What Is the Physical vs. Energetic Basis Of Disease?

In previous posts, we learned that our physical body is one of many vehicles that our soul uses to experience the frequencies on Earth and elsewhere in the physical universe. The human vehicle has 7 major chakras that control the “you inside of you,” and 7 auric fields that control the “you outside of you,” as Cyndi Lane (“The Subtle Body”) put it. What is the physical vs. energetic basis of disease?

What is the physical basis of disease?

As a scientist I’ve spent most of my life studying the physical body and the disease conditions associated with it from many different perspectives. We try to understand, diagnose and treat conditions with various therapies to extend the lifespan of a human or an animal.

Here’s a crash course in biology illustrated by a poster of the human genome, the blueprint of life according to western medicine.

  • It starts with a cell with a nucleus that contains all the chromosomes with tightly coiled DNA with all the gene sequences that code for the structural and functional proteins that our physical body requires to work properly (click to enlarge).

what is the physical vs. energetic basis of disease

  • There are “epigenetic mechanisms,” such as diet, aging, environmental chemicals, drugs, radiation, etc. that affect which genes are turned on or off. That determines how well the cell functions (e.g. to make hemoglobin, collagen, enzymes, antibodies, etc.).
  • Sometimes genes or cells become dysfunctional, which may lead to conditions like infectious diseases, cancer, autoimmune disease, diabetes, dementia, etc.

But this approach only considers the physical side of our vehicle. Most people (including doctors) are clueless about the role of subtle energy bodies in health and disease.

How do the soul’s energies get into the physical body?

Guy Needler (“The History of God”) explained that our soul aspect is projected down into the physical body through the Hara line (below), which is the vertical link between the soul aspect and the True Energetic Self (TES/Oversoul/Higher Self) that allows them to communicate during an incarnation.

Image: Vertical Hara line (left) & Human aura (right) made of 7 auric layers created from energies irradiated by the 7 major chakras

What is the physical vs. energetic basis of disease?  AuricBodies

The human form is associated with 10 frequency bands (FB). The top 3 layers (FB 10-9-8) allow the energies of the soul aspect (which are the same as the TES, i.e. much higher frequency) to step down and become compatible with the lower 7 frequencies associated with the 7 chakras, 7 energetic templates and 7 auric layers.

  • As the soul aspect is projected down, its energies slowly get linked with each of the 7 energetic templates at the spirituophysical (FB 7-6-5-4) and gross physical (FB 3-2-1) levels.

Source: Barbara Brennan, “Hands of Light” (click to enlarge).

what is molecular basis of disease

  • Each of the templates is a step-down in energies, where the higher layer creates the next lower one. The 7th FB ketheric template must be created first before creating the 6th FB celestial body below it, and so on.
  • The aura is a byproduct of the chakras that irradiate energy outwards. It creates a level of protection around the body.
  • Once the soul’s energies are associated with each energetic template, it starts to create true animation of the human form from the point where the soul is assigned to the embryo.

Note: The soul does NOT enter into an embryo or a fetus that will be aborted or miscarried. In a viable pregnancy, the soul and its guide and helpers insert a basic energy system at conception, which is the interface the soul uses to integrate with the matter-based embryo/fetal body.

However, the soul does NOT permanently enter the body at conception or at the embryonal, fetal, or birth state, because it can move in and out of that body up until the age of 4. Then the soul starts to become more and more connected to the body. It’s only around the age of 7, that the soul is fully integrated with its incarnate vehicle.

What are the functions of the auric layers?

Each chakra is associated with an auric layer, endocrine gland, major nerve plexus and the energetic fields of several organs and tissues, that the chakra supplies with metabolized life force energy, as summarized in Table 1, which also lists how each auric layer expresses or manifests its own level of consciousness (click to enlarge), based on Barbara Brennan’s work.

ChakraTable3 copy

Note: The physical body itself manifests consciousness on the level of instincts, reflexes and automatic functions of organs. All the other expressions come from our energetic templates. Each layer functions in a world of its own, but all layers are interconnected and exist in the same space as our physical reality, according to Brennan.

Radiant health comes from harmonious belief systems or Divine Knowing: “I know I am One with God.” That creates a higher frequency ketheric template and a balanced physical body that supports and maintains the cells, tissues and organs in a healthy condition.

