What Is the Truth About Pyramids?

In the previous post, we learned that there are many individuals on Earth, who are now being educated to build sacred geometry technology. One of the most visible examples of this technology are the pyramids. What is the truth about pyramids?

Who created the pyramids?

Guy Needler (“History of God”) said the pyramids were built by the Atlanteans about 35,000 years ago. They were masters at building pyramids after inheriting large-scale geometric and small-scale crystal technology from alien civilizations that predated them. They had guidance.

  • Many, many pyramids are still in existence around the planet today. Some are buried beneath the sand (e.g. Egypt) or the permafrost (e.g. South Pole), but many are still intact.
  • Their function is to generate energies for many amazing tasks (see the list below).

How were they constructed?

According to Needler (“The Origin Speaks”), the pyramids were not constructed with physical tools, such as logs, rope and soft metal chisels. They were built using spiritual/energetic tools that combined physical technology with the energies of a spiritually advanced user. He added:

  • They could tap into the surrounding energies by focused meditation. They created many devices and structures to harness, store and redirect energies for personal/collective use.
  • These technologies and skills were very powerful, and required the user to have mastery of Love, Wisdom and Power, i.e. purity of heart, cleanliness of thought and total selflessness.

They could manipulate energy and change the shape of objects by molecular manipulation.

  • For example, they could change the molecular composition of heavy materials by placing all but every 3rd or 4th molecule into the nearest dimension. This left a molecular skeleton that was much lighter and easily levitated or transported in the physical plane.
  • They could also change the atomic composition of materials by adding or removing protons, neutrons or electrons. This is how heavy materials (e.g. megaliths, stones) could be easily moved by man-handling or telekinesis to construct these massive structures.

How did the pyramids work?

Needler said the pyramids were built with different configurations and specific ratios to attract and accumulate different types of energies. He described some specifications:

  • The outside of the pyramid had to be complete with a floor and no open sides. The sides were flat to attract certain energies and their associated frequencies (like a solar cell).
  • The larger the surface area of the side, the more energy it could attract. The granite blocks were encased with smooth, white limestone blocks that gleamed in the sunlight.
  • The inside of the pyramid could be a pure void, or a solid with voids at specific areas. The ratio of 1:1.35 (base dimension to corner-apex edge) was a constant applied to any scale.

Examples of various types and sizes of pyramidal structures on Earth (click to enlarge)


Comparison_of_pyramids.svg copy

The energy accumulated at specific energetic loci/points, based on the dimensions, geometric ratios, surface area of the sides, and base materials used (e.g. copper, mineral-based stone).

  • But the energies were not stored within the pyramids. They were kept in a sealed crystal container with a series of terminals attached for distribution to many remote locations.
  • No energies were directed from the pyramids, except for those used in the crystalline capstones to re-energize the aircraft/spacecraft used for transportation.

What were the energies used for?

The geometric devices ranged from microtechnology (e.g. handheld ankh, ring on a finger) to macrotechnology (e.g. pyramids). Needler described some amazing uses for these energies:

  • Changing the molecular structure of an object or material (at the atomic/subatomic level)
  • Levitation of heavy objects (e.g. megaliths, stones)
  • Movement of a planetary body (e.g. Earth and Moon were moved to their current location; planets can be moved to prevent their premature termination at another location)
  • Physical travel (e.g. intra-solid travel and teleportation), or frequential travel by projecting the physical form or the consciousness
  • Projecting the consciousness to the higher self, or to communicate with other Atlanteans, or for remote viewing at a galactic level
  • Distorting the local frequencies to observe alternative event spaces (parallel conditions)
  • Regeneration of the human physical vehicle; healing and repair (e.g. broken bones, damaged organs); modifying the genome of a biological form
  • Communication; amplification of psychic powers; manifestation and creativity
  • Computation; control of labor-saving machinery; climate and weather control; generation of gases; refreshment of soil for food/crop production, etc.

Final Thoughts

The use of geometric devices for all kinds of power-based needs may sound like science fiction to us right now. But that was our reality once and will be again.

When will we get there? Clearly, we need to mature to the point, where we won’t be doing things just to make money or to have power over others. As Needler wrote:

“When we as incarnate mankind can work with our free will and commit to ensure that everything we do is ultimately for the benefit of others in some way, even if we benefit ourselves, then we will gain access to this technology.”  (“The Origin Speaks”)

Instead of developing devices and machines that do the work for us, we need to develop our inner technology to work energetically with the outer technology. That’s how we’ll ensure that the outcome will be balanced (not negative, disharmonious or destructive, as in Atlantis).

This is very different from using a sledgehammer to crack a nut, or the Large Hadron Collider to crack an atom, or a million dollar cruise missile to bomb a tent or a city hospital. That’s overkill using misguided outer technology. As physicist Noel Huntley, PhD wrote:

“Ideally, technology is supposed to be an extension of mind/consciousness. It is not supposed to impede the development of consciousness or replace it.

Abilities within the species should develop, replacing technologies and at the same time more refined sciences are utilized as an aid to the expanding consciousness.” (“The Original Great Pyramid and Future Science”)

That’s what “spiritual science” is all about! It’s about using Power with an equal measure of Love and Wisdom to create things in a harmonious fashion for the good of all concerned.

Image: Palenque, Mexico


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