What Is Polarity Integration In the Earth Experiment?

Previously we learned that our True Energetic Self is a multidimensional being, that is projecting several aspects of itself to play in different parts of the physical universe. These aspects may be playing both “dark” and “light” roles as part of many galactic families. But Wendy Kennedy said we’re here to integrate both sides and to learn about compassion.

What is compassion?

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” – The Dalai Lama

Compassion is not about pity, sympathy or feeling sorry for the sufferer. It’s about feeling one with the sufferer, which is empathy, a virtue lacking in many galactic races, according to Kennedy. That is what we’re here to learn, practice and teach others in the universe.

What is the Grand Experiment called Earth?

Kennedy said polarity integration or neutralization has been attempted two times before, but those planetary experiments were not successful. That’s why we are in the third “Grand Experiment” on planet Earth, which we are all co-creating and participating in. She said:

  • Thousands upon thousands of races contributed their genetic material as various life forms, including plants, animals and a few dozen versions of the human form, that are or were found on our planet at one time.
  • That makes Earth a unique “living library” with records of ALL consciousness, that donated their genetic records (DNA), experiences and emotional range to the planet.

The idea was to try to resolve the conflicts between the different races by scaling them down to the individual level. They are now played out by you, your family, friends, enemies, etc.

Earth is also the big experiment in free will. Everything else is collective will. We are the only energetic beings allowed to incarnate with individualized free will, according to Guy Needler.

What is polarity integration in the Earth experiment?

Polarity integration is the ability to see both light and dark as part of Source energy.

  • The goal is to learn to have compassion for yourself and others, and to release fear, anger, guilt, blame, shame and judgment of the dualities.
  • You are here to shift your perception from being a victim or a perpetrator to a co-creator of your own reality.

The dark/shadow aspect has value, because it represents the challenges, lessons and experiences we need to grow through to achieve balance within ourselves (see How To Defuse Duality and Transcend Misguided Thoughtforms? – Big Picture Questions.com).


Needler said integration is really about recognizing that certain behavior patterns keep us in the lower frequencies (“dark”). When we understand what makes us dark, we can neutralize the dark by steering away from it and move toward the higher frequencies (“light”).

What types of dualities are there?

Physicist Noel Huntley, PhD described two kinds of dualities:

  1. Horizontal dualities, such as gravity/antigravity; positive/negative; yin/yang, etc.
  2. Vertical dualities that span the energy gradient between the higher frequency collective state and the separate individual (ego) state in our material world.

What happens when we ascend in frequency?

According to Huntley, polarities are also fractalized to create many orders of fractal levels. But each side requires the other for balance. He explained:

  • When a particle and antiparticle come together to form unity, they disappear from our view, because that unified particle becomes part of the next higher-order fractal level.
  • When we evolve to higher frequencies, the dualities are reduced, because the poles are less separated and both sides are perceived simultaneously.

This is how the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective described duality at their level:

“Duality is slight, like the difference between medium light gray vs. medium medium light gray with no warring over disputes, as we understand that others have a valid perspective and we move on from there.” Wendy Kennedy


Is polarity integration working on Earth?

According to Kennedy, yes, but not in all “timelines” or event spaces.

  • Your True Energetic Self is participating in multiple versions of reality all at once, even though your ego cannot perceive that.
  • You are a holographic being, so what happens to one aspect of you happens to all the other aspects of you as well.

The same galactic issues (e.g. safety, security, manipulation, control, trust, approval and abandonment) often trigger more than one aspect of you in the universe. That’s why your reaction to somebody or something here may seem disproportionate to the situation at hand.

How do we integrate an issue?

Kennedy said you can integrate an issue by asking yourself: Why did I create it? How does it serve me? What am I learning from this? Does it still serve me (or not)?

  • You’re the actor, director, producer and scriptwriter in your own play.
  • You may be repeating the same pattern over and over. But when you come to realize why you co-created the situation and how it served you to integrate an issue, then the information on how you did that can be shared with other aspects of you in other lifetimes.

That’s how we can get healing across lifetimes or across timelines for different versions of you and your genetic line, according to Kennedy and others. Of course, you won’t be able to integrate all aspects of yourself. But any that you do heal will increase your own frequency, which is the name of the game.


“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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