What Is the Zika Virus Pandemic About?

Recent news have focused on the mosquito borne Zika virus, which in the past caused only sporadic outbreaks in Africa and Asia. In 2015, it emerged as a rapidly spreading pandemic throughout the Americas. It may cause severe brain defects in babies born to infected mothers. That leads to some ethical questions about birth control, abortion, disabilities, and other issues. What is the Zika virus pandemic about?

What is the Zika virus pandemic about?

This virus was first seen in monkeys in Uganda in 1947 with sporadic human outbreaks in Africa and Asia. In May 2015 it was found in Brazil, and was linked to various complications in pregnancy (e.g. miscarriage, stillbirth, premature birth, microcephaly, and eye problems).

What is the Zika virus pandemic about?

The WHO expects Zika to spread throughout the Americas, but countries in Asia could face large outbreaks as well, given that the Summer Olympics will take place in Brazil this year.

  • Last week 150 international scientists, doctors and medical ethicists urged the IOC to postpone or move the Olympics “in the name of public health,” since the virus is known to be transmitted by mosquitoes, sexual contact, transfusion, and intrauterine infection.
  • Most people have a subclinical or mild flu-like illness, but rarely adults may develop Guillain-Barre syndrome or pregnancy complications. Since there is no treatment or vaccine for Zika virus, efforts are made to control the mosquitoes and prevent infection.

Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, and Jamaica have told women to delay getting pregnant or not to have unprotected sex until more is known. Should we all be afraid of these newly emerging viral diseases (e.g. Zika, Ebola, Dengue, West Nile, etc.)? No, that would not serve us well.

Is Zika manmade or a spontaneous virus?

Some people believe that it is a manmade virus associated with an earlier test release of GMO mosquitoes in Northeastern Brazil. They say it’s part of a global conspiracy or a fear-based program designed to keep people stuck in duality. But Needler said:

  • The Zika virus is not manmade in terms of being made in the laboratory. It is a mutation of an existing virus into a state, where it can infect the human body that is remaining in a lower frequential state (see PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases: The Zika Pandemic – A Perfect Storm?).
  • Anything can put us into a lower frequential state, whether it’s fear, materialism, or the need to have certain levels of status, for instance. So it’s a function of our low frequential condition that is allowing the mutation of existing viruses to take control.

In the past, we’ve had worldwide issues with black death (bubonic plague), HIV and these type of things, that mean a lot of incarnate beings may leave the planet that way (see What Happens To People In Mass Deaths By Tsunamis, 9/11 Or Other Events? – Big Picture Questions.com & How Do Souls Exit From Life? – Big Picture Questions.com).

What is Source’s position on abortion?

Needler said that the loss of any physical vehicle is a tragedy, because every vehicle/human body that can come into existence is an opportunity for a soul to experience incarnation.

Sometimes the mother is infected (e.g. HIV), but the baby is okay. Or the mother may be a carrier or healthy herself, but the baby is affected (e.g. X-linked retinitis pigmentosa). It’s all part of the experiential and evolutionary progression of the souls involved.

What if the mother’s life is in danger?

Again it all has to do with the life plans and experiences desired by the souls of the mother and the baby. It’s not about trying to perpetuate the human body for as long as possible, which is a very human thought process, according to Needler.

  • If it’s part of the mother’s life plan, that she gets infected with Zika, HIV or gets cancer, etc. that creates an exit point for her, then it might be used by the mother’s soul to leave.
  • It could well be, that the soul in the mother’s body has decided to experience that level of danger, to evolve from that experience herself, while allowing another soul to be born to experience different lessons in life.
  • Some souls plan to experience only a short lifespan (e.g. miscarriage, stillbirth, sudden infant death syndrome).
  • Sometimes abortion may be part of a person’s lessons (with its many challenges), just as choosing to have a Caesarian, or choosing not to be a mother provide different lessons, as noted by Peter Watson Jenkins and Toni Ann Winninger in “How I Died.”

They told the story of a young woman in China when the one-child rule was in effect. She was 6 months pregnant with a baby girl. She feared her brutal husband’s reaction, and had a back alley abortion, but bled to death. From that experience, her soul learned the lessons of fear, betrayal, total control by other beings, and loss of self that she would never have to repeat.

What about birth control?

Needler said if there is birth control involved, then that is understood by the souls in a holistic way. The souls know that a potential father or mother is going to have an abortion or birth control. Souls only enter the physical vehicles that are going to be successfully created.

  • The birth control side doesn’t come into it at all as a linear function, as we see it.
  • The souls know what is going to happen and work with that in their life planning.

Everything has happened already anyway. Everything is happening. Everything will happen. It’s all happening now, or concurrently, so everything is understood by the souls at a higher level.

When does the soul permanently enter the body?

Needler said that even before the birth state, there is a link between the souls that are animating the potential parents and the soul that’s going to be born to them. So right before conception, there is work on a life plan already. Barbara Brennan (“Hands of Light”) explained:

  • An energetic link is formed between the soul and the fertilized egg at conception. During the gestation period, an etheric womb is formed to protect the incoming soul from outside influences until the baby is born.
  • Newborn babies sleep a lot, while their physical and etheric bodies are being built. They have wide open crown chakras, where the soul enters and leaves the tiny body that it is struggling to squeeze into. The soul often occupies the higher energy bodies that may appear to be 12 feet tall! Children are big souls in little bodies, as Wendy Kennedy said.

The mother’s or parent’s aura acts as a protective field against outside influences, while the child’s chakras are still open, vulnerable and developing (middle). The baby’s chakras do not metabolize all the life force energy needed to sustain life compared to an adult (below, right).

Baby-AdultChakras jan108

Needler said that the soul does not permanently enter the body at conception or at the embryonal, fetal, or birth state, because it can move in and out of that body up until the age of 4. Then the soul starts to become more and more attached and connected to the body. But it’s only around the age of 7, that the soul is fully integrated with its incarnate vehicle.

Final Thoughts

I hope this piece clears up a few ethical questions, that may arise when dealing with certain pregnancy complications of Zika virus or other conditions affecting the mother, baby or both.

In the bigger picture, these people are “change agents” here to help us evolve, to allow all of humanity to embrace their higher-acting human traits (in Richard Rudd’s Gene Keys terms):

  • To evolve from Intolerance or Apathy to Tolerance and Understanding (Gate 4).
  • To evolve from Impatience or Pessimism to Patience and Timelessness (Gate 5).
  • To evolve from Ignorance or Cold-heartedness to Acceptance and Universal love (Gate 25).
  • To evolve from Crisis or Turbulence to Humanity and Compassion (Gate 36), and so on.

One thing is clear: Our souls know a lot more than we do! We seem to be operating in this “deaf, dumb and blind” state arguing, legislating, even criminalizing and worrying about things that we shouldn’t. As Ram Dass said: “Yes, and that too is life and here we are and that’s the way it is.” But with more knowledge and understanding, we can do a lot better.

“There is no “right path” to God. Our choices are unrestricted, our opportunities are unlimited, our paths are unending.” – Neale Donald Walsch


“Life is eternal and there is only One of Us. These two truths are all you will ever need to know.”Neale Donald Walsch

Disclaimer: The medical information on this site is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. Please consult your health care provider before making any health care decisions about your condition.

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