What is the energetic basis of disease?

Guy Needler said the etheric body is the energy matrix, that contains all the information from the 6 templates above it. That allows the gross physical body to be manifested as a mirror image of the etheric body. The physical cells are grown and organized along the etheric body grid structure (left).

  • Brennan noticed when the chakras are blocked, spinning the wrong way, imbalanced, deficient or excessive (right), the natural flow of energy is disrupted to the organs associated with those chakras (Table 1).

etheric-body-web  Reading_Chakra_System

  • For example: If there is fear at the solar plexus chakra, it may disrupt the etheric body in that area. That affects the chemical energies in the physical body, which could be seen as excessive stomach acid that could lead to an ulcer.

Illness is caused by disharmonious thought processes that misprogram the etheric template, and that gets passed on from the higher to the lower levels. When the gross physical cells are not supported by the proper set of frequencies, they start degrading or dying.

  • Brennan said disruptions in any auric layer can cause physical illness downstream.
  • Compare the healthy aura to the dirty aura with dark blocks of stagnated energy, tears, holes, tangles and disruptions in the auric layers (left).
  • See the Emotional Pain Chart (right, click to enlarge) describing the emotional and mental thought patterns associated with common aches and pains.


emotional-pain-chart-louise-hay-e1381838397773 copy

How does the spiritual side interface with the cells?

The “Human Being Project” was undertaken to create a physical vehicle that could be programmed from the spiritual side, and that could sustain itself using the surrounding universal energies.

  • The physiological interface, that is programmable by “spirit” (sentience) is the ribonucleic acid (RNA) found in every cell. That means every cell of our body is in contact with the spiritual side.
  • The RNA is a two-way communication medium, which is first programmed by the higher energetic structural layers of the etheric template and etheric body.

Image: Teal arrows denote the spiritual/higher energetic side, and pink arrows denote the gross physical/lower energetic side of the communication

what is the physical vs. energetic basis of disease?

  • The spiritual/higher energetic RNA transmits the information to the nuclear DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), which passes the information through the physical messenger RNA (transcription) and transfer RNA (translation) to build the proteins (magenta ribbons) that allow differentiation into various cell types (e.g. liver cell, heart cell, etc.).
  • But sometimes genes or cells become mutated or disrupted by disharmonious energies, which may lead to disease.

Image: Normal skin vs. melanoma (a form of skin cancer)


Can mutant genes or cells be healed or corrected?

According to Needler, this can be done, BUT the mutant genes or cells have to be reprogrammed within the energetic template starting from the top down (i.e. the ketheric template down to the etheric body). ALL the layers need to have the right information.

  • AND the mutant cells need to be told to go through programmed cell death.
  • AND new, correctly functioning cells need to be created to replace the mutant cells.
  • When all 7 layers are healed and modified in this way, the gross physical form will heal.

Needler said the energy healer should be able to eradicate disease purely by energy healing. But the problem is that sometimes the illness is part of the person’s life plan that they’re meant to experience.

  • Sometimes the condition is experienced for a while and then the person gets healed.
  • In other cases, the condition is part of their exit plan, the way they will leave the planet (e.g. terminal cancer).

In very rare cases, the life plan may be changed. But that requires negotiations between the soul aspect and its True Energetic Self, guide and helpers AND all the other guides and helpers of other souls, whose lives are meant to interface with them either directly or indirectly.

Ram Dass wrote about illness in “Polishing the Mirror” (see What Is Old and New About Meditation? – Big Picture Questions.com):

“These days I see myself as a soul who has taken incarnation in a body that suffered a stroke. So while my ego thought I was a person with a stroke, that suffering pushed me into my soul, which witnesses or watches the incarnation.”

He realized that he is in this incarnation to learn about his soul. Along the way he’s also learned about strokes, broken hips and pain throughout his body. But he doesn’t identify with the pains he lists for his doctors. He identifies with being a witness of pain – not as the pain, but living with the pain, as a vehicle for awakening.

“All the world’s a stage. And all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances.” Shakespeare (“As You Like It”)

L4As above, so below.

Disclaimer: The medical information on this site is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. Please consult your health care provider before making any health care decisions about your condition.

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