What Is Meant By Soul Age?

We have learned how our souls can incarnate into various physical vehicles to experience, learn and evolve in many different places in the physical universe. On Earth, we incarnate into human bodies with specific life plans to learn about emotions, duality and individualized free will. We may repeat this over hundreds or thousands of lifetimes. What is meant by soul age?

How does humanity evolve?

Earth and the living beings on it are evolving entities. Depending on when and where we come to the planet, we can experience five different soul age paradigms here. For example:

  • In the ancient past, most human lifetimes were focused on physical survival as “infant souls.” There are still a few tribal groups (5% of humans) having that experience.
  • Thousands of years later, people started learning about rules, order and security when they lived in larger groups and formed civilizations. This is the “baby soul” stage (20%).
  • The lifetimes that followed were focused on accumulating power and dominating the environment as “young souls.” About 25% of the global population fits in this category.
  • Then people incarnated here as “mature souls” to focus on deep emotions, relationships and building consensus. About 35% of the people in our world have this orientation.
  • Later with advanced experience accumulated on Earth and elsewhere, more people could come here as “old souls,” which make up 15% of the present population (Figure, below).

The soul age concept describes the maturation process of a person within a single lifetime. But it also reflects how humanity as a whole progresses. The relative proportions of different soul ages in humanity’s distant past, present and the future are shown in the Figure (below).


According to José Stevens, half of the global population today is made of infant (5%), baby (20%) and young (25%) souls. The other half is made of mature (35%) and old (15%) souls.

  • We shifted from the baby to young soul age 2,000 years ago (ushered in by Jesus). We’ve recently shifted from the young to mature soul age as the dominant paradigm on Earth.
  • The soul age paradigms occur in succession. They are cumulative and incorporate the lessons of the prior ages, as individual and collective consciousness continues to expand.
  • In the future, we’ll have more egalitarian mature (40%) and intuitive old (60%) souls on the planet. They are more inwardly focused than the earlier soul ages that will disappear.

Table 1 (click to enlarge) briefly summarizes the major characteristics of the five soul ages, which are prevalent in various parts of the world today (see Featured Image):


Note: A person may manifest different maturation levels around different issues. For example, an old soul may be controlling (baby) around money, or achievement oriented (young) around his business, but acting his true age around his marriage, accepting the ups and downs of life.

How do countries or families reflect soul ages?

Different countries provide different types of experiences for the soul’s growth. Most countries have a mix of people with one or two predominant soul ages. For example, baby souls tend to incarnate where organized religions are prominent (e.g. Latin or Muslim countries), whereas young souls are drawn to where they can impact the outer world (see Soul Age By Country).

This mix is also reflected in families. For example, a large family in South America may have mature soul parents with nine children, who are a mix of two young souls, five mature souls and two old souls, who are imprinted by both the parents and the country they grow up in.

What is meant by soul age?

Guy Needler said there is no such thing as an old soul or a young soul, because we are all created at the same time by our Source. It is the evolutionary content, which is different.

  • As we experience, learn and evolve, our souls gain evolutionary content and ascend in frequency. The “soul ages” describe progression of the soul in frequency, not in age.
  • But our lifetimes are not experienced in linear time or just on planet Earth. We have both sequential lives and parallel lives happening at the same time, all contributing to the progression of our soul/aspect, which is part of our True Energetic Self (Oversoul).
  • Our evolution is reflected by the level of our True Energetic Self in the multiverse, not by the soul age we’ve chosen to play in a lifetime on Earth. We could choose to be a caveman in one life and a transdimensional manipulator in another life at another frequency level (How Does Reincarnation Work? – Big Picture Questions.com).

The soul can be projected whenever and wherever in any event space that could be created. But the human vehicle rises in frequency in a linear fashion gaining higher functionality until we ascend out of the physical universe and won’t have to incarnate in any form. Then we’ll continue to evolve in the energetic part of the multiverse until we reintegrate with our Source.

Final Thoughts

I hope you have a better understanding of “soul age,” given that there is no such thing as “time.” We incarnate into various event spaces at the level that our soul has chosen to experience, both for ourselves and for the souls we have contracts with in that lifetime.

We are here at an interesting juncture in history, since collective humanity has recently shifted from the young soul (dominance-oppression-victim) paradigm to mature soul (compassion-engagement-empowerment) paradigm, as described by Cocconi and others.

All five soul ages are still being represented on the planet, often in conflict with one another, because their world views and values differ. Nevertheless, we’re evolving quite rapidly.

“The new era resulting will be more egalitarian, more ecologically minded, more respectful of the needs and concerns of everyone. The younger souls will find this hard to swallow at first until they get used to the fact that less violence actually feels better.

Not until the world is dominated by old soul values will the world become a much easier place to live in…and then the planet will be quite an extraordinary place to live with many avatars and masters living among the populace.” – José Stevens


Reincarnation is real, but it happens in event space (“no time”), not in linear time.

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