What Is Our True Energetic Self?

Most humans on Earth are unaware that we are eternal beings. Only a small part of our true being is projected into the physical body, which is simply a vehicle that allows us to experience life at the lower levels of our multiverse. What is our True Energetic Self?

I believe it when I see it?

Most people believe they are their body, their ego. mind or soul. But we are much more than all those put together. The problem is that when we occupy a human body, we lose most of our connection with our True Energetic Self, which is who we really are.

“It would be as if your little toe forgot that it was part of the body. But the rest of your body knows that the toe is part of it.” – Wendy Kennedy

It’s like going from having 5 million channels in our true energetic form to only 5 channels (our senses) in our physical form on Earth.

  • Humans only see about 25% of what’s actually there in the physical universe. Our physical eyes cannot see any of the higher energetic universes within the multiverse.
  • We can’t rely on our eyes or limited devices to measure what exists beyond our reality.


How were we created?

The Origin (Absolute/The All) is a vast tract of amorphous space, most of which is unmapped, so even the Origin doesn’t know how big it is or what all it can be. To investigate itself, the Origin split itself into 12 Source Entities, which are smaller units of the Origin.

  • One of the Source Entities (SE1) became our creator (“God”). SE1 created the structure of our multiverse and the entities (like us) to populate it.
  • Our Source expanded itself by creating countless smaller versions or individualized sentient units of itself, one of which represents our True Energetic Self (TES).
  • The True Energetic Self has been called by many names: Oversoul, Monad, Godhead, Supersoul, Higher Self, etc. That much bigger being is who we truly are.
  • Our TES can choose to experience all or part or none of the multiverse. As it evolves, it moves up the multiverse from one full dimension to the next in a linear fashion.

Most TES’s (88%) remain disincarnate in the energetic side. Only 12% of TES’s choose to incarnate in the physical universe to experience the lowest frequencies as well as all the higher frequencies in the purely energetic parts of the multiverse (see Where Do Human and Other Souls Come From? – Big Picture Questions.com).

What is our True Energetic Self?

The TES can project one or more (up to a maximum of 12) souls or aspects of itself anywhere in the multiverse in a random fashion (see below). They tend to be projected to the physical universe, which is the bottom of the multiverse, where we can learn and evolve faster. Why? Because it’s harder to exist in the lower frequencies.


These soul aspects can occupy a human form or any other form (alien/other “formless” but still physical entities) to experience a particular environment as a living being.

  • Generally, our souls do not incarnate into lower forms, such as animals, plants or minerals, because they don’t offer the same range of experiences that we can have in human or higher forms.
  • The TES keeps 70% of its total sentient energies within itself higher up in the multiverse to maintain its individuality.
  • But the other 30% can be projected outside of the TES as Aspects (souls), that incarnate in the physical universe OR work elsewhere in the multiverse.
  • Each Aspect can also expand itself by projecting up to 30% of its total sentience into a maximum of 12 Shards (sub-souls or smaller fragments) of itself to have additional “subincarnations” as a small soul group.

Therefore, the TES could experience up to 144 lives concurrently, but that doesn’t happen. Why? Because our soul uses another energetic function called “event space” or parallelism to experience things in parallel environments. In each lifetime, every soul has numerous parallel lives that contribute to its overall experiences that allow it to evolve faster.

How does it work?

Here is a diagram I prepared to summarize our how Source Entity and True Energetic Self (TES) work together to investigate the unmapped parts of the Origin (click to enlarge).

  • The TES has projected four Aspects or souls (labeled Aspect 1-4) into the physical universe.
  • Aspect 2 has projected five Shards or sub-souls of itself to explore things in more detail. The shards occupy physical bodies in different locations and frequencies.
  • The “stand-alone shards” have more sentient energy content, while the “fractional shards” have less sentience, which limits its incarnate abilities.

Godhead copy 2 copy

The bottom of the diagram shows numerous parallel lives that occur in event space, which is used to figure out all possible “what if scenarios” at every choice point to learn about the cause and effect of things (see How Does Event Space Change Your Perspective On Life? – Big Picture Questions.com).

Final Comment

This is new information being given to us by Source at this time, because we’re ready to understand it now.

Don’t be the little toe that forgot it’s part of a much bigger eternal being, which is a true replicate of our Source Entity. Our True Energetic Self is an amazing creator being in training, organizing our lives at various levels to coordinate our experiences and evolution with numerous other beings in the multiverse.

“Some say the real masters are on this physical level, because you’re the ones having to figure out how to do this [free will] the first time. When you come out on the other side, it’s going to impact the entire universe.” – Wendy Kennedy

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