Where Did The Origin Come From?

In the previous post, we learned that we live in an event space-based environment, which is an energetic functionality that exists as part of the Origin. This event space allows us to investigate various what if scenarios to learn about the cause and effect of things in our multiverse, which includes the physical universe, where we’re incarnated right now.

Where did we come from?

Guy Needler has given us an unprecedented glimpse at the detailed structure and function of the Origin/Absolute and the 12 Source Entities it created to help map itself in order to evolve.

  • One of those Source Entities (SE1/our “God”) created our multiverse and all the entities within it, including our True Energetic Selves (TES/Oversouls), which is who we really are.
  • In essence, we are all made of the same substance as the Origin and the Source Entities. We’re separate entities given individuality to probe the smaller aspects of the multiverse.

But that’s not all we do, because all of us as True Energetic Selves help to create the structure of the multiverse as well. We are its memory bank. At a lower level, our TES and soul aspects also help to create the physical environment. We create everything around ourselves.

“All the world’s a stage. And all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances.” – Shakespeare (“As You Like It”)

Where did our creator come from?

Because we’re human, we tend to anthropomorphize or attribute human personality and form to everything, including otherworldly beings and environments. Our maker (like the guy below) must have our visage and hands to create things with, right? Not according to Needler.


In reality, our creator (SE1) and its ultimate creator (the Origin) are purely sentient entities with a body of energy at a higher level. They create other sentient beings (like our True Energetic Selves) by transferring parts of their sentience to smaller bodies of energy at lower levels.

  • The entities found in our multiverse predominantly take the form of a sphere of light (see orbs below). That’s what we really look like, but all of us have unique energy signatures.


  • We’re not just “star seeds,” although we have many lifetimes in human and alien “biosuits.” Our souls animate these forms to explore various levels and environments in the physical universe, which is part of our multiverse and the Origin as well.

The true meaning of our existence is to support the expansion of the Origin’s sentience.

Where did the Origin come from?

Guy Needler’s book, “The Origin Speaks: A Direct Dialogue with the Ultimate Creator” will be published this fall. It will go into much more detail about the Origin, event space, omniverse structure, walk-ins and many other topics. Here is what we know about the Origin so far:

  • The Origin wasn’t the first sentient entity that ever developed. Other energies (that became Event Space) became sentient before the Origin by following the normal evolutionary process (see How Does Life Begin and Evolve? – Big Picture Questions.com).
  • But Event Space used its own parallelism functionality to figure out that there was a possibility of creating a much better creator being than Event Space would ever be.

Event Space decided to allow this much bigger entity to evolve, which would become a more holographically, holistically omnipresent, omnipotent being, which we call the Origin.

  • Event Space had to terminate all the possible paths except the one that allowed the Origin to become sentient and to encompass everything that was out there, i.e. All There Is/the Absolute/That Which Is Beyond God/The All.
  • To do this, Event Space had to sacrifice its own evolutionary potential. It almost terminated its own sentience in the process of creating the Origin. But it survived.

Now Event Space is part of the structure of the Origin. It creates all the local, global, universal or higher parallel conditions that all entities use to learn about the cause and effect of things.

Final Thoughts

This has got to be THE greatest story ever told!!! We’ll hear a lot more about the greater reality once Needler’s next book, “The Origin Speaks,” comes out, but consider this a sneak preview.

As you may know, we’ve only just begun! The Origin has mapped less than a tenth of 1% of its current area of focus (or area of polyomniscient sentient self-awareness). There’s a long way to go for all evolving entities that are part of expanding the sentience of the Origin/The All.

But at least now we know where all parts of the Trinity actually come from. 🙂


“All of life is animated by a single fantastic [sentient] energy, which is the essence of everything that is — including you…and what you are made of, it can obviously never leave you.

It can bring you peace in moments of stress, strength in moments of weakness, courage in moments of fear, wisdom in moments of confusion, forgiveness in moments of anger, and love in all the moments of your life.” – Neale Donald Walsch

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