What Is New About Planets and Galaxies?

Previously, we learned about the evolution and functions of mineral entities that are just starting to gain their sentience. Now I’d like to integrate the earlier work with some new information from Guy Needler’s sixth book (“The Anne Dialogues”) to expand our understanding of how these entities really work. What is new about planets and galaxies? 

How were the universes created?

In Needler’s “Beyond the Source—Book 1,” our Source Entity explained how it created multiple simultaneous universes, i.e. a static multiverse structure within itself. It simply gave each area the intention and purpose to become a universe, and allowed it to take whatever form suited it.

  • Each universe has the power to manipulate itself, because it is part of the sentience of Source. It could settle on whatever frequencies, dimensions and conditions it wanted to exist in singularity or separateness from the rest of the multiverse.
  • But the multiverse itself is not expanding—it has always been the same volume it is now.

Some areas took a physical form within the lowest 12 frequencies of the multiverse to become the physical universe that we are incarnated in right now (see Featured Image, above).

  • The galaxies are the physical representation of what some universes have created within themselves. Some of these areas started moving away from each other to give themselves space, so as not be influenced by each other. That explains their movement in space.
  • But not all galaxies are represented on all 12 frequency levels. Some may exist on levels 6-12, or only on level 7, for instance. Galaxies modify themselves to allow entities to evolve.
  • We only see about 25% of the physical universe, since we’re at the bottom of it (at frequency bands 1-3). We can’t see the additional content in the rest of this universe (at FB 4-12), which to us looks like mostly black space with so-called “dark matter” and “dark energy.”

According to Needler, there is no dark matter or dark energy. If we were able to see ALL the levels of content at all 12 frequency bands that make up the physical universe, we would see it as almost solid and packed with content that would appear white (higher frequency) to us.

What is new about planets and galaxies?

In “The Anne Dialogues,” Needler wondered if a whole True Energetic Self (TES/Oversoul) would run the risk of creating “TES-sized karma” by entering into the evolutionary cycle. He was told:

  • A TES may choose to remain whole, when it is involved in making major changes to a universal environment, which takes all of its sentient energies (not just a small Aspect of it).
  • For example, a whole TES could be the sentience behind a number of larger bodies, such as galaxies. That means one TES could split its sentience into many galaxies that work with their wards, the stars (suns), that in turn work with their wards, the planets. 
  • But they also work with the Curators, a large group of TES that maintain their structure optimal, or move planets around, or do whatever is needed in this multiverse cycle.

All these bodies are part of the structure of our Source Entity (and the Origin), and therefore, they are sentient by default. It’s just that they’re not given individuality like our souls have in a human vehicle. They provide the playground for myriad entities (like us) to evolve within them.

Where did the Earth and Moon come from?

In “The Origin Speaks,” Needler wrote that planetary bodies have been moved many times from one location to another within the physical universe. That’s how the Earth and the Moon got to where they are now. How? The entities called the Curators moved them. He explained:

  • There is an area within the physical universe, which is very good at supporting life-bearing environments. The area is a galaxy that is about 23 galaxies away from the Milky Way galaxy. The Earth and the Moon were moved from that area to our solar system.
  • The Earth had the correct environment for an incarnate vehicle of our density (frequency) to exist. Our current location was the best place for us to experience individualized free will without affecting the other areas in our galaxy (with collective will of one type or another).

The Moon was also brought across to protect the Earth, and to create certain monomagnetic, sub- and intramagnetic functions, that allow certain atomic structures to exist in the human form. We’d be in trouble without the Moon, as observed by scientists (The Moon thought to play a major role in maintaining Earth’s magnetic field – CNRS Web site – CNRS).

Does the Earth have a soul?

The Earth and the Moon are part of the overall structure of the multiverse. Although they are individualized parts of Source, they do not have a True Energetic Self or a “soul” (Aspect) in their own right, according to Needler.

  • They have a level of energy and intelligence associated with them. But they’re not in the same energetic genre or role as we are, i.e. created to experience, learn and evolve.
  • They’re simply part of the overall structure that is being used for our experience, learning and subsequent evolution. So they’re part of a lower form of being of service to others, and they evolve from that (see How Do Entities Progress? – Big Picture Questions.com).

The Earth exists as a “panfrequential being,” which means there is more than one Earth. We live on the lowest version of the Earth (at FB 1-3). But there are 9 other versions of the Earth, one at each of the higher frequencies (FB 4-12). Needler explained:

“That doesn’t mean that this Earth disappears and a new one is created. It’s just that the higher up the frequencies we go—and that’s the same for the physical universe—there is more content to see.”

What is different about Saturn?

Here is another shocker. Needler said the planet we call Saturn is not a planet as such. It is not part of the physical aspect of our solar system in real terms. What is it then? He said:

  • It’s an image that is used to disguise a portal or a way station, where individuals can observe this particular location in this part of the galaxy without being spotted.
  • We are being given an image to see, not specifically a hologram. There are beings in that area, because they are using it as a portal (see below).

Scientists have captured images of Saturn with a double hexagon over the north pole, and a hurricane-like vortex at the south pole (below, click to enlarge).


“We haven’t seen a (geometric) feature like this anywhere else on any other planet. It’s unbelievable.” – Kevin Baines (Cassini scientist, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, see Saturn Hexagon Mystifies Scientists)

Clearly, we have a lot more to learn in terms of science, compared to spiritual science:

“If you want to go learn about structure, the economy of action, how to create with as little energy as possible, meaning in the most efficient, economical way, you’re not wasting energy, you’re being really efficient, the alchemical process, you’re going to work with beings on Saturn.” – Wendy Kennedy (Home – Higher Frequencies)

Hopefully, we’ll hear more about Saturn and other mind-bending things in Needler’s next book called “The Curators” that will describe the functions of these various entities in more detail.

Final Thoughts

I hope this post gives you a more expansive view of our physical universe, and all the structures and entities that work with it—some to maintain it and others to evolve within it. That is quite amazing in itself—not to mention the movement of planetary bodies from one galaxy to another, which has been done previously, as the Origin said:

“Yes, many times within the higher frequencies of the physical universe and obviously more than once in the lower frequencies, specifically when it would have been detrimental to leave a planet in a location that would mean its usefulness was terminated before its time.” – Guy Needler (“The Origin Speaks”)

These words are comforting to most people, and serve to remind us of the much grander multiverse cycle, of which the physical universe experience is just a small part. Our True Energetic Selves have to evolve through ALL the universal environments, all the frequential levels and parallel conditions that are part of this multiverse and part of our Source in order to expand the Origin’s area of sentience. That’s our real job!

We are sentient creator beings in training. Energy is just a tool we use.


“Today’s spiritual science is tomorrow’s hard science.” – Guy Needler

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