Who Is Afraid Of Hell, Astral Entities Or Possession?

In a previous post, we discovered the famous quote by Earl Nightingale: “You become what you think about.” Different versions of this age-old quote have been heard since the days of Buddha. We also learned that your thought is the parent which gives birth to all things, because you think it into being, according to Neale Donald Walsch and others. Who is afraid of hell, astral entities or possession?

How do we create things with our mind?

Guy Needler explained that most people consider thought to be the first step in creation (or destruction). But the first step is the intention to think and act. So thought is the middle part or the product of intention, and action is the product of thought.

  • The process is:  Intention → Thought → Action → Creation.
  • By the time the thought comes into play, there is significant energetic inertia behind the intention to act.

Because we have free will, we can change our intention, which may lead to either no action or a change in the action.

  • Our feelings, emotions, wishes and desires are physical products of intention and part of thought and transference.
  • We are told: “Be careful what you think about.”
  • What this really means is be clear and consistent (not wishy washy) on what your intention is, so that the product of your thought will be successful.

Visualize the outcome you want to experience and stay with it, be committed and pulse it out to the universe requesting a successful outcome. If you’re wishy washy, the universe gets mixed signals and doesn’t know what to deliver. It’s as simple as that, according to Needler.


Can we create a heaven or hell on Earth?

Guy Needler described the difference between our energetic and incarnate states like this:

  • When we are incarnate in the physical world, we are constrained by a physical body. It’s like a wetsuit that is heavy, sluggish and limiting, since it almost totally cuts off communication with our True Energetic Self (TES/Oversoul) and our Source.
  • Our body deteriorates over time and develops aches and pains and various disease conditions that lead to its eventual demise. In that sense, this could be viewed as a “hellish” realm when compared to the energetic side.
  • When we are disincarnate energetic beings in our normal higher frequency environment, we are free to move around and have instant communication with our peers and our creator. This could be viewed as “heaven” compared to our life on Earth.

He said it is possible to make “heaven on Earth” by living in a way to avoid attracting karma (i.e. lower frequency attachments to the physical) and by communing with our True Energetic Self and God through daily meditation.

Is there a hell at some other level?

Guy Needler and many others have assured us, that there is NO such thing as hell or eternal damnation.

  • This is a misguided belief, which arose in religions that used simple language to steer (threaten) people away from low frequency living.
  • The truth is you cannot go to hell, because it simply doesn’t exist.

After death the soul returns to its True Energetic Self for a life review and reintegration back into those energies. But it doesn’t lose its level of individuality, because the aspect becomes specialized in certain incarnations and experiences.

  • Some misguided souls may remain trapped after death as “ghosts” in the astral level, because they don’t recognize that they are dead, or they remain attached to the physical realm (to a person or a place) until they are helped to return to their TES.

Image: What Dreams May Come (1998)


A few confused souls may get lost in their own distorted thoughts and expectations of a “hell.” They believe that physical existence is all there is or that hell is where they belong. They stay at the lower frequencies of the physical universe until they accept help and return to their own True Energetic Self (“Home”).

Are there demons and devils?

According to Guy Needler, there are NO such things as demons or devils.

  • There are many different species or forms in the physical universe. Some of them may look abhorrent to humans (e.g. insectoid, reptoid, amoeboid forms, etc.).
  • But their appearance simply reflects the physical environment that they exist within.

In the energetic state, we appear as spherical energy beings (like brilliant balls of light). But our form is fluid and can be shifted in shape and appearance to be desirable or abhorrent to other beings.

Are there astral entities?

Needler said there are transient energetic beings with a level of intelligence. They are basically thought forms created by a sentient being by accident or intention.

  • These astral entities are not sentient and they are short-lived. They’re nothing like us.
  • These entities exist in frequency bands 4, 5, 6 and 7 within the physical universe.
  • They cannot exist above or below these astral frequencies (FB 4-7). They get returned to Source energy above FB 7 and cannot operate below FB 4.


They latch onto the energies associated with the human aura or energy field, because they cannot metabolize their own energy and need a host to survive, according to Needler.

