What Will Future Earth Look Like?

I’m reposting this piece ahead of the 21st Conference of the Parties, or the annual meeting of all countries (including 150 Heads of State), that want to take action for the climate, held in Le Bourget, France from 30 November to 11 December 2015. In many ways Earth plays a pivotal role in the evolution of this universe. What will future Earth look like?

What is the function of Earth?

Earth (like all planets) is a sentient energy-based entity that is evolving in its own way. But it is no ordinary planet, according to Wendy Kennedy and others. She explained:

  • Earth hosts a greater diversity of entities than any other planet in this dimension or universe. Thousands upon thousands of entities have projected themselves here to have an experience on the surface, inside or around the planet.
  • The more entity types a planet supports, the faster its own evolution, because it contributes more to other beings.

According to Guy Needler, Earth exists as a “panfrequential” being, which means there is more than one Earth. We live on the lowest version made of frequency levels 1-3, but the physical universe has 9 more Earths at frequency levels 4-12 (see Are We Ascending To the Fifth Dimension? – Big Picture Questions.com).

  • During the Fall of Atlantis, Earth dropped 9 frequency levels lower than where it started, which is at the top of the physical universe at frequency band 12.
  • The lower down the frequencies you go, the more solid or dense the physical level gets, including the beings and the planet.

It has taken over 25,000 years for human evolution to recover from the Atlantean era. But the base frequency of Earth and the local universe is much higher now than during that era.

What happens to us when Earth ascends?

The planet is ascending, and when Earth ascends, the whole universe can ascend. Needler’s analogy for going up the frequency levels of the physical universe is like watching a building being constructed.

  • At our 3-frequential (“3D”) level, our eyes can only see the steel framework of the building. If you go up a frequency level, you’ll see a roof put in.
  • If you go up another level, you’ll start to see the brickwork being done. At the next level up, the brickwork is in place.
  • Further levels up will show parts of the infrastructure, like plumbing, electrical or tiling etc. being added in successive layers. The higher up you go, the more you’ll see being constructed layer by layer.

Although our eyes and scientific instruments are very limited in what they can detect, scientists are beginning to find more objects in space, including over 1000 earth-like exoplanets.

What will future earth look like?

According to Needler, when we get to the 12th frequency level, we will see that the physical universe is absolutely packed or fully occupied. All the gaps and spaces between the stars and things we can see get filled in by things that we don’t see right now.

What happens to weather when Earth ascends?

When we increase the frequency of something by giving it energy, it’s like heating an ice cube (lower frequency) that melts. It becomes water, then steam (higher frequency) and starts to disappear from our view. But the molecular structure of water (H2O) does not change.

  • Similarly, we are making the planet lighter (less dense), but also gradually higher temperature than it was, because we are ascending quite rapidly upwards.
  • Our ascension is the major reason for global warming. But manmade pollution (e.g. fossil fuels, radiation, methane emissions, etc.) contributes to it as well.

As the weather system becomes aligned with an increasingly higher frequency Earth, the seasonal weather patterns will change across the globe, according to Needler.

  • That means we are going to move out of the mini ice age that we have been in.
  • The warmer summers will melt more glacial ice at the poles, and that will raise the sea levels and change the jet streams and topography of Earth (below, click to enlarge).


Some areas are already becoming more temperate with milder winters. Other areas have more extreme weather patterns (e.g. record drought, rainfall, tornadoes, heat etc.). These patterns are expected to continue during our lifetime.


What happens to human and animal populations?

Needler said we are inside a 500-year window of a major pole shift, which is historically associated with mass extinction of species.

  • Some animals or incarnate vehicles are less able to cope with the changes than others.
  • Presumably, humans in the future will have better technology to predict and deal with some Earth changes (e.g. by shifting people away from vulnerable areas or building cities underground, etc.).

As humanity transitions to higher frequencies, many species like dolphins and whales will leave Earth and incarnate elsewhere in the physical universe. Needler explained:

  • Even if a particular species seems to go extinct on our planet, the sentient entities themselves don’t ever die.
  • Those entities that incarnate in animal form are NOT restricted to just one species on Earth. They can choose to come back to life as another species OR go to another physical planet in the universe to continue their evolutionary cycle.

For example, the hive souls that are incarnating as polar bears, birds, fish, dogs, cats or whatever species may choose another species to experience life within, if one species goes extinct on our planet. The entities that incarnate as animals also ascend, but they stay within the context of their energy signature (see Where Do Human and Other Souls Come From? – Big Picture Questions.com).

What can I do to help Earth?

All change begins within. Wendy Kennedy summed it up like this:

“The most important thing you can do is to work upon yourselves. What happens to the microcosm happens to the macrocosm. You are not separate. You are connected. So if you see something that you want to change in the world, look at what is going on in your life that is perhaps reflecting the issue to you on a personal level?”

Eventually Earth will die in physical terms, but not in energetic terms. Earth will progress along with the rest of the planets in our solar system. They will move to the next level of evolution before our Sun physically dies. But Needler said humanity will be long gone from the physical universe before all that happens. 🙂


“God is a process, not the result of that process, but the process itself. The process of creation is never complete, never done. And you are part of that process.” – Neale Donald Walsch

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