What Is the Human Being Project?

In a previous post, we learned that we are both the creator and the created, and that we are the tool the creator uses to turn concept into experience. We are part of a much bigger experiment, according to Guy Needler. What is the Human Being Project?

What did our Source Entity discover?

The 12 Source Entities (created by the Origin) projected part of themselves to the lower levels to experience things first hand. Source Entity One (creator of our multiverse) discovered that its creations varied at different levels.

  • At higher frequencies, the entities were more fluid or formless.
  • At lower frequencies, they were more formed and locked into one set of frequencies.

To explore the lower levels, the higher frequency entities needed a vehicle that matched the density at those levels. That is why smaller entities were created to experience, learn and evolve within all levels of our multiverse structure.

What is the Human Being Project?

A group of highly evolved (at the time) entities wanted to accelerate their evolution by projecting themselves into the lower frequencies. This group became specialized for a moment in the Human Being Project. Their work was overseen by our Source Entity. But in reality we all run the incarnate program, because we are part of it.


The entity called Lucifer was part of this group. It studied the Akashic records and determined that if humans were to incarnate with individualized free will (not collective will), they could potentially evolve faster. There was just one problem with his plan:

  • Lucifer didn’t tell the rest of the group that humanity could also drop down in frequency.
  • That’s exactly what happened. Humanity and the Earth fell 9 frequency levels lower than where they started. We rapidly fell from the top to the bottom of the physical universe.

But all was not lost, because this gave us the opportunity to pull ourselves out of the lowest levels. By ascending out of the physical universe, we would make the greatest advance in evolution ever.

How was the human form developed?

We have been experimenting with different physical forms for incarnation for millennia. We’ve tried to adapt them to the changing environment on lower frequency Earth.

  • The goal was to make an independently operating living vehicle. It had to be self-perpetuating and able to use the surrounding universal energies to maintain itself.
  • It had to be programmable from the spiritual/energetic side. The interface between spirit and body was created through the ribonucleic acid (RNA) found in every cell.

Our whole body is in contact with spirit through RNA, which acts as a two-way communication medium (see What Is the Physical vs. Energetic Basis of Disease? – Big Picture Questions.com).

What prototypes were developed?

Many prototypes of the human form were developed. They had to last long enough to allow the beings to experience things in the physical universe.

1. The earliest prototype was a lighter human form.

It was occupied by entities at a higher frequency, when the planet was not as dense as today. The entities were able to enter and leave these lighter bodies at will.

  • The bodies looked translucent, glowing or waif-like. They were able to collect a lot of universal energy to sustain themselves without eating.


  • They were not as susceptible to infectious agents (e.g. bacteria, viruses). At higher frequencies, the denser matter would pass through the body.
  • At lower frequencies, the higher frequency cells would repel the lower frequency bacteria. But these bodies were not very robust or able to survive at lower densities at all.
2. The second stage was a denser, more robust body that could exist at lower frequency levels.

The body was maintained by both universal and physical energy sources. Various systems were developed (e.g. digestion, metabolism, circulation, etc.).

  • As the entities incarnated into density, the more experiences they had, the more they evolved, when they returned back to the energetic side.
  • Incarnation became a “fast track” to evolution, so more beings wanted to do it.
  • But there were only a limited number of human forms, which had to be created directly from spiritual energy at this point.
3. The third stage involved human reproduction with three main attempts to make more bodies for incarnation.

(1) Unlimited cloning: The original higher frequency body would go out of phase with itself, so that it could create two (or more) clones of itself with half (or less) the density.

  • The cloned bodies would then increase their cell count to whatever was required at the lower density level.
  • But the more clones were made, the more diluted the master plan became. This created mutations and energy disharmony between spirit and body.
  • The mutations in one clone affected all the other clones, because they were all linked together. This method didn’t work well because of the errors at the master plan and human level.


(2) Limited cloning: The master body created only one copy at a time. When the copy became worn out, another clone was created by cell division. At this point, the human body was at a higher frequency than our current level, so it was able to communicate with spirit.

  • The souls incarnated in human bodies were disconnected physically from each other. But souls were allowed to share the limited number of bodies.
  • One body could house 3-4 souls simultaneously or sequentially. Souls could also jump from one body to another for a different experience. But this created distorted energy imprints on the spiritual side, which took a long time to recover from.
  • When errors or mutations occurred, they were passed onto the next body and accumulated over time, so the life span of the clones was reduced. These errors also affected the disincarnate souls through energetic disharmonies.
  • This method didn’t provide enough physical bodies for all the entities that wanted to incarnate as humans.

(3) Modern reproduction: Two major changes were made to counteract the earlier problems:

  1. The link to the rest of spirit was removed during incarnation.
  2. Reproduction was internalized.

The initial experiment used hermaphrodites, that grew their own replacement internally.

  • They still had the problems of copying errors and variable immunity. One body could survive a viral infection, but other bodies would die out.
  • This method was not reliable and didn’t provide enough bodies either.

The next experiment was to split the hermaphrodite into separate male and female parts. They had simpler, more robust bodies with sex organs for internal transfer of genetic material.

  • The “blueprint” was shared between two bodies. The positive features of one body (e.g. immunity) were passed on to the reproduced body (baby).
  • The negative parts of both parents were somewhat diluted by genetic recombination.

This was the most reliable method of reproduction, because it caused the least problems in the energetic realms. With one spirit in one body, the dysfunctional energies only affected the host itself as “karma.”

How did human races develop?

According to Needler, humanoid forms were developed and proliferate in many parts of the physical universe. The physical body has been worked on for a long time.

  • Most of the diversity of the human form on Earth is a result of where it has been transplanted or seeded from, not because of a location on our planet.

Races copy

  • For example, the white Caucasian (western European) form originally came from a planet that is 117 parsecs away from the Andromeda Nebula, which is quite far from Earth.

Various forms were introduced to our planet at different points in time, because it was thought that some forms would die out because of the drop in frequency. But quite a few forms survived and adapted naturally through Darwinian evolution. So the human form comes from a combination of seeding and evolution (see What Are Human Root Races? – Big Picture Questions.com).

Final Thoughts

Here are some key points to remember about the Human Being Project:

1. Incarnation at the lower frequencies accelerates the evolution of our True Energetic Self (TES/Oversoul). The TES that incarnate evolve much faster and further than those that don’t.

2. Incarnation on Earth in human bodies with individualized free will provides the most accelerated growth and evolution for any soul aspect. That is why numerous TES’s queue up to project souls to incarnate on Earth. Humans are not victims. The body is simply a vehicle used by our soul to experience things here.

3. The Earth experiment is considered to be so successful, that once all the souls occupying human bodies ascend out of the physical universe, all other entities (in all energetic genres) still left in the physical universe will be given free will to accelerate their evolution as well.

Go celebrate life and make the most of your time here! Your True Energetic Self will thank you later. 😉

Image: Andromeda Galaxy


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