What Is the Energetic Basis Of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?

Previously, we learned about the energetic (“spiritual”) basis of conditions, such as mental and physical disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Since October is ADHD Awareness Month, we’ll take a closer look at this condition: What is the energetic basis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD?

What is the conventional view of ADHD?

People use the terms ADD and ADHD interchangeably, although currently it is called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This neuro-behavioral condition has been recognized since the late 1700’s and affects about 5% of the adult population (over 11 million people) in the U.S.

  • It occurs in both men and women and persists throughout their lifespan.
  • There are three different presentations of ADHD called predominantly inattentive, hyperactive/impulsive and combined types. But no two people are exactly the same.
  • Every person has a unique profile linked to their genetics and differences in their brain chemistry, metabolism, structure, communication and connectivity.

There is no cure and most people don’t outgrow it. ADHD is recognized as a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act. The treatment involves a combination of medication (to manage brain functions and symptoms) and therapy (to help with daily coping strategies).

What is the energetic basis of ADHD?

Guy Needler is one of the first people to recognize that conditions like autism, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and ADHD have an energetic or soul-based component that is not understood by therapists or those affected by the conditions. He doesn’t like to use the terms ADD/ADHD.

  • When he logs into these children, they are one of the indigo, crystal and rainbow children or a hybrid of those three types of children, who are advanced higher frequency beings. They are here to increase the collective frequencies that dropped after the World Wars.
  • Julia Cannon said it’s not “attention deficit” — it’s hyperattention, as their attention is on so many different levels, it’s frustrating. Doreen Virtue said that ADHD should stand for “Attention Dialed into a Higher Dimension.”

Needler explained that it is a function of how their soul has chosen to incarnate. Their soul decided to use a higher frequency “energy set” to have a different life experience on Earth.

  • Their energy set is like a radio that is always connected to twelve channels, as opposed to just one channel that most people have. We’re on dial-up, while they’re on fiber optics with more connectivity (WATCH: Is ADHD an evolutionary advantage? – ScienceAlert).
  • Their hyperactivity and tantrums isn’t to do with strange disorders, it’s because we’re not talking to them properly and they get frustrated. They struggle to communicate with us.
  • They are broadcasting to their parents and others not just in spoken words but on lots of different energetic levels (e.g. emotional, telepathic and other frequential methods).

But the information we give back isn’t what they expect, so they get frustrated. They can’t see the point in communicating with us or doing something, when we’re not listening to them.

Is it possible to have Bipolar Disorder coexisting with ADHD?

Bipolar disorder is a condition where two souls coexist in the same body and have control of the body. Needler said it is quite possible to have ADHD in individuals, who are bipolar.

  • If both souls are high frequency souls, when either of them is in control or animating the body, then both of them would expect to have communication that’s not coming to them.
  • They can see people that they’re interacting with, they’re broadcasting to them, but they’re ignoring them in their mind.

What about other coexisting conditions?

Most adults with ADHD don’t just have ADHD. About 75% to 80% also have disorders, such as major depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety and substance abuse, according to a study published in BMC Medicine. Needler observed:

  • The substance abuse and other abuses is because they are trying to get out of the body basically. They’ve had enough (see How Do Drugs Affect the Body and Soul? – Big Picture Questions.com).
  • Or they’re trying to “dumb down” their own communicative senses. In essence, they’re trying to turn off certain communicative methods, so that they can operate like us.
  • The depression and the anxiety is because they’re not being heard. They feel they are being ignored and can’t do anything right, because they can’t get the information back in the way that they’re expecting it.

ADHD tends to run in families and continues into adulthood in half the cases as a sense of being overwhelmed, having no filters, always being on edge. He added:

  • Their senses are all open, so they pick up lots of other bits and pieces of information.
  • The people they think should be able to communicate with them don’t get the same information. But sometimes the information comes through other people, who they maybe don’t want to know.

What is the best approach to treatment or coping with life?

Needler said the best approach to treatment is put them with like types of individuals. People who are experiencing this should stay together, because they will be able to communicate with each other properly.

  • A person speaking or communicating on twelve different frequency levels will be able to communicate with somebody on twelve different frequency levels.

The therapy is behavior modification based upon being introduced to and working with other individuals, who are experiencing the same as them. Then they’ll be able to communicate with each other, and they’ll realize that they’re not alone and they’ll start to operate properly.

Final Thoughts

I hope this gives you a new perspective on ADHD, which is another poorly understood but increasingly common condition (like autism). There is an energetic basis for “hyperattention” (not attention deficit) in ADHD because of a higher frequency “energy set” that operates on multiple channels at the same time. That functionality may confer these individuals certain advantages, if recognized and channeled properly (e.g. famous artists, scientists, inventors).

Another take home message is that the soul chose to incarnate with this special energy set. It is not caused by too much sugar, video games, bad parenting, etc. It may run in families, because those souls wish to incarnate around others with ADHD, who may have learned to manage or cope with their condition in various ways. They are also better able to communicate with each other on many levels.

We have a lot more to learn about ADHD and other conditions from the energetic perspective. As Wendy Kennedy observed: “Ultimately, every issue you have is an energetic one without exception. The solution to everything is energetic.”

Famous People with ADHD | Psych Central

Disclaimer: The medical information on this site is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. Please consult your health care provider before making any health care decisions about your condition.

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