What Is the Ego vs. Soul Personality?

In previous posts, we discovered the concept of supersoul consciousness put forth by Ian Lawton (“Supersoul”). Lawton formulated 10 principles that describe this newer spiritual worldview. Lawton’s Principle #1 about Soul Probes was discussed previously. What is the ego vs. soul personality?

Lawton’s Principle #2. After death we continue to identify with the personality of the life we just left, so this and the ‘soul’ are the same consciousness.

What is the ego vs. soul personality?

Guy Needler makes a clear distinction between what we call our ego (or lower self, false or temporary personality) and our soul personality (true personality/personality of the soul aspect), which is part of our True Energetic Self/Oversoul/Higher Self/supersoul.

  • The ego is created by separation, when a soul aspect is projected from its True Energetic Self/supersoul into the human form.
  • Our body is simply a vehicle (‘wetsuit’) that we use to experience the lower frequencies on Earth, because our supersoul is too big to incarnate.

Needler gave an analogy where the soul aspect is like a drop of honey that is dripping down from a honeycomb that represents our TES/supersoul. The further down the drop (soul) falls from the hive (TES/supersoul), the thinner the strand (or connectivity) gets.


Because human beings are operating at the bottom of our multiverse, we are almost completely cut off from our supersoul. The strand of honey is really thin by the time we get to the Earth level.

  • We have ultra-limited connectivity with our True Energetic Self and we forget everything.
  • That’s why we start to think we are the ego or the body we’re in.

We don’t remember that we are part of a much bigger, much higher frequency True Energetic Self/supersoul, which sent a small part of itself in the form of our soul to animate the body we’re in right now.

Does the ego die?

The ego knows it is a transient form or a mental construct that will die when the physical body dies. That’s why we start to fear death. That’s the ego talking, not the soul.

  • When the body dies, the link to the ego is completely severed. The ego dissolves after every lifetime along with the physical body (see What Happens To the Ego, Body and Soul When We Die? – Big Picture Questions.com).
  • BUT that’s not who we really are. The soul aspect is retracted and reintegrated back into our True Energetic Self/supersoul as an individualized unit of that sentient being.

That means we don’t lose our energetic signature or even our unique personality traits, likes, dislikes, desires, preferences, challenges, successes, etc. They become part of a much bigger memory set of the True Energetic Self, which is continuously recording things in real-time throughout our lives, so nothing is lost.

Does the ego have any free will?

Physicist Noel Huntley has likened the ego (lower self) to a dog on a long leash held by the owner (higher self/soul/aspect). The owner determines the path they take, but the dog has some apparent free will to explore things. The dog can even get into mischief, while ignoring the owner’s tugs on the leash.


  • Guy Needler said the ego exists as a temporary personality that deals with its environment in the best way it can. We all use it right now.
  • But when we become more conscious and aware, we can start dissolving the ego.

That’s when our true soul personality becomes available to us in some capacity, and we become more aligned with our True Energetic Self/supersoul. We become higher acting people as a result of that.

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