  • The astral entity persuades the host to be under its passive control by giving the host something in return.
  • It could be feelings of physical power, mental power, coercion or some extra information (e.g. precognition), which distracts the host’s attention.
  • These entities can only take advantage of humans who are unaware of them.

The host may feel that something is “off” or not quite right energetically. They may complain of feeling constantly tired, drained, sleep deprived or that they have to do something all the time.

  • But they quickly get used to their new “depleted but powerful self.” Their personality is not really changed by this passive possession, which somehow enhances them.
  • They may become good at something new. They accept their new synergetic state and work in tandem with the attached astral entity.

Note: Your True Energetic Self/Oversoul, which is who you really are exists much higher up in the multiverse than these transient astral beings.

What is active possession?

There is a more aggressive version of possession, where the astral entity wants to become the host. It tries to replace the original soul aspect that is occupying the human vehicle.

  • This can happen, when the host is under the heavy influence of alcohol or drugs (e.g. LSD, cocaine) that make the soul want to leave and eject from the drugged body.
  • The auric layers of the host are torn apart (below). This leaves the person vulnerable to attachment by astral entities. It takes 3 days to heal the auric layers, while the host is ‘detoxing’ himself.

Image: Auric field of a person addicted to narcotics or alcohol


Some astral entities can latch on, feed off the host during the repairs. Some entities may stay with the body for a while, even years in some cases. The astral entity may develop such a strong energetic link with the host that it wants to become the host.

  • But the astral entity cannot replace the host (like a true walk-in), because it has the wrong (too low frequency) energetic signature compared to a human being.
  • But that doesn’t stop the entity from trying. The astral entity may take the appearance of an abhorrent or fear-inducing entity to try to control the host.
  • The entity may also use a high level of coercion to get the host’s permission to almost control them.

In some cases, the personality of the host may change, because of the severe disharmony. Their behavior may become disturbing or out of character. But the host may not be aware of any changes.

  • If we become aware of the astral entity, it can be quickly and easily removed by someone with the right skill and intention.


According to Needler, they’re not anything to worry about. We are powerful enough to say: “Off you go!” and flick them off like a fly. Watch this clip to get the picture: ▶ Bruce Almighty – Bruce Nolan I’ve Got The Power (HD) – YouTube.

Is possession part of a life plan?

Guy Needler said NO. Possession cannot be planned, because it involves low frequency astral entities, which are incapable of such planning with our soul aspects, that exist at much higher levels.

  • Most incarnate humans are ignorant or completely unaware, that they are linked with an astral entity.
  • In that case, there is no point to the experience, because you cannot correct the situation on your own, if you’re unaware or clueless.

In comparison, if a person is being coerced or manipulated by another person, and they’re at least subconsciously aware of that, then there is some point to that experience.

  • It could be part of their life plan, because they may be able to correct the situation, learn and evolve from it. If somebody is coercing another against their true will, that attracts karmic content to the coercer/manipulator.

Is it necessary to do shielding for protection?

The opinion seems to vary from daily shielding to one-time or no shielding at all. Wendy Kennedy (channeling the 9D Pleiadian Collective) explained that they don’t believe in shielding or seeing yourself in a cocoon of light, which is just a stepping stone. She said:

  • The need for protection actually creates the attack, because you’re pulsing out that you need to be protected. When you realize that you’re inherently protected, that you are safe as you are, nothing comes to you.
  • When lower vibrational things come to you, it’s just like another person comes to you. You have a choice to engage with them or not.
  • You can hold your boundary, your own frequency and not engage with any being from any dimension that doesn’t feel right to you. Ignore them or move away with a strong intention to do something else. (Maybe channel a little “Bruce Almighty” in that situation!?)

In my experience, the groups that promote daily shielding, implant removals and other rituals are the ones that are suffering the most from negative entity attacks. Perhaps it comes down to “You become what you think about.” If negative entities or aliens is all you think about, that’s what you’ll attract to your field until it becomes a pattern, as Lao Tzu taught us (below).

 Watch your intentions; They become your thoughts.


NOTE: Guy Needler has a series of 20 blogs about The Darker Side of the Light | Guy Steven Needler. He also created an effective one-time, robust, programmable shield (“Creating a Psychic Shield”) found at Correspondence Courses | Guy Steven Needler.

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