What Is the Free Will Experiment With Humans On Earth?

In previous posts, we learned something that comes as a big surprise to most people. Choice is one of the big experiments that humans as a species are experiencing and validating for the other incarnate races. What is the free will experiment with humans on Earth?

“We are the only energetic individuals, that are being allowed to incarnate with individualized free will. There is no other incarnate civilization in the physical universe, that is being allowed to do it.” – Guy Needler  


“All is choice. You are here to learn how to choose and to choose how to learn.” – CQ Yarbro

Why do only humans have individualized free will?

Because Earth is the big experiment in free will. Everything else is collective will, not individualized free will, according to Guy Needler.

  • A free will system is an experimental laboratory for creation. We have total free will to choose individually what to do and how to do it, no matter how it affects others.
  • We learn from all our decisions and vibrational experiences, whether they’re “good” or “bad” (distorted or out of balance).

This is how we learn to take responsibility for our own actions and eventually realize, that selfishness is counterproductive to the evolution of the individual and the collective.


  • We are still part of a collective entity (collective mind or conscious collective), even though we forget that as human beings.
  • But we have shown that the fastest way to grow and evolve is by having to figure things out on our own. The free will experiment is working.

That’s why so many galactic races are watching us to see how and why we do certain things.

  • They will be given the chance to do the same thing, after we go back up to the levels where we started (frequency bands 13-14).
  • When the Earth ascends, the whole universe can ascend. That’s when all entity types (regardless of their energetic genre) will be given individualized free will to ascend out of the physical universe.

How do other galactic civilizations operate?

Needler said there are many civilizations in the physical universe that have individualized sentience (self-awareness), but collective will. He explained:

  • Being incarnate as a collective means that they are constantly linked to each other.
  • Before they make a decision to act, they consider the needs of the collective (e.g. health, experience and evolutionary needs of the whole).
  • It does not mean that these entities are lesser beings or that they can only make decisions together. Some of them have progressed higher, and they have done it on a collective basis.


Being of service to the whole is the way of the universe in ALL the dimensional and frequential states. The physical appearance (species) of the collective is irrelevant, because their connectivity is energetic. Some of the most benevolent collective civilizations would be considered abhorrent to humans.

How did humans develop individualized free will?

When the Origin started investigating itself, it dipped into some lower frequency areas and experienced much faster growth and evolution than in the higher frequencies.

  • That’s why our Source created smaller units (“Mini-Me’s”) of itself to explore the lower frequencies in more detail. That’s what our True Energetic Selves are.
  • When the Earth experiment was started, a lighter (higher frequency) human form was created and given independent free will (see What Is the Human Being Project? – Big Picture Questions.com).


  • But the planet and humans quickly fell down the frequencies, because they got addicted to lower frequency sensations, thoughts and actions.
  • Then a denser lower frequency human form was created. Its communication with its True Energetic Self (Oversoul) and Source was almost totally cut off.

That is the reason why most human beings on Earth are completely unaware of Source, but they have independent free will. On all other planets, the beings are still in contact with Source in some way, shape or form, according to Needler.

Why is Earth being quarantined?

We are being quarantined from other incarnate beings during this Earth experiment, partly to protect us from interference by other races and partly to protect other races from our very low frequencies. At different points in our history, there has been intervention or interference by some galactic groups, that have modified and accelerated the Human Being Project.

What is the ego?

When we project our soul aspect into a very low frequency vehicle (e.g. human form), the physical part of us starts to gain an ego (lower self/false personality), because our communication with our True Energetic Self becomes so limited.

  • The human being starts to think it is the ego. But the ego knows it’s a transient form (mental construct), that will die when the physical form dies.


Source: Buenafuente » El Descodificador

At death, the ego’s energy and memory set of being separated dissolves. Thus, the ego is created by separation and dies by reintegration with the True Energetic Self, which is who we really are.

Does the ego have any true free will?

Physicist Noel Huntley, PhD, has likened the ego (lower self) to a dog on a long leash held by the owner (soul aspect).

  • The owner determines the path they take, but the dog has some apparent free will to explore things.
  • The dog can even get into mischief, while ignoring the owner’s tugs on the leash.


Wendy Kennedy said the ego was specifically created to experience separation from Source and everyone else. That individual perspective with a limited existence was created by using certain filters and 3D mind programs to create the illusion of separation.

Guy Needler explained that the ego is a function of separation. It is a temporary state of ultra-limited consciousness.

  • It exists as a temporary personality that deals with its environment in the best way it can.
  • When we become more conscious and aware, we can start dissolving the ego.
  • Then the true personality of the True Energetic Self becomes available to those who are awake and “self-realized” in some capacity.

The true personality does not die when the body dies, and it records everything that the ego and the soul aspect have experienced.

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