What Is the Law Of Gender?

Previously, we’ve reviewed the Universal Laws of Divine Oneness, Cause and Effect, Vibration, Relativity, Compensation, Action, Rhythm, Polarity and Correspondence. Now we’ll focus on one of the most misunderstood laws: What is the Law of Gender?

What is the Law of Gender?

The Kybalion (based on the Hermetic philosophy of ancient Egypt and Greece) states:

“Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all planes.” The Kybalion

This principle is true on the physical plane (where it manifests in many forms, including sex/gender), and on the mental and spiritual planes (where it takes higher forms). In “The Light Shall Set You Free,” Milanovich and McCuny wrote:

  • Physical differences between men and women are one small manifestation of the Law of Gender on the physical plane. Gender is found in organic and inorganic matter, and within the operations of heat, light, electricity, magnetism, attraction, repulsion, etc.
  • In the broader context of creation, procreation, generation, regeneration and production, both yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) principles must be present.
  • The masculine energy directs itself to the feminine energy to initiate the creative process, but the feminine energy is the one doing the active creative work on all planes. Each of us has access to both masculine and feminine energies regardless of our gender externally.

We must learn to balance the yin and yang in our thoughts, emotions, words and actions to a point of stability (androgyny) or mental balance, so that we’ll intuitively know how and when to act in alignment with our “androgynous” Higher Self, according to Milanovich and McCuny.

How are our views changing?

Guy Needler said that there is no such thing as “male” or “female” energy. Energy cannot be classified as masculine or feminine, electrical or magnetic, because the electrical and the magnetic are a function of energy and not a descriptor for the energy itself. He explained:

  • In our true “spiritual” or higher energetic state, we are purely sentient whole beings with energies that are totally neutral or genderless in nature.
  • It is only during our incarnations in the physical universe that we use polarized energies for creative play. Energy that is neutral is required to create or “manufacture” the human form, which in essence is multi-frequential energy given purpose.


We have 7 levels of DNA strands right now, since we have 7 energetic templates. DNA is simply the communication medium, that is both physically and energetically represented.

  • DNA works with the RNA as well, which communicates with and programs the DNA, that communicates back to the RNA, which feeds back into the energetic templates to say that the gross physical aspect of the human form is responding correctly to the templates.


  • The number of DNA strands is not an indication of a higher frequency. It is simply the potential to have greater connectivity between the incarnate soul and its physical vehicle.
  • If we have 12 DNA strands, physically it means nothing. But energetically it would mean there’s a greater level of detail to manipulate, and more capability for mutation (potential dysfunction), along with physical multi-functionality (e.g. healing, regeneration of a limb).

The yin and yang, masculine and feminine, black and white, etc. is simply a dualistic function associated with the physical universe, which is found everywhere from the basic building block of matter (the Anu with yin/yang forms) to how the human body is designed to reproduce.

  • There are energy sets associated with the DNA, chromosomes, etc. that determine whether the human form is male or female. But the male form is considered a neutral condition, because in its physical form, it is unable to recreate itself (by itself or any other means).
  • However, the energy sets themselves don’t specifically mean anything, because there’s no difference between masculine and feminine in terms of higher frequential functionality.
  • On this planet we procreate using two genders. In many other physical planets, we operate in a hermaphroditic state, where we grow our own replacement internally.

There are a number of races in our universe with 4-6 genders. They all work together like a collective, so the interaction between them physically and energetically reproduces their form from different components (a bit like a jigsaw puzzle). At higher frequencies, there is a method of materializing a body from beings who are incarnate in a higher frequency vehicle.

How are the yin and yang reflected in our life plan?

The ancient I Ching system described 64 different “gates” that represent different states of beingness that we come to experience on this planet. Each gate contains a wide spectrum of consciousness that goes from the lowest lows to the highest highs (see R. Rudd’s chart below).


  • In every incarnation, we choose a set of 26 gates to work on. Four of those gates make up 75% of our personality, which reflects our Life’s Work and Soul Purpose in this lifetime.
  • These gates represent core archetypes or states of beingness (i.e. thoughts, behaviors, actions), rather than a state of physicality associated with our DNA, genes or energy sets.

Each gate/hexagram is made of six lines with specific combinations of yin (dark/0) and yang (light/1) lines, which is a binary code that may correspond to certain personality traits or types (see Do Enneatypes Reflect Soul Blueprints? – Big Picture Questions.com). For example:

  • Gate 1 is the Gate of Creative Self-Expression. It is made of 6 solid lines that make it the most yang (“Heaven”) of all gates. It’s about expanding creatively (creative role model).
  • Its exact mirror opposite is Gate 2, the Gate of Receptivity or Self-Direction. It is made of 6 broken lines that make it the most yin (“Earth”) or feminine principled of all gates.
  • When looking at a person’s blueprint, these two gates always occur as a pair in order to balance the yin and yang. Based on my research, this pair is most commonly found as the Life’s Work in Enneatype 4 (The Artist/Individualist), which is the creative archetype.

Similarly, the other gates have their exact mirror opposites (or programming partners) that go together to balance the main 4 gates. But the rest of the blueprint may show that some people are here to express or develop more yang or yin energy in their personality or design.

  • The yin and yang composition of the 64 gates is illustrated below (click to enlarge). The gates can be arranged horizontally, in a circle, or in a sphere (with paired gates colored).


If we examine how the gates are arranged in the above sphere, we can see the true meaning of yin and yang in our soul blueprint, which is less about “masculine” or “feminine” energies, and more about interrelated states of beingness, as shown below (click to enlarge; a=yang; b=yin).

GateConstruction copy

Note: The above diagram is based on J. Drasny’s model of the spherical Yi-Globe, spread out to show the gates and the six lines interconnecting them. Gates 1 and 2 represent the poles or most polarized gates, while the gates at the equator are balanced in their yin/yang construct.

Final Thoughts

I hope this piece helps you see the true meaning of the Law of Gender and the yin/yang relationships in our soul blueprints. It’s not so much about our gender, DNA, genes or even the physical human form, although they may add certain challenges to some lifetimes.

It’s really about mastering the gates of consciousness that we explore on this planet. We can experience the lowest lows and potentially highest highs in the same lifetime by purifying our desires, intentions, thoughts, words and actions. That’s our call to action. We also get to play with individualized free will unlike anywhere else in the universe. That means we’re in charge.

After contemplating these gates and their connections for a long time, I’ve come to realize that the information given here is the basis for many other teachings (e.g. I Ching, Kybalion, enneagram, human design, Michael teachings, astrology, card science, tarot, etc.). They are simply variations of the wisdom of the ages designed to reach people in different ways.

“God is everywhere in the design. God supplies the plans and the endless energy… Variations of the creative game are played by all, on every level: from the subatomic to the galactic — being endlessly re-creates.” – Gordon Phinn (Confronting Your Immortality)


“The sages knew that truth is timeless and impossible to trademark.”                  Paramahansa Yogananda

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