Why Are the First Seven Years Of Life So Important?

Previously, we learned about the mechanics of incarnation from conception through gestation. Now to complete the picture, here is an excerpt from Guy Needler’s newest book, “The Anne Dialogues,” which was part of the Transcript for the World Satsanga held on May 25, 2017. It describes the incarnation process from pre-birth to seven years and beyond in more detail, which helps us understand this: Why are the first seven years of life so important?

Why are the first seven years of life so important?

Excerpt from Chapter 15, “The Anne Dialogues” by Guy Needler

This wonderful book was written by Guy Needler [shown below as ME] in communication with his deceased wife, the “Energetic Anne” [A]. In this text, the soul is called the “Aspect” and the Oversoul or Higher Self is called the “True Energetic Self” (TES).

“The First Seven Years Are the Most Important (Chapter 15)

A: The first seven years are relative to the level of integration with the incarnate vehicle and therefore the depth of immersion into the incarnation itself. The depth of immersion is a direct function of the level of integration with the incarnate vehicle. I will say here though that what you may think of as being integrated and immersed is not the actuality of the function.

ME: You mean that the more integrated with the incarnate vehicle the Aspect is, the more immersed in the incarnation it becomes?

A: Correct. In the event that the Aspect is fully integrated with the incarnate vehicle it becomes fully immersed in the incarnate existence it planned. This means that the Aspect “is” the human body in the case of existence on Earth. If on the other hand, the Aspect is incompletely integrated, and there are various levels of this, then the Aspect either “knows” or “feels” that it is not the human body or incarnate vehicle and therefore has varying levels of access to its TES and the greater reality. This type of integration results in the person appearing to be of access to those who are fully integrated and therefore fully immersed.

I will therefore describe the mechanics of the first seven years of incarnate existence from the perspective of integration and functionality based upon the eras of integration the incarnate aspect experiences as the following:

  • Pre-birth
  • Birth to first year
  • Year one to year four
  • Year four to year five
  • Year five to year seven
  • Year seven and beyond

In the pre-birth period the level of integration with the incarnate vehicle the Aspect is simply learning how to work with the energies of the vehicle selected, getting the feel of its functionality/abilities, health, longevity and strength. In effect it is learning how to connect with the energies of the vehicle. Each and every Aspect that incarnates has to go through this process simply because the energies associated with the incarnate vehicle vary depending upon the vehicle itself. Those energies associated with its construction; that being those of the mother and father make enough energetic difference to ensure that the Aspect needs to align itself to them in a way that is subtly different to the alignment used in its previous incarnation. Once it is happy with its level of integration, and, that is happy with the level of harmony with the energies of the vehicle it elects to fully integrate with it. It is at this point that the Aspect loses the energetic functionality associated with its normally high frequential state to a functionality associated with its temporary incarnate state. That being, it forgets who and what it is and loses its capabilities as a creator, the level of forgetting and functionality, of course, being a function of the level of integration with the incarnate vehicle and its associated immersion. Based upon this, an Aspect can incarnate in states of no awareness and memory of Self, with no communicative ability with its TES, to full awareness and total memory of Self and full communicative ability with its TES.

In the pre-birth to year one period the Aspect is busy establishing itself as the incarnate vehicle from a rudimentary sense, that being, relative to the level of awareness it has assigned to itself, or the level of immersion it desires to experience. Also included are the initiation of the relationships, from a human level, with the mother, father and its siblings – if any at all at that juncture in its incarnate existence. During this time if the Aspect has a high level of awareness assigned to it, it can either choose to stay with the incarnate vehicle at all times or it can move away from it during rest periods (sleep). If on the other hand the Aspect has chosen total immersion it will sink into a deeper and deeper level of integration and immersion with the incarnate vehicle and will fully associate itself in all ways with the incarnate vehicle and e vehicle and establishing the ego as a result. Note here that an ego is always created as a result of incarnation, irrespective of the depth of integration and immersion, but it is the depth of immersion that creates the size of the ego, so to speak – that being, the level of overall control it has over the incarnation during the incarnation from a purely human perspective

