Where Do Human and Other Souls Come From?

In previous posts, we learned that our Source Entity created the multiverse and populated it with a variety of beings or entities, whose purpose is to experience, learn and evolve within the structure. Although all of them were made of the same substance, not all were assigned the same amount of sentient energies. This created different “energetic genres” of entities. Where do human and other souls come from?

What is the Tree of Life on Earth? 

Earth is a rich biodiverse planet and a sentient being in its own right. Thousands upon thousands of species deposited their genetic material here to experience life on the surface, within and around the planet as various known and unknown life forms (yet to be discovered).

  • Scientists have now sequenced portions of the genomes from 216 known species.
  • They constructed a “Tree of Life” by comparing some DNA sequences from humans, animals, plants and microbes to see how related they were to each other.
  • The human branch (Homo sapiens) is indicated by the red arrow (click to enlarge).

where do human and other souls come from

All these life forms, such as humans, animals, plants and microbes have specific functions on our planet, but they don’t all come from the same energetic genre.

What is an energetic genre?

Our Source populated our multiverse with countless smaller entities called True Energetic Selves (TES/Oversouls) in a way that created several energetic genres that have different levels of sentient energies. This affects where they can work and how fast they can evolve.

  • About 65% of the entities belong to a higher energetic genre. That means they can work at any frequency in the multiverse and evolve faster than the lower genre entities.
  • They project individual souls/aspects (below) to animate different species (e.g. fully sentient humans/alien beings) anywhere in the physical universe.


The lower energetic genre includes beings like animals and plants that have less sentient energy, i.e. less self-awareness and less ability to change themselves and their environment.

  • They combine their energies to make a group/hive soul that sends tendrils to incarnate as various semi-sentient animal or plant species on Earth and elsewhere.
  • By comparison, energies that are just gaining their sentience can enter into minerals, viruses or bacteria to experience lower frequencies from that perspective.

Where in the multiverse do human and other souls come from?

Our Source created the multiverse with 12 full dimensions that contain 397 simultaneous universes, that are arranged as spheres within spheres (image analogy, below).


The physical universe is the bottom (center) universe. That’s where all incarnation takes place as different galactic races or physical forms (e.g. humanoid, amoeboid, insectoid, reptoid, planet- or star-associated forms).

  • The physical universe is the first and only full dimension made of 12 frequency bands.
  • Other full dimensions (FD) have 36 frequency bands, and each of those frequency bands is a simultaneous universe in its own right.

The location of True Energetic Selves in different energetic genres is summarized below. The TES can experience the simultaneous universes in a random way by projecting souls to any level. But their overall evolution is reflected by the full dimension at which they exist.

  • All entities need to evolve through all 12 full dimensions of the multiverse to be able to master Love, Wisdom and Power in balance with each other. This is not a hierarchy, as we know it. Each being or collective is playing its universal role to support the whole.
  • All entities are going to the same destination to be reintegrated with Source in this third evolutionary cycle. We’ve all done two multiverse cycles already! We’re not newbies at it.

Entities that can appear in human form could come from FD 2 (backfill people), FD 3-4 (most humans) or higher levels (e.g. evolved White children, ascended masters, councils, etc.). But entities incarnating as animals, plants or microbes come from various levels of FD 2 (below).


Here is my image analogy for incarnation with the physical universe (FD 1) at the bottom and other full dimensions (FD 2-5) above it. The “elevator” takes the soul aspects from various levels of True Energetic Selves to incarnate at any frequency, as any species, on any planet, star or galaxy, according to the life plan of the soul.

where do human and other souls come from

Earth is just one destination during our thousands of incarnate lives as soul aspects. Other locations may include Sirius, Pleiades, Arcturus, Andromeda and countless other galaxies and star systems that we don’t even recognize at our current level of understanding.

  • That’s why you’re not really a Pleiadian or Arcturan being, even if you resonate with them. You may have spent many lifetimes in that star system, but that’s not who you really are.
  • Eventually, all entities including those in the lower energetic genres will ascend out of the physical universe with us, when we no longer have to incarnate to evolve.
  • But they will still be of their own genre, just a higher frequency version of animal energy or plant energy or galaxy energy or planet energy.

Guy Needler said that any entity could project part of itself into any of these genres, but we don’t, because there is no evolutionary advantage for us to incarnate in animal or plant forms. It would be like going back to kindergarten after finishing high school or college.

Final Thoughts

Reflecting on all this information, it’s clear that our journey is much grander than most of us can imagine here on Earth. The scale of things is almost incomprehensible, but here is a figure of our physical universe. Currently, we can only see 3 out of the 12 frequencies actually present. But it helps us see why we are not alone in this or any other universe above it. 😉


“All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small…”

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