What Is the Law Of Rhythm?

Previously we have reviewed the Laws of Divine Oneness, Vibration, Relativity, Cause and Effect, Compensation and Action. This past week the universe has challenged me with some website server issues, that relate to the next law: What is the Law of Rhythm?

What is the Law of Rhythm?

In “The Light Shall Set You Free,” the Law of Rhythm states that everything vibrates and moves to certain rhythms. These rhythms establish our seasons, cycles, stages of development, and patterns. There is a time and a season for all things in the universe and beyond.

“Everything flows out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates [counterbalances].” – The Kybalion


There is no such thing as absolute rest in the universe. In everything there is a manifested measured motion, an action and a counteraction that has rhythm. It is manifest in everything from the creation and destruction of worlds to the rise and fall of nations, governments, movements, philosophies, creeds, fashions, living beings, their mental states and matter.

“These rhythms constitute an order of renewal in the universe, that can be either disruptive or pleasant, depending upon how one wishes to perceive these rhythms.”          – Norma Milanovich & Shirley McCune (“The Light Shall Set You Free”)

The Hermetic Masters understood that there are two planes of manifestation: lower and higher consciousness. Using the Law of Neutralization, they could escape the swing manifest on the lower plane by rising to the higher plane. They were able to let the negative moods, feelings or mental states pass beneath them without being carried along with them. They also held that:

  • For every high there shall be a low, and the negative is precedent to the positive. The lives are always counterbalanced, even though several lives may be required to do that.
  • When our lives are in balance, we experience the positive cycles and emotions of faith, generosity, kindness, patience, love, courage and duty.
  • When we experience the negative cycle, our feelings and mental states change to more fear, anger, envy, criticism, worry or blame. When we tire of the lows, our soul is more open to learning new ways to master its emotional and mental states and behaviors.

The key to mastering this law is to use the strength of our will to remain positive, to overcome or transmute the negative swings, to rise above or detach from them.

How do we do that?

We may think of rhythm in terms of “time,” which doesn’t exist outside of our 3D reality. All events are happening in event space or parallel conditions in the Now. Nora Herold explained:

  • We can unplug from linear time and see ourselves as existing in the Now. We are stepping away from stringing together our moments into a story with a beginning and an end.
  • We can operate as multidimensional beings, who understand that we are inventing and reinventing the entirety of our experience in each and every single moment.
  • We can see each moment of our experience in this life and all other lifetimes as simply “bubbles of information” floating in the space all around us.

In this visualization, suddenly there is no time. There is no past, no present, and no future, because they’re all just event bubbles existing in the field around us. Then we can say:

“It’s not what happened to me so long ago. It is just one moment in “time” that I have owned as my “past” that now I simply can see as an experience that my oversoul had,   like all the other lifetimes.” – Nora Herold

JosephineWall-DreamingBubbles2 copy 2

Image: Painting by Josephine Wall (click to enlarge)

Because these moments are just bubbles of experiences, they no longer have to define our current Now moment. We can choose to feel however we want to feel in this Now moment.

  • We don’t have to pull the data from any moments that would take us to a lower place of victimhood, enslavement, powerlessness (e.g. childhood or past life trauma or disease).
  • The information is there for us to access and use, when it’s for our highest good to use it. We just need to ask ourselves: How am I feeling? What do I need in this moment?

Herold said WE are recreating ourselves as new again and again and again. We don’t need to tie ourselves to old stories (e.g. being rejected, sick). Let yourself play with the bigness of this!

What is meant by flow?

In the I Ching system, there are several gates that relate to the Law of Rhythm, including the Gate of Beginnings (53), Gate of Continuity/Endurance (32), and Gate of Growth/Cycles (42). There is also the Channel of Rhythm composed of two different gates:

  • Gate 5 is called the Gate of Waiting or Fixed Rhythms. It’s all about being in the Flow, while having the power to fix individual patterns (e.g. daily routines, habits, rituals). Its Shadow state is Impatience (manifest as being pessimistic or pushy), which can move to Patience (Gift) and Timelessness (Siddhi) with increased awareness and mastery.
  • Gate 15 is the Gate of Extremes or Modesty (balancing the extremes). This gate is about embracing different rhythms and extremes of behavior in humanity and in nature (e.g. animals, elementals). It goes from the Shadow of Dullness (being stoic or extremist) to Magnetism (Gift) and Florescence (Siddhi), drawing people into a continuous flow.

Gate 5 is fixed and disciplined, while Gate 15 is flexible and adaptable. They work together to bind all life forms into the universal rhythm. They magnetically pull other people into their flow, which can be positive (e.g. peace) or negative (e.g. genocide) in direction. We have the option to participate (or not) in any of the collective flow patterns or event streams around us.

Final Thoughts

The Law of Rhythm is played out on all levels of the multiverse. The multiverse itself oscillates through cycles of expansion and contraction within the Origin, just like the entities that are using the multiverse structure for their own progression at various universal levels.

This lifetime is happening at the same time as all our other lifetimes. They are being counter-balanced from a higher state of “timelessness” by our True Energetic Self (Oversoul/Higher Self) as needed for our growth and evolution. We just need to trust the process!

Rhythm is easy to see in nature. The hummingbird lives and vibrates at a completely different rate than the flower it lands on, but both live in cycles adapted to each other.


“Those who flow as life flows know they need no other force.” – Lao Tzu

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