What Is Meant By Oneness?

In the previous post, we learned about the philosophy of “Ubuntu,” which speaks about our interconnectedness as people. But some people are leery about the idea of “oneness,” believing it diminishes their own power, or represents a ploy to establish a one-world government, mind control or an oppressive system (e.g. communism, transhumanism). What is meant by Oneness?

What is meant by oneness?

There are many levels and layers of oneness, based on our understanding of the Greater Reality. Guy Needler has described how the Origin developed and created 12 Source Entities, each with unique creative and investigative powers to expand the Origin’s area of sentience.

  • We’re all made of the same sentient (self-aware) energies as the Origin and our Source. That is a fundamental type of oneness that runs through all creation and all entities.
  • Our Source (SE1/God) created a multiverse and individualized sentient units of itself called True Energetic Selves (TES/Oversouls). That is who we really are.

The Source is like a “super-super TES” and too big to explore the multiverse. That’s why our TES are sent out to explore and evolve through all 397 universes in one evolutionary cycle.

  • Similarly, the TES are too big to explore the bottom or physical universe. They send out many individualized sentient units called aspects or souls to incarnate at that level.
  • After evolving through the physical universe, the souls reintegrate with their TES, but retain their individualism or their own level of “specialism” gained from experience.
  • After evolving through the whole multiverse, the TES reintegrate with our Source, but also retain their individuality. Then a new cycle starts in another spot of the Origin.

“When you realize that everything is you and you are everything, and all the individual people out there…are also smaller versions of a bigger entity that created you.

And everything around you is you, including the tables and the chairs, the clothes that we wear and everything else, then we start to have a profound understanding that we’re all in Oneness.” – Guy Needler

What are the Founders?

Needler said the Founders were the first incarnate vehicles to be used within the physical universe. They are collectives that never went down to the lowest frequencies like we did, because they were not given individualized free will. Image: Founder (“The Prism of Lyra”).


They are very high frequency beings, that are beyond gaseous, even though they are still physical, since they exist within the physical universe. As an incarnate vehicle, they stayed at frequency bands 10, 11, and 12, where they still exist and move around.

What other types of collectives are there?

A “collective” is defined as a group, coalition or hive. Needler described four major types of collectives in “Beyond the Source – Book 2:”

  1. Basic collective: the individual unit does not have any personal sentience or any form of singular thought; the unit functions under the control of a collective mind via a collective interface; singular units cannot survive on their own (e.g. pre-programmed automatons).
  2. Collective units of singular sentience: each individual unit has its own sentience, but the unit works for the good of the group collective, and needs the group to survive; some individual units can split off to form smaller group collectives, but do not seek individual-ized work (e.g. insect colonies on Earth, Star Trek “Borg” collective, Source Entity 11).
  3. Separately together collective: individualized units have personal sentience, thought processes and creativity; they can work individually or as a collective, but are always in contact and communication with each other (e.g. galactic races with collective will).
  4. Temporary collective: individualized units work “in metaconcert” to create a synergetic effect (“Power of One”) that increases the group’s power exponentially, compared to working outside metaconcert (see How Does Triangulation Help Our Evolution? – Big Picture Questions.com).


According to Needler, most galactic races operate as separately together collectives. They have individual sentience but collective will, because they are constantly linked to each other.

  • Unlike humans, they do not have individualized free will to make their own personal choices, which we’ve shown to be the fastest way to evolve.
  • After our soul aspects go back to where we started (frequency bands 13-14), the galactic beings still working in the physical universe will be given individualized free will, too.
  • They will be held accountable for their own actions for the first time in their incarnations. But they will learn pretty fast, because they already know how their decisions and actions impact others in the collective, based on their previous experience.

They also have more connectivity with Source at higher frequencies, so they know they can never die and that they’re not their body. But humans are the way-showers for the galactics.

“You have total free will, which is rare, and so with this comes even bigger responsibility for yourself and your actions. You have to find your way home without sign posts or GPS navigation, so to speak.” – Source (via Guy Needler)

Final Thoughts

In our multiverse, there are True Energetic Selves that work together (e.g. Council of 12) at higher frequencies, and numerous soul aspects that collaborate on galactic councils, group entities and collectives all across the physical universe at many frequency levels.

There is even a Source Entity (SE11) that operates like a big synergetic computer, and some collectives that are the size of our physical universe. All this and more exists within the Origin.

From our human perspective, we may feel small or vulnerable to certain forces external to us. But in reality we are the only beings with individualized free will. That means we are in the driver’s seat like nobody else. We get to choose where to put our personal desires, intentions, thought processes and actions, and to see the results of our choices and evolve from them.

But that happens only when we start to OWN ourselves, to better ourselves, to control our-selves, instead of somebody else controlling us (e.g. advertisements, subliminal messages, negative thought processes, etc.). Needler said we need to make sure that we own our energy, instead of just letting it exist.

To do that, we need to be present in the now, grounded in our body and heart centered to create our own portal or connection to Source, as Wendy Kennedy said. Once we do that, everything else takes care of itself. 🙂

“You are living in a dream of your own creation. Own it, claim it, bless it, be thankful for it.” – Neale Donald Walsch

Oxygen Volume 14

“Life has everything to do with you. But with Big You, not with Little You; with Universal You, not with Local You. There is only One of us.” – Neale Donald Walsch

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