What Is the Purpose Of the Illuminati?

This week we are moving through the energies of the I Ching Gate 44 (“Alertness”), which is part of the codon “Ring of Illuminati” that also includes Gate 50 (“Values”). Most people associate the Illuminati with the secret world government, conspiracies and the “dark entities” that have ruled the world and enslaved us for millennia. Now it’s time to look at them from another perspective using Gates 44 and 50 as a starting point for reflection. What is the purpose of the Illuminati?

What do the gates represent?

The ancient Chinese I Ching system (“Book of Changes”) describes 64 hexagrams or gates, that represent the core archetypes found in the collective field of humanity. Each hexagram is made of six lines with various combinations of yin (dark) and yang (light) lines (below, left).

Wheels-IChing-DNA-HD copy

Interestingly, these 64 hexagrams/gates represent a binary code that corresponds to our genetic code (DNA/RNA). Specific triplets of bases (A/G/C/T or U) encode 20 different amino acids and 3 stop codons that are used to make proteins in all living beings (above, middle).

  • The 64 gates can be arranged in a circle to correspond to the 12 astrologic signs in the Human Design system (above, right). For example, today we’re in Gate 44, line 5.
  • Each gate has a programming partner directly opposite from it in the circle. They represent the exact mirror opposites of each other with reversed yin/yang lines in their hexagrams.

Every amino acid is encoded by 1 to 4 codons/hexagrams/gates, which belong to specific archetypal codon rings. For example, the “Ring of Illuminati” consists of Gates 44 (GAA) and 50 (GAG) that encode glutamic acid, which is a negatively charged, hydrophilic amino acid.

What are the Illuminati gates about?

Richard Rudd (“Gene Keys”) updated the I Ching and Human Design systems by viewing each gate as a spectrum of consciousness arranged into three major frequency bands:

  • The Shadow frequency represents the victim patterns expressed through fear or anger. Most of humanity operates at this level, which is linked to survival, limitation, blame, shame, and suffering. Here the challenge is to overcome our ego’s attachment to form.
  • The Gift frequency is reached after accepting and transcending our shadows. We no longer identify ourselves as victims, and we can develop and apply our creative gifts instead.
  • The Siddhi or divine gift frequency is reached after transcending the lower states. This leads to spiritual realization and full embodiment, as shown by Jesus, Buddha and others.

“Embrace the Shadow, Release the Gift, Embody the Siddhi.” – Richard Rudd

Based on Rudd’s work, the Ring of Illuminati Gates 50 and 44 are summarized below:


What does this mean?

Gate 50 (“Values”) is a great example that shows our evolution from the low frequency of Corruption to the gift of Equilibrium and the divine gift of Harmony or higher cosmic order.

“Corruption requires hierarchy in order to exist, and hierarchy is a low frequency attempt to maintain order within a community. When the frequency running through a whole society decreases, chaos and corruption rule.” – Richard Rudd

According to Rudd, corruption is just the symptom of a collectively created reality that cannot be tackled by targeting individuals, individual groups or even individual countries. The core problem is the hierarchical system itself. He explained:

  • At the shadow level, the person may have fear of responsibility, taking too little or too much responsibility, being overwhelmed by having to take care of their family or tribe.
  • At the gift level, there is honesty and transparency in interactions with others. Each person is trusted to take responsibility for their contribution to the group. They become self-empowered, balance themselves individually and work creatively with others. A win-win!

At the divine gift level, there is infinite harmony that pervades everything. This is our higher nature embodied. Thankfully, this cosmic order is what governs and protects human destiny.

Final Thoughts

This piece has helped me realize that the corruption prevalent in some sectors of our society is not something we’re stuck with. It’s something we’re moving through, not a destination. It’s a symptom of imbalance within a system that needs to go and be reinvented. We all know this.

The true purpose of the Illuminati is to make us change our ways to evolve in a new direction. As Nora Herold said, we have played the enslavement game for a long time on Earth. We have played both sides (dark/light), because our higher self wanted to experience being the slave and the enslaver. By playing the victim, we’ve learned a lot about empathy and compassion.

But now it’s time to release our gifts of honesty, transparency, teamwork, self-empowerment, responsibility and harmony to create new experiences for ourselves and collective humanity.

As Rudd noted, the gift of Teamwork and the gift of Equilibrium cannot be externally imposed or controlled. They have to arise as a self-organizing phenomenon through inner or individual freedom, intelligence and empowerment. This is a call to action.

Here is an example of what one inspiring leader can create in a lifetime:


Jacques Fresco (Home – The Venus Project)

Jacque-Fresco-Venus-Project-1 copy

For more information, please see:

Richard Rudd: Gene Keys, 2009 (ebook available), Gene Keys Network | The Learning Center  & Gene Keys Network | Free Resources

Chetan Parkyn: The Book of Lines, 2012 & Human Design, 2009

Linda Bunnell & Ra Uru Hu: Human Design: The Science of Differentiation, 2011

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