What Is the Fundamental Particle Of Matter In the Physical Universe?

In a previous post, we learned about the structure and function of the multiverse, based on Guy Needler’s work. We evolve as vast sentient beings called True Energetic Selves, who send smaller soul aspects of themselves to incarnate in the physical universe. What are we made of? Are we stardust? What is the fundamental particle of matter in the physical universe?

What is meant by physicality?

The physical universe is the first or bottom universe in our multiverse with 397 universes. That’s where all incarnation takes place as various physical forms at different frequency levels. That means physicality is not restricted to what we call the “physical world” on Earth.

  • Humans live in the bottom three frequencies of the physical universe (FB 1-3). Our body is a dense, matter-based vehicle that is animated by our soul’s sentient energies. But we’re not our body. It’s just a “biosuit” we use to experience the lower frequencies properly.
  • There are other higher frequency vehicles made of less dense energies, which to us would appear as light bodies (or “angels”), but they’re still physical vehicles in this universe.

Needler said the physical universe exists, because we collectively and energetically assist in its creation. We maintain it through our use of it until we evolve beyond having to incarnate in it.

What does science tell us about matter?

Let’s zoom in on the smallest parts of our physical universe using a Helium atom (below) as an example. It shows two neutrons, two protons and two electrons along with gluons and quarks. But today’s scientists really don’t know much more about the particles beyond this level (see Standard Model & Subatomic particles | CERN; click to enlarge).


What is the fundamental particle of matter?

Ancient Hindu texts in 6th Century B.C. described the “Anu” as the smallest, indivisible particle of matter, which had an urge to combine with another to make different types of substances.

In the 1800’s, several people used paranormal abilities, like clairvoyance (yogic remote viewing/micro-psi vision) to describe the appearance of subatomic matter in great detail.

  • They anticipated future discoveries in chemistry and particle physics years before others.
  • In 1878, Edwin Babbitt observed what he thought was an “atom” (left, click to enlarge).
  • Later Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater observed the “ultimate physical atom” (UPA or Anu), which is a heart-shaped particle found in positive and negative chiral forms (right).

They said the UPA pulsate and spin rapidly about the axis, like a wobbling spinning top. They may radiate shades of color that change as one whorl/line after another actively vibrates. The lines of force flow into the top and emanate from the bottom, binding groups of UPA together.



What does modern spiritual science tell us about matter?

Guy Needler (“The Origin Speaks”) said that there is structure beneath structure beneath structure to a level, where there is a structureless condition. He explained:

  • When frequencies are very low, they allow the lower energies to stick together to create the fundamental particle of matter called the Anu, which are the building blocks for “hard” structures, which are still energetic, such as the atom, our physical form, etc.
  • The higher the frequency, the more space there is between the Anu particles. So even though higher energetic lifeforms exist in the same space as the lower, more densely packed lifeforms, they don’t interfere with each other, because they’re at different levels (see What Is Meant By Holographic Space Or Entities? – Big Picture Questions.com).
  • Thus, the basic building block of the physical universe is the Anu, which is the ultimate atom that exists 6 levels below the atom. The Anu pervade everything from lifeforms to planets, stars, galaxies, etc. at every frequency level in this bottom universe (FB 1-12).
  • The Anu is really one particle with two forms (positive and negative), which is a function of duality in the physical universe (above). They link end-to-end to form strings or chains. The strings of Anu can also intertwine as “quantum rope-like structures” that create the holographic framework for the physical universe.

There is no such thing as dark matter. Dark matter is supposed to be the space in between stars, galaxies and nebulae that holds them together. But it’s not dark matter, it’s the rest of the structure associated with twelve frequencies of the physical universe. The higher up the frequencies you go, the more things are manifest on the higher frequencies, and it’s those things that hold it all together on the lower frequencies.

There is no such thing as antimatter, because there is no chance for an equal measure of matter (structure) and antimatter (substructure) to exist, because it’s mostly substructure. We think that when lightning strikes, it creates “antimatter.” But we’re just detecting the residual trail (0.5%) of the energy that undergoes a change of state to a higher frequency.

“The multiverse looks like a small structure in a huge bath of interlaced Bucky Balls…except that it didn’t follow the geometric laws surrounding a Bucky Ball. Each collective of six by six substructural energies, each Bucky Ball, not only surrounded a specific evolutionary or operational structural component of the multiverse, but it also surrounded the energies associated with the next collective of six by six substructural energies.” – Guy Needler (excerpt from “The Curators”)

When we move beyond the Anu, we go into the space between space, which is two things:

  1. The fabric of our Source Entity. We exist within a multiverse created with 4 levels of structure: frequencies, sub-dimensions, full dimensions, and zones, all of which exist within the Origin that has an even higher level of structure.
  2. The fabric of the Origin is made of 12 levels of structure, which include frequencies, sub-dimensions, full dimensions, zones/their divisions, continuum/their abstractions, planes/their spheres, independent spheres/their references, event spaces/their events, totalities/their realities, independent realities/their creative functions, spectral interfaces/their spectra, and margins/their gradients (see “The Origin Speaks”).

We like to think of energy in terms of particles. But energy is better defined as a state of “beingness,” like a formless or particle-less unseen force that just “is” (see What Is the Law Of Perpetual Transmutation Of Energy? – Big Picture Questions.com). Needler wrote:

  • When energy is given form, it needs to be stabilized by frequencies. The stabilized energy can be manipulated in a way to give it form, i.e. a single function, use, or interface.
  • When energy is free-form (free from form), it can be used for a number of different functions, uses, or interface opportunities at any level of the multiverse.

Frequencies are the building blocks of the multiverse, which has 408 frequency bands. The bottom 12 frequencies (FB 1-12) make up our physical universe. 

  • Our eyes can see only the bottom three of those 12 frequencies (FB 1-3), which make up the gross physical world. Yet most people think that’s all there is to our “universe.”
  • When we move up the frequencies in the multiverse, we have more and more content within the same space. The size of the space doesn’t increase, but the resolution within it increases (see What Is the Structure Of Our Multiverse? – Big Picture Questions.com).

Is science catching up with spiritual science?

“Today’s spiritual science information is tomorrow’s hard science.” – Guy Needler

We are making progress. Stephen M. Phillips (at News) has made a list of recent discoveries in general physics, theoretical and experimental particle physics that relate to remote viewing observations by Besant, Leadbeater and other pioneers. Here is one example from his site:

Dibaryon & Hydrogen MPA compared copy

Final Thoughts

Are we made of stardust? Not really. We are purely sentient entities that use energy and temporary physical vehicles made of the Anu, the basic building block of the physical universe.

All the galaxies, stars (suns), and planets found in our physical universe are also made of Anu particles (like our bodies), but they too are sentient entities in nature (see Where Do Human and Other Souls Come From? – Big Picture Questions.com).

Your body is just the “car” your soul drives around to get experience here on planet Earth. Let’s not confuse the “real you” with the “car” you drive. 🙂


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