in a low frequency environment, and because we’re in a low frequency environment and we are detached from our True Energetic Self, the combination of sentience and energy, we aren’t able to operate in a higher frequency. And when we can’t operate in a higher frequency, we can’t observe things in the complete functional manner that we’re supposed to, so we see things as a series of events rather than a collective of events.

Image: Illustration of only a few parallel lives (event streams) in one lifetime.*

Multiply this by ALL the concurrent (past/present/future) lifetimes in the Now.

Now as we see things and events in a sequence, we see the sequence of going from A to B, B to C, C to D. And it’s simply a function of being low frequency and of being in a position, where we are locked in this low frequency and unable to move to a higher frequency, where things do show themselves in their true nature, so to speak. So we see things in a sequence of events, because it’s associated with low frequency.

And also it’s part of the constraints and the functions of the physical universe being low frequency, that we experience things in a way which are not holistic, so to speak. They’re not particularly available to us in anything other than a series of events or a sequence of events, that are linear. We see things in a linear fashion, because that’s the only way we can see things and we can experience things. That’s what that is.”

If we indeed experience a life review upon leaving the body and if time is an illusion and what we are experiencing in this life is event space, then is it possible that what we are experiencing in this life is actually the life review?

GN: “That’s a very good question. And in actuality, if you look at it from the bigger perspective, then we are experiencing this life, previous lives, future lives, the life reviews, the analysis of the lives, the working with the guides and helpers, the working with the other individual souls or Aspects of True Energetic Selves and the other True Energetic Selves to look at other incarnate experiences and other experiences within different aspects of the multiverse all concurrently as well. So everything should be considered to be experienced concurrently rather than just saying that we are actually just experiencing the life review.

So in actuality, we’re experiencing everything, so we probably can say that one particular aspect of what I’ve just said would be that yes, we could be experiencing the life review, but in actual fact, if we go from a higher perspective, we’re experiencing everything concurrently anyway. It’s a very good question that, but it’s slightly limiting, because it’s saying that we’re experiencing one thing at a time, but we’re not, we’re experiencing everything at the time, which I know this particular individual understands. So it’s good for other people to understand that if we consider one thing from a bigger picture, we have to consider everything in the bigger picture, and not just isolate one particular item in terms of concurrent experience rather than linear experience.”

If we are here to accrue evolutionary content and time is an illusion, then all such content is already known, as it has already been accrued — if so, what is the point of it all?

GN: “The point of it is to be within the points of accrual and experience them — being in the thick of it, so to speak. To be in the point, where there is no observation of what is to be, what could be, what should be, what has been, what will be and what the possibilities are associated with it. So it’s to do with experiencing exactly linearity and being in that linearity.

Ziggy (comic strip) – Wikipedia

Our natural position or our natural function is to be in everything concurrently. And so being in everything concurrently is one particular experience, what we naturally are, but being in something linearly is divorcing ourselves from our natural condition and is a harder position to experience. And so we do it to experience basically, to experience a limitation, and that’s the point of it basically.”

If time is an illusion, then how are we to think about the thermodynamic concept of entropy (i.e. the degradation of the matter and energy in the universe to an ultimate state of inert uniformity), as entropy seems to be a function of time. The human body experiences entropy in the form of aging — but how so, if there is no time? 

GN: “The human body experiences entropy, because we are programmed to experience entropy. Everything we see, do, hear and experience whilst we are incarnate is programming us to kill our human body, to make it grow from being young to adolescent to adult maturity to middle age to decrepitude, because everything tells us that that’s what’s going to happen. So we program our human body to do that.

The thermodynamic concept of entropy is limited to experiencing the physical universe in the first three frequencies. Scientists call the first three a dimension, but in my understanding it’s the first three frequencies. And so what we see is matter either being created or energy being created and then experiencing some level of transformation — for instance, a chemical reaction or an energetic reaction that creates something, that then disappears, because it’s spent, it’s burned out.

But what we don’t experience at this particular frequency level is that that matter changes and goes into a different state in a different frequential level. So there is no entropy as such, there is just conversion from one state to another, from one frequency to another. And again this function of entropy is based upon the observation of what we can see, experience with our current physical means of detecting things, which is also the human eye and all of our telescopes and everything else and scientific instruments.

But it doesn’t take into account higher frequential levels, where things change into. So all we see is things being created and disappearing, and that’s a function of linearity, and therefore, a function of what we would call “time” rather than a function of everything being concurrently available in the same space, but changing its form or changing its state.”

Here is the full transcript of this Satsanga: World Satsanga 28 10 2017

Take a cue from your dog! 🙂

*Addendum: If you do the math with the assumption that your True Energetic Self (Higher Self/Oversoul) is probably overseeing 300,000+ concurrent lives, and that each of those lives can have 200-100,000+ parallel incarnations (that are transient, rapidly expanding and contracting in event space), then your True Energetic Self could be dealing with over 30 billion lives at the same time (equivalent to the population of 4 Earths)! As an incarnate soul (or smaller aspect projected from the True Energetic Self), we don’t have the volume of sentience (“processing power”) to handle that amount of “nowness,” which is why we stick to linearity here on Earth. 😉

Note: All emphasis and images are mine.

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