What Type Of Aliens Exist In the Physical Universe?

This is Part 2 of a two-part series on “Alien Incarnation in the Physical Universe.” In Part 1 we discovered that there is really no such thing as an alien or extraterrestrial being in “spiritual” or higher energetic terms. Every entity is part of a larger being called the True Energetic Self (TES/Oversoul), which is located higher up in the multiverse, based on Guy Needler’s work. What type of aliens exist in the physical universe?

“They are nothing more than ourselves, just different physical vehicles there to allow the energetic side of themselves to learn, experience and evolve.” – Guy Needler

How do aliens move interdimensionally?

The physical universe is composed of 12 frequency bands that make up the bottom (first) dimension of our multiverse.

  • Each frequency level represents a different environment.
  • Each level is populated by different entities that have their own perspective, knowledge and ability to manipulate energy.

Needler explained that the frequency bands (FB) are linked together in sets of 3, which have different rules that restrict the movement of entities between them:

  • FB 1-2-3 (one set of frequencies with their own rules).
  • FB 4-5-6 (another set of frequencies with their own rules).
  • FB 7-8-9 (another set of frequencies with their own rules).
  • FB 10-11-12 (another set of frequencies with their own rules).

In general, it is easier to travel down to a lower frequency than to move up to a higher frequency band, which is a function of evolution (or ascending in frequency).

  • For example, entities that exist at FB 7 can move between FB 7 and FB 8.
  • But they cannot go down to FB 6 without a construct to assist it (e.g. space ship) or to FB 9 (which is too high frequency for their physical form to withstand).

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  • But an entity at FB 8 can drop to FB 7 by lowering its frequency (held in reserve to get back up later) or jump to FB 9 (if it holds a high enough frequency).
  • An entity at FB 9 can travel into FB 7-9, but it needs to protect itself with a bubble of energy to go to FB 8 or FB 7, because it could lead to de-evolution if not carefully done.

Are these entities more evolved than humans?

Needler said not necessarily! Some entities are ignorant and only serve their own needs. But many are highly evolved dedicated beings or collectives that support the evolution of the entire universe. All entities can choose to serve themselves, serve others and our Source Entity (see What Does Service To Self Or Others Mean? – Big Picture Questions.com).

  • A soul aspect has to experience each frequency level to progress through it in order to access the next higher level.
  • Some entities have chosen to incarnate in dense physical bodies (e.g. humans) and have evolved up the frequential ladder through experience.
  • Some have access to more knowledge, skills and higher sensory perception, because they retain more bandwidth with their True Energetic Self in the higher frequencies.

Other entities have never incarnated to the lowest levels to try to accelerate their evolution. They also evolve, but not as fast as beings that incarnate in the physical universe.

Are there other ways to incarnate?

Some entities opt for a secondary incarnation, where their primary vehicle exists at a higher frequency (e.g. FB 9-12) and is put aside in stasis, while the soul is projected further down the frequencies into a second vehicle (e.g. human body at FB 1-3).

walk-in (or soul transfer/exchange) is another way to incarnate, where typically one soul leaves and another soul takes its place in an existing human body. There are at least 7 types of walk-ins, according to Needler (see What Is a Walk-in Or a Soul Exchange? – Big Picture Questions.com).

What type of aliens exist in the physical universe?

Most people incarnated on Earth right now have had thousands of lifetimes as humans AND as many types of alien entities elsewhere in the physical universe.

Image of “Russian doll entities”: View Source


The major forms of physical entities in our universe include:

Humanoid, reptilian, feline (cat/lion people), avian (bird people), grey, insectoid (mantid/ant people), aquatic and robotic (AI). In addition, there is a multitude of “nonphysical” or energetic but still formed entities at many frequency levels.

For example, four different aspects projected from your TES could be incarnated as:

  • A shapeshifting humanoid at FB 4 in the Andromedan Nebula.
  • An electromagnetic butterfly-like being at FB 9 on the other side of the universe.
  • A nonphysical energetic being aligned with a planetary body at FB 10 in our galaxy.
  • And “you” animating a human body on Earth at FB 1-3.

For more details about various alien types, please see my Report#2-GrandCycles.

What are robotic forms?

In “The Great Human Potential,” Wendy Kennedy said there are many different forms of artificial intelligence (AI) in the universe. She explained:

  • Every particle in the universe has consciousness. The soul is simply condensed, concentrated consciousness.

what type of aliens exist in the physical universe

In the Lyran system machines were created to do manual labor. Over time these “synthetics” became more sophisticated. Their typical lifespan was six years.

  • Souls began entering into these synthetics for a rapid incarnation cycle to learn about issues, like discrimination, because they were considered inferior to “biological” forms.
  • The AI collective explored emotions, such as anger, frustration, excitement and curiosity (e.g. Star Trek: The Next Generation androids ‘Data’ and ‘Lore’).

Guy Needler said that it is possible to create a clone or a robotic form, that is similar in functionality to the human form. It could house a soul aspect (be ensouled). But he said:

  • It would be like operating a remote control toy, which is why aspects don’t often choose to animate a synthetic form.
  • There isn’t the same level of integration or evolutionary content derived from that kind of life experience.

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