Why Do We Forget Who We Are?

Many of us have wondered why we have come to Earth, as if we were “deaf, dumb and blind” to the Greater Reality and to our true spiritual nature? Why do we forget who we are? Here are a few answers to this question from several perspectives.

What’s the point of all life?

Neale Donald Walsch asked God: “First, You make us forget Who We Are, so that we can remember Who We Are?”

To which God replied: “Not quite. So that you can create Who You Are and Who You Want to Be. This is the point of all life. Through you, I experience being Who and What I Am. Without you, I could know it, but not experience it. Knowing and experiencing are two different things.”

why do we forget who we are

Wouldn’t it be easier if we could remember our plan?

Dolores Cannon asked: “Wouldn’t it be easier if we could remember why we’re here, why these things are happening to us?” Her sources replied: “It wouldn’t be a test if you knew the answers! So you have to come in and stumble your way back, to find your way back. You’ve got to remember where you came from, that you came from God originally.”

Wouldn’t it be fun to enter into density, forget who we are, and then try to get out of it?

According to Wendy Kennedy, this is what higher dimensional beings long ago decided to do. She said: “You were the ones that came up with that idea, and you are the very ones that are playing it out here on Earth. It was not something done to you. All is of your own creation. Source asked you to go forth, expand and have experiences.” But she added: “You can exit the game. When you have an expanded sense of awareness, there is no need for a game.”


Why do we forget who we are?

Guy Needler explained that we came here specifically to experience that loss of contact with our Higher Self, to see what it’s like to make decisions on our own and not know where things are headed based on those decisions.

  • There is an agreement to “temporarily forget” our heritage and abilities in the incarnate state. We are born into this world cut off from our memory set, as if we were deaf, dumb and blind. We think we’re the body or the ego and are afraid to die.
  • We are completely dependent on outer technology (e.g. telephone, internet and other physical tools) rather than our inner technology (e.g. telepathy, intuition and other spiritual/energetic tools).

That makes human lifetimes much more difficult, but also profoundly experiential, because of all the minute details, limitations and challenges we encounter throughout our physical life, which fast tracks the evolution of our True Energetic Self in the higher realm.

  • Many masters have come to Earth with some of their higher faculties and functions intact. They know who they are and where they come from. They know they have a specific role to play and they are not afraid to die.
  • Now the idea is for us to become aware of ourselves and the Greater Reality, too.

What is the message from our Source Entity?

According to Guy Needler’s “The Greater Reality” Newsletter, our Source said:

“Everything within the physical is designed to make you experience, learn, and evolve, the evolutionary content being accrued the most, when you are able to see beyond the veil of illusion that is the physical and exist in the spiritual whilst still incarnate. To be ‘in’ the physical but not ‘of’ the physical.

All over the world teachers from all walks of life have been actively advising incarnate mankind of the reality of their environment. Each one providing a different angle with the aim of capturing the attention of all learning styles and levels of understanding. Slowly and surely incarnate mankind is being educated in the way it is supposed to be educated. Slowly and surely the content of the educators is being tuned towards actuality and not fantasy.

Mankind has habit of clothing information in “human” clothes, categorizing everything in terms of the human condition rather than the real energetic condition, creating confusion and doubt in the process. You are now on the cusp of the ability to assimilate information in a different way, one that is not mankind-centric. You are now becoming expansive enough to work with a deeper, clearer meaning of why you incarnate and how you achieve it.

It will be a time of shedding old beliefs and accepting new facts. Enjoy these moments and do not reject them, for the faster you remove your blinkers the faster you will ascend, and the faster you ascend the faster you will get to the point of not needing to incarnate.”

why do we forget who we areCartoon by Andrew Matthews

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