What Is the Spiritual Or Energetic Basis Of Bipolar Disorder?

Previously, we learned about the spiritual/energetic basis of conditions like autism spectrum disorder, schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder, anxiety and depression. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at: What is the spiritual or energetic basis of bipolar disorder?

What is the conventional view of bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder (or manic-depressive illness) is a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, and the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks (From: NIMH). 
  • Bipolar disorder affects males and females equally. The onset of symptoms is between 15 and 30 years old (average 25 years). The cause is unknown, although genetics, stressful life events, brain structure and other factors are thought to contribute.
  • People with bipolar have high and low moods, known as mania and depression, which differ from the typical ups and downs most people experience. A person with mixed episodes experiences both extremes simultaneously or in rapid sequence.

The major symptoms of Bipolar Disorder (BPD) are summarized in the figure (below):

what is the spiritual or energetic basis of bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder symptoms can result in damaged relationships, poor job or school perform-ance, and even suicide. If left untreated, the symptoms usually get worse. Bipolar disorder can be treated and managed with medications, psychotherapy, self-management strategies, etc.

What is the spiritual or energetic basis of bipolar disorder?

Recently, Guy Needler and other spiritual/energy healers have come to realize that certain mental disorders are greatly misunderstood. They may have a soul-based component that is often not recognized by the therapists or those affected by the conditions. He explained:

  • There are lots of individuals that have more than one soul/aspect in their physical form. But only one of them is the primary soul, the “driver” that animates the body/vehicle.
  • The other souls are passive, like one or more “backseat drivers.” They exist within the same energy set, and experience the same interactions that the physical body is having. But those souls aren’t able to affect the environment that the body finds itself in.

If a person has a profound personality change that changes regularly, and those personality changes are recognizable for any period of time, then it is suggestive of a “walk-in” (or soul exchange) condition, in which a different personality is taking control of that body.

Is the walk-in present at birth or acquired later in life?

A walk-in can happen at any time from before birth to just before death. It can be there for two minutes, two hours, two years or two decades, according to Needler. It depends on what the agreement was before the incarnation started, and when the correct juncture becomes available for the other soul(s) to move in, and the type of walk-in condition present.

What types of walk-ins are there?

In “The Origin Speaks” Needler described many types of walk-ins briefly summarized here (for the sake of completeness):

  1. Planned one-for-one walk-in (pre-life agreement between two souls that are projected from the same or different True Energetic Selves/Oversouls. The souls may swap places once, OR swap in/out continuously to experience the same incarnation as 2 individuals).
  2. Unplanned one-for-one walk-in (a volunteer soul bails out the soul that wants to leave, because the environment is too harsh or the task is too big; profound personality change).
  3. Shared vehicle walk-in (body shared by two or more souls that either braid in at planned intervals to work in parallel with each other, OR come in concurrently to work as one integrated aspect for a role of worldwide importance, e.g. spiritual leader or president with 4 souls, each contributing 25% to the composite soul that animates the leader).
  4. Rotational shared vehicle walk-in (a number of different souls take turns coming into the same body to become the incumbent soul, but swap out after staying for a few days, years or decades; the person may exhibit a level of disorganization or “split personalities”).
  5. Temporary walk-in (another soul comes in to experience a particular event, e.g. tsunami, as a shared experience with the incumbent surviving soul, then swaps out).
  6. Rehabilitation walk-in (incumbent soul allows a damaged soul to swap in or to share a distressing experience in tandem with them to heal and ease them back into incarnation).
  7. Stolen vehicle walk-in (when the body is intoxicated by drugs/alcohol, the soul ejects out, and an astral entity latches onto it until the soul returns after the drugs wear off).

Note: Not all of the above walk-in conditions apply to bipolar disorder. But a person could be diagnosed as bipolar, if they experience the planned one-for-one walk-in (continuously swapping souls), or shared vehicle walk-in with notable personality changes or mood swings on a regular basis (e.g. once a day/week/month).

Is there another way to deal with bipolar disease?

In Needler’s experience one way to deal with this condition is to have the therapist or healer communicate with ALL the souls (e.g. 2 or more) concurrently to get an agreement among them. He explained how and why this is beneficial:

  • The primary soul is allowed to regain the status to animate the vehicle, while the passive soul(s) will go back to being passive, so that the incarnation will be successful.
  • This can be done through the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) created by Dolores Cannon, as long as the healer can communicate with all the souls together.
  • A very good healer can also interact with the body energetically. They can communicate with the energies associated with the way in which the souls are positioned.

Needler said the energy healer can reassign or repair the walls that may have been broken down in between the souls, and re-establish the demarcation lines between the passive and dominant souls.

What do prescription drugs do?

Prescription medicines used for bipolar disorder create an energetic imbalance or disharmony, that drives the souls away from the energies associated with the human form. Needler said:

  • It’s like drugging the body to the point, where it’s constantly intoxicated and abhorrent to the souls in the body. The drugs are reducing the interaction of the souls with the body.
  • The souls are not driven totally out, but they’re just driven out of the way of control. It’s like putting them in a different room from the room with all the control mechanisms.

Specifically, the souls move into the higher frequency bands 8, 9 and 10, where they are still within the sphere of energy that creates the human vehicle, but outside of the ability to animate the body. Why?

  • These energetic layers are part of the step down function, that allows the soul to enter the body at a much lower frequency than where the soul came from (True Energetic Self).
  • But frequency levels 8-9-10 don’t have any chakras or auric layers associated with them, so they don’t have the same level of connectivity or control as the lower frequencies associated with the human vehicle (at the physical levels FB 1-3 and astral levels FB 4-7).

Note: Every individual has their own unique response to and tolerance of medications, which may be used to treat and manage this condition along with other therapies as indicated.

Final Thoughts

I hope this information gives you a better understanding of bipolar disorder from the newer perspective that one or more souls may be associated with the same physical body. We need to be more understanding of this situation, when it comes to therapy of any kind.

It is clear that every person is different. Their physical form and soul composition is unique to them. That may explain the variation in the onset, severity and type of symptoms, which may be related to the number of souls involved, their evolutionary level, and the type of walk-in that they agreed upon before incarnation, and other factors.

Interestingly, many famous people from diverse fields (arts, science and politics) have been affected by bipolar disorder. Whether conscious of it or not, it may have brought them some extra skill sets, creative abilities or genius along with the challenges associated with having more than one soul occupying the same body in various ways. We have a lot more to learn.

Famous people with bipolar (Vincent Van Gogh, Virginia Wolff, Britney Spears, Kurt Cobain)

what is the spiritual or energetic basis of bipolar disorder?

List of people with bipolar disorder – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Note: Bipolar disorder is not the same as possession, which is something completely different (see What Are Sentient vs. Transient Astral Entities? – Big Picture Questions.com & Who Is Afraid of Hell, Astral Entities Or Possession? – Big Picture Questions.com).

Disclaimer: The medical information on this site is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. Please consult your health care provider before making any health care decisions about your condition.

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