Energetically speaking the Aspect is learning how to control the incarnate vehicle through the experience of the five senses, anatomic/automatic bodily functions and movement of motor based functions. Also, the chakras and auric field are not entirely developed at this point in the incarnation which results in the Aspect having limited energetic functionality and personal protection from energetic attack of any kind. In aid of this, the Aspect, within the incarnate vehicle, needs to be close to, or better still within, the energies of its mothers’ (or fathers’) Auric field for both protection and energetic nutrition. From the perspective of energetic operational and functional connectivity, that which allows the Aspect to animate the incarnate vehicle, connectivity is via the “Hara Line”, which is the energetic tube or micro vortex that protects the sentient energies that are projected out from the TES and into the incarnate vehicle, through a location close to the crown chakra to a point just above the pelvis where it splits into two and continues down each leg. The Sentient energies of the Aspect coalesce at the “Tan Tien” which is three inches (75mm) above the navel and three inches (75mm) inside of the physical body at this point. There they are connected with the energy matrix that is the energetic “Body” templates on all seven levels of the spirituo-physical components of the incarnate vehicle, the energy meridians, mini, minor and major chakras. The essence of beingness of the Aspect, its sentience, coalesces at a point in line with the Tan Tien but behind the heart chakra known as the “Soul Seat”. (Again, see Barbara Brennans work – GSN). The incarnate beingness or sentience of the Aspect is therefore located in the soul seat and NOT in the head.

From year one to year four the Aspect continues to develop the ego and as a result the start of a “Human Personality” can be seen by those who interact with the incarnate Aspect. Furthermore accuracy of “Bodily” control is experienced and self-awareness as a human being is established. At this point the majority of the capacity for learning is established and the Aspect gains knowledge of itself (likes, dislikes and abilities), its communicative abilities and functional abilities from a mental and physical perspective are becoming noticeable. Energetically the Aspect gradually reduces its dependence on the mother and father for energetic nutrition and protection. With that the incarnate Aspect becomes an independent incarnate entity around the age of four and is now capable of increasing its level of individuality in all perspectives and functions.

From year four to year five the Aspect is in a period of consolidation and energetic autonomy from the parents is established. With the ability to be totally autonomous from the parents, it seeks to establish its own personal and energetic boundaries. This period can be either the start, or the end, of a phase of tantrums, which are created as the incarnate Aspect also establishes its boundaries of external control from others, internal power over the self and external power over others.

In the instance of the fully immersed Aspect, evidence of selfishness can be observed along with varying levels of coercive ability becoming visible as the ego grows and takes hold of the sentient energies of the Aspect in this incarnate state. The memory of its real state being far in the energetic distance/past, the ego washes over the sentience and the relationship between the Aspect’s sentience (its sentient energies), the incarnate vehicle and the ego are now merged as one.

In the instance of the semi-immersed Aspect, higher thoughts, function/abilities and other incarnations percolate to the surface in random moments, making the incarnate Aspect feel that it is not quite what it is as an incarnate entity and start to question its self and its surroundings. This can lead to the Aspect asking strange questions of its parents, siblings and friends that are totally out of context with its incarnate upbringing, age and experience to date. Out of body excursions may be experienced.

From year five to year seven the Aspect completes its final stage of energetic development from the perspective of the growth of the three gross physical and four spirituo-physical energetic stages — seven in total, to that of the adult gross physicality of the incarnate vehicle. Note that this is a statement of functionality and not of size. All of the chakras, mini, minor and major are now fully developed and fully functional. From this point onwards the incarnate Aspect is capable of using its energies for purposes other than simply maintaining the incarnate state. They can be used for communication, coercion, healing, energetic attack and defence as well as manipulating the Aspects local environment. Some or all of these functions are used on a subconscious basis in the main, irrespective of whether the Aspect is fully immersed in the incarnation or is in some level of spiritual awareness. For those Aspects that are in one of the various states of awareness, more exposure to the greater reality is experienced, and/or at a greater depth. At this point the ego is almost fully developed.

From year seven and beyond the Aspect “is” the incarnate vehicle, the incarnate vehicle being in a state of seamless connectivity, functionality and operation between the Aspect and its incarnate vehicle. Due to the ever increasing need to work and interface with others in the physical environment, from the perspective of both the fully immersed and the aware Aspect (at whatever level), the thought processes revolve around the self being the incarnate vehicle and not its sentient energetic state. From here onwards the fully developed ego grows from strength to strength and is the dominant personality that drives the incarnate vehicle. Even at this age, the ego is what we are when incarnate and it only gets bigger as we age and gain exposure to the experiences that incarnate existence gives us. External influences taint, mar, temper, encourage, satisfy, excite and educate us on all levels giving us desires, prejudice, likes, dislikes, addictions and overall experiential experience. From this juncture the personality is the ego and the ego is the personality, and, the incarnate Aspect is ready to work in the physical as a function of its physical environment.

These seven years provide both the greatest and most complete integration and immersion into the incarnate state sentiently, energetically, physically and mentally, providing a robust basis for the life plan to be introduced and worked with.”

From: The Anne Dialogues: Communications with the Ascended: Guy Needler: 9781940265391: Amazon.com: Books

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