What Type of Entities Can Incarnate As Humans?

In a previous post, we learned how our Source Entity created the multiverse for its entities to experience and evolve within. Here we’ll look at the types of entities that populate our multiverse structure, based on Guy Needler’s work. What type of entities can incarnate as humans?

What are the two major paths that entities can choose?

All kinds of entities or beings are scattered around Earth, other planets, other universes and dimensions within our multiverse. They can choose to experience all or part or none of the multiverse. But generally they follow one of two different paths:

  1. ChoiceSome entities are in the evolutionary process to experience all the frequencies.
  2. Some entities function as maintenance entities to totally serve the other beings.

How were the entities created?

Our Source Entity used a process of expansion to create countless smaller entities. But this program generated various “energetic genres” or entity types. Some entities have more sentience (or self-awareness) than others.

  • About 65% of the entities are true replicates of Source called True Energetic Selves (Oversouls), which is who we really are.
  • They are individualized sentient units of Source belonging to a higher energetic genre, because they have more sentience. That means they can work in any environment and all the dimensions and frequencies.

Some of these entities remain as disincarnate collectives in the higher levels of the multiverse and choose not to incarnate.

  • Other entities project parts of themselves (as souls) to animate various beings (in human/alien form) in the physical universe. They want to experience the finer details of physicality to evolve faster.
  • Entities with lesser sentience (like animals, plants and minerals) also incarnate, but they are limited to working in smaller areas of the universe or at only certain frequencies, so they evolve slower than us.

All the living entities that we classify as humans, animals, trees, planets, etc. have different levels of energies and sentience, which determines how fast they can evolve.

What type of entities can incarnate as humans?

Most (92%) humans belong to the higher energetic genre. Our job is to experience, learn and evolve, so that we can become self-aware and ascend the frequencies while incarnate in the physical universe. Needler explained:

  • Eventually, we will ascend out of the physical universe and don’t need to incarnate at all.
  • Every entity within the multiverse also has a role in perpetuating the integrity or structure of the multiverse.

About 8% of the human population is made of “backfill people.” They don’t usually incarnate on Earth, because their soul has a lesser energy content, which falls between that of humans and animals.

  • They are biologically identical to other human beings. But normally these entities have collective will outside of Earth.
  • They typically incarnate in the third and fourth frequency levels in the physical universe and can exist as many different forms.
  • On Earth they are exposed to individualized free will. BUT they are still linked collectively here and tend to gravitate together.

They are generally incarnating on Earth for the first time and get totally absorbed in the material world. They are easily addicted to low frequency stimuli, such as materialism, sex, alcohol, drugs, gambling, foods, etc.


Why are the backfill people here?

They are allowed to incarnate right now to “backfill” for those humans, that have ascended to higher frequency and decided not to incarnate again.

  • The numbers of backfill people will increase over time, as more humans continue to ascend or leave the planet.
  • They are needed to maintain a critical mass of incarnate beings that maintain the low frequency environment on Earth (made of frequency levels 1-2-3).
  • When all higher energy human entities have ascended the point of non-incarnation, the backfill people will return to their own energy set to evolve in their own way in other places.

The backfill people also progress from their incarnation as individuals on Earth. They pass on their experiences to their collective energetic race, when they die. They are being of service to humans, their own race and are part of Source, like all entities are, according to Needler.

What are the OM?

Very rare incarnate humans are highly evolved entities known as the Original Material or Original Manifestation (OM). They also have a different energy set created by the Origin (not by our Source Entity).

  • Some (but not all) of them can traverse any frequency, dimension, event space, continuum, and space between the Source Entities and The Origin at will.
  • They are smaller individualized units of the Origin and have the capability equal to a Source Entity.
  • They are here to help us with our ascension and the Earth experiment in free will.

Note: Guy Needler is a pure OM being, which is why he is able to traverse all the frequencies and communicate with all 12 Source Entities and the Origin.

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