What Is the Difference Between a Universe, Multiverse and Omniverse?

Some of the most mind bending spiritual exploration has come through the work of Guy Needler, a British engineer who discovered a way to traverse the frequencies in our universe and beyond through meditation. Because of his background, questions and conversations with the highest level creator beings, including The Origin and its 12 Source Entities, he has given us an unparalleled glimpse into the Greater Reality. These new concepts are being presented to humanity at this time, because we are ready for them now.

Where do we begin?

It all begins with the Origin, which is both the “created” and the “creator” as one. Our Source Entity (SE1) explained to Needler:

“The Origin is creation given thought and form. To be created does not mean that you must first have a creator. Everything, that is, exists at the same time. In essence, the Origin was created and creates Itself all at that same time. The Origin is continually improving the way It was created and how It creates in order to better Itself and everything that is part of It.” – Guy Needler (The History of God)

Humans believe there has to be a beginning and an end as well as up and down, left and right, upper and lower frequency, and upper and lower dimension. We think in terms of dualities.

What is the difference between the Origin and Source Entities?

The Origin/Absolute/The All is a vast, amorphic tract of sentient energetic space with no boundaries. The Origin is currently self-aware of a mere fraction (<1%) of its total area. That’s why it started experimenting with creation.

What is the difference between a universe, multiverse and omniverse?

The 12 Source Entities exist within the Origin. But each Source Entity gained self-awareness or sentience independently. They had total free will in how they chose to go about learning and evolving.

  • They started creating their own versions of environments and entities to inhabit them. The entities could exist as collectives or as individualized units or some combination thereof.
  • Some created a single environment or a universe.
  • Some split themselves into three or more environments or multiple universes, which is a multiverse.

The omniverse is the environment that is being experienced by all the Source Entities within the Origin’s current area of self-awareness (“known self”). By mapping it in minute detail, the Source Entities are elevating the area from mere self-awareness to sentient self-awareness to polyomniscience, because each SE adds its omniscience to it (see Why Is This Multiverse Cycle Different? – Big Picture Questions.com).

How is our multiverse structured?

Here is my schematic diagram to illustrate how The Origin created the 12 Source Entities, and how our Source Entity (SE1) structured our multiverse (not to scale).


Our multiverse is made of 12 full dimensions, which contain 397 simultaneous universes that exist as spheres within spheres (above) in the same space.

  • The outermost sphere is the top of the multiverse with the highest frequency (FB 408).
  • The innermost sphere is the bottom of the multiverse with the lowest 12 frequencies (FB 1-12). That is the physical universe, which is the first full dimension of our multiverse.
  • That’s where all incarnation as humans, aliens, animals, plants and other forms occurs.

On Earth we exist at the bottom of the physical universe at the lowest 3 frequencies (FB 1-3). That means we only see the bottom 25% of the physical universe.

What is meant by physicality?

Physicality” is expressed in the physical universe at all levels. We can have dense matter bodies (like on Earth) or much lighter, gaseous but still physical bodies at the top or 12th frequency level. Every experience by every entity is unique and provides a slightly different perspective that helps us all evolve.

It may seem like humans are at the bottom of our multiverse, but the Origin has assured us:

“That is where you score the most evolutionary points, so to speak. You, or at least part of you, is totally cut off from the rest of yourself…it’s your equivalent of having no eyes, ears, touch, smell, or taste and still trying to build the Eiffel Tower…but somehow all of you manage to succeed.” – Guy Needler (The History of God)

That’s high praise indeed, which means we are amazing creator beings. Just to expand our minds a bit more, take a look at a “bubble universe” created by artist Giovanni Rubaltelli. His painting helps us imagine a multiverse that houses myriad universes, including:

  • Macro-universes (a much bigger universe where our universe would be the subatomic level, i.e. a micro-universe).
  • Micro-universes (complete universes at a subatomic level).
  • Minor-verses (universes with lesser dimension, frequency and entity content, e.g. atomic level within our universe).

These terms refer to structures that other Source Entities would create, that exist outside of our Source and multiverse, according to Needler.

Image: Giovanni Rubaltelli (artistic rendition of a bubble universe)


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